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QotD: Power Move

Question: What's your Power Move? Do you have any idea what one is?

My Answer: The only Power Moves I've been able to think of involve getting more distance from your golf swing. 🙂

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2 Responses to "QotD: Power Move"

  1. i think mine is the uppercut. 😛

    my side arm when disc golfing? that thing'll just cut through the air. ^_^

  2. Coincidentally, I only learned of the Power Move in the intended context a few days ago. And I've already gone through all the available archives (3/17/06) because of their awesomeness (or Awesomeness). I'm happy to find that the trend over time has been one of improvement.

    I've been contemplating my Power Move this weekend. I believe it is a sumo foot-plant, double-arm-windmill, two-handed palm-push. But it'll take more than a fancy name to get me to do it in front of a camera.