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Eye Pulse

Sometimes, I feel a pulse in my eye. It's annoying (and usually my left eye). If I rub it or push on my eye (gently, lid closed), the "pulse" feeling will go away for awhile, but it usually returns.

I get this "pulse" feeling every five or six months, and usually only for a day or two. The "pulse" makes it hard to look at anything - a movie, my computer screen, the golf ball I'm trying to hit, my wife (who I'm not trying to hit), etc.

What to do? I'm not stressed, so it's not that. I did eat a lot of sugar last week (I was all alone, remember?), but I don't know if that's it. It was, after all, last week.

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  1. Happens to me too, though I usually chalk it up to stress. Maybe it's something you're ignoring (or just fail to see)?

  2. Is it _in_ your eye, or in the muscles around your eye? There's a medical term for rapid muscle contractions that happens when a muscle is irritated due to unusual stress, but I'm not sure what it's called in english. It can happen anywhere, but is usually pinpointed to a few muscles. When I say stress, I don't mean that you yourself need to be stressed, but just that the muscle has experienced a lot of strain lately, or just been agitated in a way it's usually not.

    I've had it recently just beneath my left eye, and it is extremely annoying. Doesn't make it hard for me to see with the eye/focus, but just very annoying. Especially when it wouldn't go away for 5-6 days in a row. Though it usually goes away all by itself after a couple of days. And I can't find any particular reasons for it to happen, or go away..

  3. Frode, we seem to have the same kind of thing. I don't think I've stressed the muscles… but I hadn't thought that maybe it could be the muscles twitching instead of an actual pulse in a blood vessel.

    I just put my finger on my neck (to see if it happened in time with my pulse), and waited five minutes, and never got my eye to pulse. Then I tried to make my eye pulse and it does seem to occur in time with the pulse I feel in my neck.

    I can still see when it's pulsing, it's just annoying as all get out.

    1. I guess I'm finding some miscommunication within this site. I have a pusating below my right eyelid. I do NOT have a pulsing sensation within the eyelid. I can visually see what appears to be a pulsating beat below the right eye. It does not hurt and I only know it's there when I see it in the mirror of if someone else notices it. It typically happens just about every day for several hours. I've already had a massive stroke.....and I had eyelid surgery to remove excess skin that was blocking my vision due to the severity of the stroke. Over the years, it became worse and last year, I had it removed but now I have headaches right above my right eye. And now this pulsing has begun beneath the right eyelid. Just concerns me. Any ideas? Thanks 😕 😕

  4. Aha, I managed to find an english explanation of what I mentioned:

  5. Yes, I can also see the muscle twitch when I look in a mirror.. Some of the norwegian definitions that I read, said it was a muscle contraction of such magnitude that you could _see_ it, but not enough to actually cause a joint to bend or similar normal effects of the muscle in question.

    I think my advice would be to get a good amount of sleep the next few days, and try to lower the amount of hours you spend focusing on a short distance over a long period of time (computer screen, television etc..). But alas, I'm not a doctor and these would just be tips from my own experience with these damn annoying muscle twitches 🙂

  6. Inadequate magnesium intake can cause fasciculations, especially after a magnesium loss due to severe diarrhea.

    In other words, if you poop too much, your eye twitches. 😀

  7. Hi, Erik. I have the same problem as you. But mine only happends during the school months, Im guess because of all the stress a High School student is under. lol. but i know what you mean. Im sure im no help. lol

  8. Hi. I've read your blog for quite awhile, but haven't ever commented. :-). One thing it could be is caffeine. Every time someone tells me about it, I ask 'em if they've had alot of caffeine lately. It happens to my left eye when I drink lots-o-diet coke. (I try to drink the decaf version when it's available.)

    1. I find i get this after an obscene amount of alcohol consumption. so basically i put it down to vodka and coke and lack of sleep! prob best to just stay on the drink! 🙂

  9. Erik -- ever had your blood sugar checked (i.e. hemoglobin A1C)?

  10. d.w., I've never had a reason to, so no, I haven't. And I don't think this is a reason either.

  11. I get this very symptom most often when I haven't been getting enough sleep.

  12. The small font on this page is making my eye twitch!

  13. Hi, I get that as well, its really annoying. I had it a few years ago and the prescribed me glasses because they said my eyes were straining. I think its all crap though cause I have been wearing my glasses and its still doing it. The only cure that works is closing your eyes but doing that make is hard to do stuff, walking, going places etc.
    Did any one go to the doctors about it? What did they say?

  14. Yer, i get the same thing, it's so annoying and i thik may off got it because i stress alot and i'm on the computer a lot! I hate it! so basically there is no definate cure. Oh well guess i'll just have to try and sleep and destress my self 🙂

  15. I know how you feel. I've had it quite a few times recently (right now too), and it can get pretty !@#$#$ annoying!! To get rid of it i suggest you:

    -get more sleep

    -lower your cafffeine

    -don't watch tv. or go on the computer or play video games as much as you used to

    -if what you're looking at seems blurry when your eye twitches, get glasses 🙂

  16. I actually see my pulse in my right eye all the time. Does anyone else have this problem?

    1. Yes! I have a visible pulse below my left eye. I can not feel it, but it is not something I want to look at the rest of my life. I don't know when it started or why, but someone else pointed it out to me. I am under some stress, and I don't get as much sleep as I should. I have been very tired and without energy lately... more than normal. Not sure if they all correlate. Anyone having the same problems?

  17. [quote comment="39787"]I actually see my pulse in my right eye all the time.

    Does anyone else have this problem?[/quote]
    Yes, as a matter of fact I can see my pulse in my right eye also. It happens most easily when I have been exercising. Allowing my eyes to "unfocus" elicits the eye pulse. It correlates with the pulse in my carotid artery. Although I am a nurse, I am very puzzled by this phenomenon. Can anyone explain?

  18. I recently started having this symptom myself again. For years I thought it was from either high-blood pressure (which I'm a victim of) or anxiety/stress (which I am also a victim of ---since the late 80's!!!)

    It bothers the heck out of me and I usually see this bizarre
    "eye pulse" in the mornings the most, that's when my body and nervous system is at top anxiety. I think it's been conditioned to this way of working for years.

    Been living with anxiety disorder for years.
    Hey, anyone have this kooky symptom: a tingly/web-like
    feeling in their chest or back that travels around? Like nerve
    endings gone haywire. Some times it goes toward my throat area and other times travels near my heart area and makes it skip a beat. Kinda like a tickling feeling.
    Wow, I'm a mess.

    1. George, read-up on Lyme disease...:-)

  19. Oh my goodness- Okay, as a googler i googled the symptom- came up with a bunch of crap for pages then yours- I feel like my eye is going to explode- well, not quite, but the pulsing is really bugging me- i didnt wear my glasses this weekend and developed a serious headache last night- also, i didnt eat enough this weekend- about 1000 calories a day- so am i right in thinking I dont need to worry about it- nobody here has sufferred an serious consequences?

    thanks - deb

  20. [quote comment="18979"]Hi. I've read your blog for quite awhile, but haven't ever commented. :-). One thing it could be is caffeine. Every time someone tells me about it, I ask 'em if they've had alot of caffeine lately. It happens to my left eye when I drink lots-o-diet coke. (I try to drink the decaf version when it's available.)[/quote]

    This happened to me for the first time today. I could feel my pulse in other parts of my body. I didn't actually feel it physically in my eyes, but the light just seemed to increase/decrease in time with my heart beat. I did drink a lot of caffeine this morning, as the post below mentions, so that may be responsible, at least in my case.

  21. Does this eye pulse have anything to do with sinus problem?

    1. I believe it does!

  22. Hi, this is Ramsey again. Can Thyroid problem cause pulses in eyes? Also does it have anything to do with hardening of the veins?

  23. [quote comment="39787"]I actually see my pulse in my right eye all the time.

    Does anyone else have this problem?[/quote]

    This is what just started with me. It's been about a week, it goes off and on all day.

    I can't remember if it happens on the weekends or not, I don't wear make up most of the time so I don't look.

    While I DON'T feel stressed at my job - I'm very happy, but it is at a hospital and I'm obviously wanting to be good at what I do - I DO get more sleep on the weekends.

    It does seem like when I worry about this pulse or start to get upset by it, it gets a little worse. Could be my imagination though.

    Has anyone that posted here heard anything or found anything out?

  24. After explaining everything about feeling pulses in my eyes to an eye Dr., he gave me some eye wash. Of course it did not do any good. They gave me a big bill for taking unnecessary pictures from my eyes.
    Do you folks think that it has anything to do with developing cataracts?

  25. Could it be caused by a tumor in brain? I am quoting the following from a web site for your Info:

    "How are brain tumors diagnosed?

    To find the cause of a person's symptoms, the doctor asks about the patient's personal and family medical history and does a complete physical examination. In addition to checking general signs of health, the doctor does a neurologic exam. This includes checks for alertness, muscle strength, coordination, reflexes, and response to pain. The doctor also examines the eyes to check for swelling caused by a tumor pressing on the nerve that connects the eye and the brain."
    Is it possible that swelling causes the artery which supplies blood to the eye some how touch the nerve in the eye and make the person feel pulses in his eyes?

  26. Luckily, mine went away last Thursday (07/12/07). I'm pretty sure mine was a blepharospasm. It lasted a week or a little longer.

    Ramsey, I hope you (or someone!) figures out soon what yours is! 🙁 I feel for you, it must be so frustrating.

  27. I have seen a pulse in my right eye off and on for several months,I went and had all kinds of eye test,nothing nurse at the eye doctor's office told me they see that in people all the time and it is caused by stress..I am always stressed,so if that is the case,then that is why I see the pulse..I have headache,feel electric like currents in my head from time to time and see lightening streaks at night..I have now developed severe neck spasams,like cramps you get in your feet and legs,any one else have any of this weird stuff???

    1. Rosemary, I was looking up "pulsing in the eye" & found your comment. I see it was posted in Sept. of 2007. Have you had anymore of these types of episodes? I was having "floaters" in my right eye about a month ago & now for about 10 days I've felt the pulsing in my right eye. I have had tremendous stress for many years & had my eyes checked last Oct. I am 56.

  28. Good news- Mine went away. I should note, I was under an *incredible* amount of stress when the problems with my eye occurred. My stress has managed new physical ways to manifest, like neck spasms and stomach aches, and neuropathy in my hands and feet (especially feet) though I am super glad the eye spasms away. Like Rosemary, I also had the headache that felt at times like electric currents in my brain. That too left. Rosemary, it seems you and I have a lot of the same symptoms. If you want to chat offline, we can find a way to exchange email contact. I would be interested to know if a particular *event* kicked off your stress as in my case. For example, I know that victims of violent crimes (my case) suffer a myriad of almost unexplainable physical/stress symptoms.


  29. I have been consciously working on two things since I posted in March: losing weight (down about 20 lbs.) even though hypertension is not a problem for me and decreasing my stress. The eye pulse hasn't presented itself for several weeks. I'm grateful. Just thought I'd share my success story!

  30. omg mine is doing that now and its soooo annoying it wont stop its been going on now for about 5-6 days now so my friend told me that her mothers was doing that and that she went to the doctors and she had a disease or something under her eyelid but i dont think thats true. Could it be from eating alot of sugar cause Halloween was like a week ago and i ate ALOT.

  31. What is wrong with these Dr.s? None of them knows what causes this problem. Too busy making money, don't even bother to figure it out. All they say is; " I don't know."
    Anyway I am not a Dr., but my horse sense tells me that this problem may have to do with hardening of arteries or some other kind of blood circulation problem. I think that right diet, low fat food and exercise hopefully might prevent it from getting worse. Talk to your Dr. If he says: "I don't know." Tell him go study and find out about it. Good luck.


  32. Last night I had a pain in my eye, it felt like it was really strained, but the pain came from behind my eye, then I felt these pulsating pains for a bit, then it felt like something "popped", and I'm kind of freaked out.... Now my eye feels like it has a little bit of pressure on it and its very dry. There was alot of smoke in the room I was in. I had some very basic eye tests done last night but they did not find anything.I was wondering if anyone knows what could be wrong or anything to help stop worrying about it? Thank you

  33. I talked to a heart specialist few months ago about the pulses in my eye, according to what he said it was not something to worry about. He said it was similar to feeling or hearing your heart beat in your ears which has to do with some bones in the ears getting thiner.

  34. I am getting thes etow where I feel the puls ein my eyes, neck, ears, etc. Very scary cause It's a little out of sinc.

    It keeps me up at night so I take a sleeping pill.

    I'd say STress and allergies cause mine! I had it real bad a few months ago when I bought a new house and now that allergy season is back, it really bothers me.

    I'd love to hear from the two that beat this thing. My website is and youc an email me there.

    I think calming herbs like Valerian, Vitc C, Magnesium, etc may help. MY BP is not too high but it does get worse laying down!

  35. [quote comment="43458"]I have seen a pulse in my right eye off and on for several months,I went and had all kinds of eye test,nothing nurse at the eye doctor's office told me they see that in people all the time and it is caused by stress..I am always stressed,so if that is the case,then that is why I see the pulse..I have headache,feel electric like currents in my head from time to time and see lightening streaks at night..I have now developed severe neck spasams,like cramps you get in your feet and legs,any one else have any of this weird stuff???[/quote]

    i didnt go take test or anything but im 15 and i always get the stupid pulses it anoys me so bad. sometimes i get pules in the wirdest plases like my arm,foot,leg,stomache,or any where. right now its mainly my eye. i cant see my pulse on my eye but i can feel it. but when its not on my eye i can see it and feel it. its cool lol

  36. When I get the pulsing feeling in my eyes, sometimes I get a little headache. I also feel off balance and I get really tired sometimes. Anyone else get these feelings as well?

  37. I have had the annoying fast pulsing in my upper left eyelid now for 2 days and i feel like i am going mad!!!! What the hell is it ?? How do I stop it???? AAAARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH 😈

  38. I have had this pulse beat under my left eye for a week now, nonstop. I went to the doctor yesterday and he sent me for blood tests. He doesn't think it has anything to do with my eye. Has MAgnesium pills helped anyone???

  39. [quote comment="43458"]I have seen a pulse in my right eye off and on for several months,I went and had all kinds of eye test,nothing nurse at the eye doctor's office told me they see that in people all the time and it is caused by stress..I am always stressed,so if that is the case,then that is why I see the pulse..I have headache,feel electric like currents in my head from time to time and see lightening streaks at night..I have now developed severe neck spasams,like cramps you get in your feet and legs,any one else have any of this weird stuff???[/quote]

    I too have this and it has been diagnosed as fybromyalgia - I also have an underactive thyroid, but not sure if the 'eye pulse' is linked to either - I have 'floaters' too, black and white squiggles and I can see the arch shape of the lens when I look left or right. When I do look left then right I also see a yellow blob of light? All very strange. The pulse in my eye is definitely not mucsle spasms, it's like a 'throb throb throb' like I can see the throb, if that makes any sense.
    Also have been getting lots of goo in my eye and think that could be allergy related as the pollen count is high, but seems strange that all of the above is only affecting my left eye.
    The pains in my head and neck are also on the left side, but the pain is at the back left side.

    I will be seeing my GP and an optician so will update you with the outcome!

  40. Would also like to add that the pulse thing is worse when I get into bed and try to go off to sleep. I use a meditation CD which encourages me to take deep breathes and then to relax the body, it really does work and I'm sleeping like a baby within 10 mins! x

  41. I have had severe headaches behond my eyes for 2 weeks worse on lying down in bed and for the past 2 days under my right eye is twitching. I am always stressed and lacking in sleep. I blame this for all!!

  42. hey everyone,
    i've had the same symptoms, a pulse in my left eye, and now that i think of it there has been a strong correlation between that and caffeine intake. thanks for the tip.

  43. I've also had this kind've twitching, pulsing feeling.. Like eh my muscles in my eye are contracting?
    Although most of you had it in your left eye's and mine is in my right, but that doesn't make any difference eh?.
    It's gone on for several days now, and I have no idea whats going on.. I read what everyone had to say but it didn't really help 😐

    I know it's not caffeine cause I haven't had much in the last week.. It could be stress related but I really have no idea whatsoever. 😯

  44. "Visible pulsations of the eye with the heart beat can be a sign of a serious problem. Most common are defects in the bones of the orbit surrounding the eye, abnormalities of the blood vessels behind the eye or tumors. Anybody with these type of pulsations should be thoroughly evaluated by an ophthalmologist and probably should have an MRI of the orbit." -
    Elliot Werner, M.D.

    Okayy well that just helped freak me out even more 😡

  45. The pulse in my eye took 2 weeks to finally go, i still don't know what it was but i hope it don't bloody come back!!
    The above post would have made me shit myself if i had read that then!!!

  46. I have felt this twitching before but it only lasted a few hours at those points, so i never really thought much about them.

    Then last night starting feelin what everyone here is gettin, the annoying constant pulse in my dam left eye. Since I was still feelin it today i decided to look it up and thats how i found this site (god bless google).

    How i caused mine is that yesterday i had my 1st workout in the gym since a long while. My workout lasted 2,1/2 hrs and i was very thirsty, so i went an bought an energy drink (yep, loaded with caffiene). I had one hell of a time sleeping plus my muscles were sore. I really thought something was in my eye growing an was trying to push its way out (hahaha). I laughed today when i read the causes on wikipedia in which they state as 'unconsciously tense muscles', stress, caffeine - ding ding ding!

    From reading into it on the medical websites, there's nothing to worry about (at least in my case), as mentioned in other posts above it's known as blepharospasm or Fasciculation.
    The two websites below explain the causes and symptoms:

    Well for treatment i'm going to intake some 'natural' magnesium - bananas, nuts etc, then see how long the problem lasts.

    Well For now unless it gets worse, thanks to you all and the info online, i saved myself from a wasted trip to the optician.

  47. [quote comment="47239"]Would also like to add that the pulse thing is worse when I get into bed and try to go off to sleep. I use a meditation CD which encourages me to take deep breathes and then to relax the body, it really does work and I'm sleeping like a baby within 10 mins! x[/quote]
    Me again!

    The squiggles and lights turned out to be posterior vitreous detachment, basically a tear has allowed vitreous fluid to leak out between the lens and the retina.

    I have to keep my eye on it (no pun intended) as it could be beginnings of a detached retina. If not the tears should heal by themselves over time.

    As for the twitches, it is NOT the eyelid (though I get that too sometimes) it's more of a pulse in the eyeball, my left is worst!

    Been diagnosed with M.E now, it's not Fybromyalgia after all.

    Anyway - more sleep, less stress and we should all feel better 🙂

  48. Medical marijuana will open the blood vessels in your eye and stop the beating. DO NOT get a medical recomendation for THAT! It is NOT painfull and goes away in due time. If it buggs you like crazy then you need a shrink LOL. It is nothing to worry about.

  49. I have had lots of eye problems lately starting with seeing webby things with my right eye when looking at a white background. Went right to an opthomologist to rule out a retinal tear and he said it was due to thinning of the vitreous humour, similar to floaters, and was nothing to worry about. Still seeing it a few weeks later.

    Then a few days ago I could see my pulse in my right eye after running up the stairs and looking at a white background. It went away when my heart slowed down. Today it happened again while I was out walking and really scared me.

    Everything I've read tonight on the internet is reassuring except for the comment above that says it could be a brain tumor. So many people have had it for a long time I don't think it's anything serious but still may call the eye doctor to see what he says. I am an anxious person and am seeing a therapist for it and she says I notice things that other people might ignore so that could be what's happening too.


  50. I have been seeing every now and then a pulse in my left eye. Seems to be more frequent lately. Some of you are comparing it to eye twitching. I am not having eye twitching. I cant see it in the mirror. I only see a weird black small circle kinda towards the left of things when I am looking at it and it is pulsing with my pulse on my neck. It is scaring me pretty bad. I need to go to the doctor but I do not have health insurance. It doesn't hurt just a little scary.

  51. Hey, I have two questions.

    In the mornings, both of my eyes have a strange "fluttering" ovals. It goes away in a few minutes. I wonder if it's blood vessel spasms in the brain or back of the eye.

    Also, I have this wierd, "clear, jiggling jello" effect in both eyes whenever I look at certain lettering (always longer than arms lenth). I also get it when I look along at a long hallway . When I close either eye, the effects goes away, when I squint, it goes away.

  52. when im in wal-mart or another groc. store . I look at the lights and see it like a halo or cloudy vision. does this happen to anyone else?

  53. According to some ancient Asian believe, a pulsing sensation within the left eyelid brings you misfortune. i.e something bad is going to happen for you or people who are closer to you. If a pulsing sensation within the right eyelid, it means fortune is on the way. Not really sure how true this is.

  54. Is there a connection with PVD and seeing the hearbeat in the floaters? It is only 1 eye, also mainly where i feel my sinus pressure.
    I have to concentrate to see it. has anyone who has this been told it was due to high blood pressure or sinus issues?

  55. [quote comment="52463"]when im in wal-mart or another groc. store . I look at the lights and see it like a halo or cloudy vision. does this happen to anyone else?[/quote]
    Yep, it get's worse when I'm tired. It all started for me around 3 mnths ago, I couldn't put my finger on it but knew there was something not right in my right eye, it felt more sensitive to light and got tired very quickly it gets blurred easily giving the halo effect/soft focus with bright lights. I have also felt the pulsing of my heartbeat quite a lot i my neck and eyes, especially at night in bed. I know have some very bothersome floaters hich I think are putting a strain on my eye. Upon waking I get some very odd sensations like jerkyness until I open my eyes then it goes. Eye tests have come up blank. It's doing my head in but I'm not getting stressed as stress seems to make it worse.
    I have had sleep paralysis in the past (horrible) and the funny thing is when dropping off to sleep I kind of get hints of that, like I'm going to get it and it makes me open my eyes and wakes me up. I'm convinced it's all related as I'm usually very healthy. Maybe stress is a contributing factor, it seems to crop up a lot on these posts

  56. Woo! Glad to find this post(though it's become more of a thread now, spanning 2 years!)

    I've just been getting a kind of twitch/pulsing and nhs direct gave no answers but this thread has removed my worries! Thanks guys! I think it must be related to stress as I've been looking a little too closely at how much work I have to do before exams in june...

  57. Hi Phil

    Yep, I think you're right. Mine has completely gone now, with very occasional epsiodes. I wasn't well, was getting stressed and it was awful, very scary, not a twitch but more of a pulse in my actual eyeball which went in time with my heart. I was diagnosed with Posterior Vitreous Detachment (though this doesn't cause it) and M.E. and to be honest I feel a lot less stressed now I know the cause of me feeling ill and I'm certain that's why the eye throbs have gone! Glad this thread is helping people, I know how scary it is!

  58. Oh and yes, I get the throbs in left eye, the PVD is also left eye and I too have halo and if I look out of my right eye at a light it has an edge and is definite but if I look at it out of my left it has rows of lights shooting off it, like dazzle, if that makes sense. Worry less, meditate and sleep more - seems to work for me!

  59. You know STRESS in the eye does NOT always mean MENTAL STRESS. A fast change from dark to light. An example would be comming out of the movies in the afternoon and having the sun almost blind you. Certain type face (fonts) can reap havock on your eyes. Stress comes in many where there's snow? Sun hitting the snow is blinding. A fast burst of light like headlights from a passing car. I have eye beats often. My greater worry is "floaters". They actually can mess up what you see. Just because one leads a peacfull life does NOT mean NO STRESS to the eyes. You eyes will recover fast but the nerves continue sending messages to the brain. Romanians have a belief that one eye as opposed to the other means good or bad luck for when it beats. If you don't have pain and it doesn't block your vision, most all DR.s just ignore it....THAT is more of PAIN than the actual problem. They ignore "floaters" too and that DOES get in the way of vision. We're just ignored I guess. 🙄

  60. i`ve just had this problem today and its f******* irritating its making me go craaaaaaaazy but it made me really worried coz i have high blood pressure and i`m just 17 :S so when anything happens after u hears that it gets worrying so plz if any1 has been to a doctor or any1 is a doctor here plz answer wat is the cause and wat is the cure

    1. Totally don't worry about it. It feels strange but is 99% of the time simply related to stress. I freaked out a bit when someone in my physics class told me it meant that my artery was about to explode... Turns out it was just a product of stress. Now I've chilled out a bit its gone away, which is strange cause I'm in exam week so should be getting stressier and stressier! 🙂

      So yeah, dont worry!

  61. Phil is right I believe, mine turned out to be anxiety related. I was amazed and staggered what effects anxiety can have on the body. I wasn't worried about much and didn't feel stressed but had all kinds of very strange symptoms, eye pulse, heartbeat in the head, twitches, flashes, vibrations, tremor. All when I was going to sleep, this then caused the adrenaline dumps and palpatations, a very unusual feeling of falling at the point of sleep that would wake me. I was a mess. The whole thing caught me unawares and if someone told me it was anxiety related at that point there's no way I would have believed them, how can anxiety have such physical symptoms, especially when you don't feel particularly stressed? well it's true. In my case it was underlying stress and anxiety, I was prescribed beta blockers at the start which also did not solve the symptoms although it did stop the adrenalin dumps. After a few weeks a friend knew I was struggling to sleep and suggested listening to audio books when in bed. I thought 'he doesn't understand what I'm going through at all' but was willing to try anything. To my surprise it worked unbelievably well, it must be the distraction of the narration stopping your mind doing weird things, I now fall to sleep quicker than before I had any problems. Although this might not work for everyone I would advise not writing off any advice as this has worked wonders for me. Good luck all.

  62. i belive so too coz its gone now but i belive its cause i didnt sleep well for like 2 weeks 2 days good sleep and it went away

  63. Hi everyone. I've had a left eye twitch lately and it's started to get annoying. Im in school right now, but not under any stress because I only have 2 easy classes. I work out like every other day, and im wondering if thats what is casuing it. It is starting to really annoy me and scare me too because people are talking about brain tumors and I use a cell phone...

  64. Hi Mickey
    It's really nothing to worry about! I bet that it will be gone in a week or so if that. As far as I know It's completely unrelated to brain tumors. There is little evidence related cell phones and cancer...
    for more information!

  65. Does anyone use artificial sweeteners? Diet soda, crystal light, propel water, etc? Gum, breath mints?
    Sugar free foods have alot of toxic ingredients.
    The symptoms you talk about sounds alot like methanol toxicity.
    Methanol (wood alcohol) is metabolized in the eye, and aspartame has methanol.
    My brother went to an eye specialist for his condition, and after he found out about blindness /diet soda connection, he quit all diet products. His vision is improving, he is convinced.


  66. Hi,
    I've had a pulsating nerve under my right eye for 9 months now (close to the nose)... it is getting worse (more visible to other people) and it is driving me nuts. I've mentioned it a couple of times to my doctor but she says it is fatigue and stress (I had a new baby - with already a toddler - in December and the twitch started in February).
    It has been NON STOP except for 3 weeks in October where it stopped. I was soooooooooooo happy! But now it is back with a revenge! And now I can see and feel a twitch in my eyebrow (on and off).
    I am seriously getting upset about this. I am starting work on Monday (after a year on maternity leave) and I am totally embarrassed by my eye! I do photography and the eye twitch has been causing me enough problems that I can't stay on the computer for long periods of time...
    I am also afraid it could be something dangerous... While on mat leave I have been using the computer a lot more than I have before (like 10 hours a day) and often not wearing my glasses... the twitches are on my weak eye, could it be causing that?
    The thing is... I can't figure out what I might have done differently in October for it to stop!!
    Any input would help!

    1. Hi Val,
      From what you have told, it is clear that you are over straining your eyes alot. As your doctor mentioned, Physical and mental unrestness/stress is the cause for this. I would suggest you take good reset do some eye excercises (roll your eyes clock wise, counter clock wise, up, down, right corner and left bottom vice versa. do each 10 rep.) and also when you are infront of the monitor take 20 seconds between every hour and look at something that is really far away. If it is getting worst see your eye doctor.


  67. Hi Val

    It's never going to help concentrating heavily on the computer screen or whatever whilst not wearing your glasses. Generally you probably just need to 'relax' a bit more, which is easier said than done...

    Start a good book or something, anything that will help you switch off from whatever is causing the stress that is causing the eye pulse...

    I guess a big thing is not to stress about the pulse as thats only gonnna make it worse!

    So the only advice I can really give is try not to worry about stuff so much! Also from what the Doctor said sleeping more would help but not so easy with a baby and a toddler!

  68. I saw my pulse in my eye about 6 months before I went to the eye doctor. He said I have something called a macular membrane causing the pulse. This is not dangerous to my general health but if it causes increasing difficulties with my vision I'll need eye surgery. He thinks this will be likely as I age.

  69. Grr - my eye pulse has come back, must be something to do with university interview next week!

  70. I have a spot on my cheek that pulsates exactly with my heart beat and it's clearly visible from 2 feet out. I also have random muscle twitches all around my body which have been going on for several months. I've looked around and this place seems to have some good knowledge about it. My twitches around my body are constant day and night. And the pulse is obviously slower in the morning then as I get food and nutrients and my heart rate elevates so does (Excuse me) my GOD DAMN cheek. It's soo irritating to feel your heart in your cheek. Anyone got anything?

    1. To David. I've had the same thing for a year now. Fasiculations/twitches all over my entire body and all day. It's worse at night when my muscles relax. My face is the worst. A spot on my face between where the cheek meets the chin pulsates like crazy almost everyday for a few hours. I've spent so much on doctors etc it's ridiculous. The newest addition to the crazy twitch family on my body is the left under eye with a constant pulse faster than a heartbeat. On going for 6 + days. I wish something would help. I've taken everything and tried everything I think the doctors prescribed. Is there anything out there that can help stop the muscle/nerve fasiculations? Please help us.

  71. Umm..hey mom just started having this problem yesterday. Like. Her eye visibly twitches and she says it kinda tingles and is kinda numb sometime....what could this problem be and how can I help her?

    1. If you read the 10000 or so other posts you'll notice that the eye twitch is due to stress and should go away after a while. Sleep lots and spend less time in front of the TV!


  72. Hey,I have been diagnosed with nasal polyps I have a big one in my right nostril and some small ones in my left nostril. They are from allergies. They do cause alot of problems like sinusitis bad headaches and a stuffed nose. I havent had surgery yet because i cant afford it but im working on it. In most cases nasal polyps grow back after surgery. Anyways i have been able to see my pulse in my eye for a few years on and off subtly. Just in the last month or so my eyes have been going crazy though both jumping around twitching all the time. It comes and goes.Its driving me crazy im kind of worried it could be do to nasal polyps maybe pushing on my brain or vessels in my eyes or worse a brain tumor. Kind of worried not sure what to do. I will see a doctor next week.

  73. Not really sure about that one but don't stress too much, it could just be minor!

    Sucks that you have to pay for healthcare! What country are you in? It's just such a weird concept here...

  74. Really, don't worry about that, polyps' don't cause problems like that, I'm sure it's stress, stress & anxiety cause all kinds of physical symptoms, as soon as you notice something you can partly make it worse by focusing on it and partly physically make it worse by the effect anxiety has on the mind and body. I had, flashes, bangs jerky eye movements, pulse in my eye, in my head, you name it, I thought I was cracking up, no amount of relaxation seemed to do the trick. In the end something as simple as listening to an audiobook gave my mind the distraction it needed to get me off to sleep quicker and this made me feel much better and less anxious in the day.
    Good luck and don't worry too much.

  75. Okay so today, while getting the results of my test, my left eyelid starts getting this pulsing feeling. It's super annoying! It goes away for a bit and then comes back. So I try to relax because my mom tells me it's stress, but nothing is working. I haven't had any caffiene, I'm not stressed, I don't go on the computer, I don't watch tv, and I have good blood pressure levels. Idk what's wrong with me...

  76. Goodness people! This thread is a blabbering mess. Doesn't anyone else see what's going on? We have two, completely SEPARATE, issues here: Some people are complaining about their eye "twitching", as in physically moving like a tiny muscle spasm... and others are complaining about "seeing" a pulse in their field of vision, with NO physical movement of the eyeball itself. You do not have to guess whether or not you have either condition because the existence is obvious. If you have to ask yourself, or you are not sure, then the odds are you do not have that condition.

    So for the record - seeing a pulse in the eye is NOT the same as saying, "Hey, my eye twitches." They're completely different. Seeing a pulse in the eye means you can count your heartbeat for minutes and minutes and minutes... but just looking at the wall.

    If we're going to find some useful information and help each other out, let's get on the same page.


  77. Same experience that i have in my left eye... after new year vacation, lots of sweets and lots of caffeine and also lots of alcoholic drinks due to left eye fasciculate for 2 days now.

    Now what should be do???

  78. I get this problem also,
    it tends to come along when I try going to sleep,
    I close my eyes and I feel a pulse above my nose, and it starts to ache,
    it makes me open my eyes.
    It's very hard to ignore because it feels like a thump.
    I get it regularly.

    1. Ive got the annoying pulse under my right happen for a bout 5 mins 5 times a day its been goin on for about the last week..really startin to get annoying....did u type that in a poem form?

  79. I usedto get in my eye a lot when I played a lot of video games when I stopped it stopped. But ive got in my leg right now??? So...

  80. I had TIA's a few months ago and then 3 weeks ago I had major back surgery, fusion of 3 vertibrates to be exact and now I am having this pulse as well. It is not a twitch and I donnot feel it unless I put my fingers on it and it is not the known "eye twitch". I have started becoming concerned myself of this matter and looked it up and found your comment and the fact that we both had strokes, well mine were several mini's and I have drooping eyelid due from that I am concerned myself. Please if anyone knows of reason for an actual pulse, it is my heart beat pulse I am medical asst. I have checked both and they are pulses so I would like to know myself

  81. WHOA< I guess I messed up!!! I was trying to put myself in another persons post as only stating I have the same eye visual pulse. I had TIA's or mini strokes a few months ago and 3 weeks ago I had a back fusion which is a major back surgery and now I have seen my heart pulse which is the same as the pulse in my forehand and neck. I dont feel this pulse, but I can see it and I am now preety concerned esecially since we lost a very dear friend of ours after he had ankle surgery, he had a clot rupture his heart so I didnt have masive stroke but I do have eyelid droop from mine and I am only 3 weeks out of major back surgery so now I am starting to worry because I dont think you should see your heart rate under your eye... really. I am a medical assistant but since I haven't worked in a while due to my back I really dont have any doc's to ask about this so I will see my doctor and I will see my eye doctor since I did see a posting from an actuall MD in here I will take his advise because when I went to school to learn to be a medical asst. They never said... " Now look under the patients eye and count the number of heart beats for 15 seconds x 4 🙂 I hope everyone has a wonderfulday.

  82. Okay I went to optometrist today for an eye exam...havent been in over 9 yrs no reason to before no other eye issues..
    I too have had the pulsing like a heartbeat sensation right above my eyeball in the crease of the eyelid--which makes the eye twitch and yes it is extremely annoying. I got lots of your stressed at work comments at work i work in a retail pharmacy (btw you all need to be nicer to your pharmacy staff-and for god sakes dont wait till the last pill to call in your refill so we can wait on the ER and sick kids first please...) anyway .... the eye doc I went to confirmed it was just an annoying eye twitch and it can also be caused by drye eye and hormone problems/diabetes/thyroid problems and surprisingly to me was rosacea....all of which can aggravate. I had some severe headaches at the same time i was twitching away and that is what finally prompted me to see a doc---I didnt get an tie in explanation with the headaches and pulsing sensation but... as a final insult to injury--I have to go see a retina specialist because as we were wrapping up the doc told me he saw "a spot in the very center of your retina-and if that burst you could have loss of vision" -- my response was well thats not good i guess we shall see the retina doc! So ten days later i have appt and shall try to remember the old adage" I'll either make it or I wont!" thanks for the other responses--it does help knowing others have experienced same issues!

  83. Hey,

    I too have the pulse/twitch under my eye; a strong pulse point under my eye which also spasms/ twitches my eye.
    I got it two years ago for six months straight, having only had it for a couple of hours at a time before then. I was a bit stressed and was running 10-15Km a day so probably not drinking enough water to compensate. But after six months of trying sleep, water, no caffeine, rest etc etc and starting to think may be I had a brain tumour or something (well, may be not that serious!) I went to the Dr. She said I should have botox if it bothered me that much!

    Eventually it went away (without botox) but in recent weeks its back and it's all day every day so I sympathise with anyone else who has to resist the urge to poke a finger in their eye all the time!
    It's so distracting I literally day dream about physically taking the twitch out of my eye!! Oddly enough I also have had TIA's but I'm not thinking that it is related.

  84. guys, the eye PULSE problem, for me anyway, is 100% due to sinus and nasal inflamation. the ethmoid sinuses basically surround your eyes and when they swell, they throb, consequently, pulsating your eyes. You may not even realize when they are swollen, especially if it is chronic sinusitus. however, if they are inflamed, even the tiniest increase in heart rate will cause the dreaded eye pulse. This can occur in one or both eyes depending on the anatomy of your sinuses on either side.

    things that help- inhale steam, sudafed, spicey food, and the one that helps me the most is laying down but with my head propped up at like a 70-90 degree angle (i think this works by rudicing the amount of blood flow to the area). FESS surgery may also help in persistant cases, check with an ENT

    hope this helps, let me know if it does

  85. I have been on cortisone for 3 months and lateley as I put cortisone 15 mn later I stats seeing pulses in my left eye. Went to Doc to followup and said stop cortisone bause pressure went up. Now it is a week since I stopped cortisone but the pulse lingers there. I still take lowering pressure drop.

  86. Question: what is causing this pulse and how to get rid of it? It is not eyelid twitch. Thanks

  87. i've been getting it too, but on the top left of my right eye under the eyelid.

  88. My pulsations in the left eye started 1 day after cataract surgery l year ago and has about 80% slowed but still there. It is not just stress or caffeine. It seems that when I lie down if I put my hand underneath my head and put pressure there; it triggers the pulse beat and it IS in sync with my pulse.

  89. Hi, I think it is eye strain. I also have a floater in my left eye which is very bothersome, but just today my eye started pulsing. I think it is from looking at a computer too hard and straining the eye. I find that staring at the screen when sunlight is coming through the closed blinds causes the stress on the eye. I am going to go for a run and see if exercise might heal it!

  90. I found that if I close my eyes and move my eyeballs lft & rt real fast THEN open them, it erases the floaters for a few seconds so I can read what was in the way from a floater. It doesn't last long at all but in an emergency it clears your vision for a few seconds.

  91. [quote comment="40110"]
    Hey, anyone have this kooky symptom: a tingly/web-like
    feeling in their chest or back that travels around? Like nerve
    endings gone haywire. Some times it goes toward my throat area and other times travels near my heart area and makes it skip a beat. Kinda like a tickling feeling.

    I get it in my hands. It sucks, man. It only happens whenever I'm really depressed/stressed though.

    Also, I just recently discovered I have that eye pulse deal in my right eye as well. I'm only 17 too... I'm gonna go ahead and assume it's due to my high blood pressure/anxiety. (sigh...) :/

  92. [quote comment="18981"]d.w., I've never had a reason to, so no, I haven't. And I don't think this is a reason either.[/quote]

    You SHOULD your blood sugar checked regularly anyway, now is a good time to do it if just to exclude Diabetes as a cause! MOST people diagnosed with Diabetes never have a clue they have a problem until it is found by routine tests.

  93. This is not a psychiatric problem. I have had a pulse beating in my eye since day one post op cataract surgery. It is not due to stress, sugar, nor mental problems. This is a direct result of the surgery. I also see the edge of the IOL.
    I have dealt with this for over two years and no doctor seems to be even remotely interested.

  94. I noticed that no one had posted on this site in a while, but if anyone sees this, that has had an actual visual pulsation, would you let me know how you are doing please?

    My vitreous is detaching from the back of the eye, so I have been experiencing flashing and floaters for a few weeks now, but I noticed something completely different today that worrying me. I can see a pulsating light in my upper peripheral vision that is in perfect sync with each heartbeat. I called my optometrist and he said that that is not typically a symptom of vitreous detachment. I was just seen last week and the retina looked fine, then, but he is going to check things out again. In the meantime, I am wondering what this could be, but cant find much on the internet. So I am wondering how many others experienced this... a "visual" pulsating light... and did you ever find out the cause! Thanks

  95. I had a pulse behind my right eye for months, sometimes stronger, but always there.

    I did a recount of medicines, activities, diet and any change that might have influence the onset. I decided that since I started using sildenafil citrate to enhance my sexual performance the pulse got worse. I took some time off all sex and noted some decrease but no complete resolution.

    The good news is that after three chiropractic adjustments the pulse is gone. I'm back using sildenafil citrate about three times per week and the pulse has remained gone!

  96. It is said that the body senses work differently in each person, when the Right eye is jumping or pulse is beating this is when rain is going to fall, when the left eye is jumping or pulse is beating this is when you are going to see someone whom you had not seen in a long time, you'll have to observe it on your own to see how it's for you, not everything is medical.

  97. Just started feeling/seeing the pulse under my right eye. One whole week so far. No one else notices it, just me when I'm working on the computer or checking my eye in the mirror. What do I do? Constant and hasn't stopped.

  98. Twitching and pulsating in the eyes or ears is either sinus issues, too much caffeine, too much sugar, stress on the eyes, not eating properly, or see the doctor if it continues. This way you will relax and help the stress...if that is the issue.