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Continuing FSS Drama

A good pal of mine and a great developer with a level head and a keen sense of the Mac market is looking to buy Freshly Squeezed Software from its new owner. The new owner - who has done nothing but sell the software without doing an ounce of support or software authoring apparently wants more for the company now than he paid for it!


3 Responses to "Continuing FSS Drama"

  1. such is the way of the greedy businessman.

    that's really lame.

  2. This makes sense to me. FSS is worth a certain amount of money to the guy. When you sold it, it was worth more to him than he paid you for it, otherwise he wouldn't have purchased it. This just means it's still worth that much to him.

    Sounds like he still wants to do something with the software.

  3. It may make sense in that twisted sense, but it's obvious - given the 15 months he's had the software - that he's not going to do anything with it. He can't even bother to answer his email.