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Email Spam Stats

Filtered Mail
77366 Good Messages
195659 Spam Messages (72%)
286 Spam Messages Per Day
SpamSieve Accuracy
243 False Positives
2230 False Negatives (90%)
99.1% Correct
2439 Good Messages
3939 Spam Messages (62%)
226901 Total Words
13 Blocklist Rules
5 Whitelist Rules
Showing Statistics Since
8/24/04 8:00 pm

3 Responses to "Email Spam Stats"

  1. Do you find SpamSieve to be better than the built-in spam functionality? I currently forward all of my mail through earthlink, because that does a much better job of catching spam than OS X Mail does, but still some gets through, and OS X usually misses those too. If SpamSieve does a better job than OS X Mail, perhaps I should use that in conjunction with earthlink's filtering.

  2. SpamSieve is miles better than Entourage's built-in functionality, yes.

  3. What are these stats from ? an MTA ?
    Anyone using domainkeys on their domain, is it worth implementing ?