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MovableType 3.3 Installation Held Up

I'm holding off on installing MovableType 3.3 because some plugins I rely on don't work with 3.3 yet. They still rely on "BigPAPI" and have not yet been modified to work with MovableType's now built-in support for API modifications.

I'm not sure this blog even uses BigPAPI (though it's installed), so I'm going to try to upgrade this site to MT 3.31 today, and will wait for The Sand Trap (which uses BigPAPI for CustomFields).

3 Responses to "MovableType 3.3 Installation Held Up"

  1. It's installed. I'm not sure what's causing the massive slowdowns I'm experiencing just loading pages, but it's currently dog-ass slow. I did find that I'd accidentally replaced (removed) "" from my /extlib/MT folder, but I doubt that will speed things up.

    I also disabled nearly every new plugin 3.3 offers. There's nothing new there. The "Comments" feed offered via the MT interface didn't seem to validate, so that's on hold. And my blog is too old to really make use of tags, so I don't think I'll be using that feature (and ecto doesn't support them).

  2. Turns out my auto-404 was causing the problem because…

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" />

    That line is in all the MT back-end stuff, and yet no "user_styles.css" file came with the installation. I created a blank one and now the back end is as snappy as ever.

  3. I decided to go another route and move to WordPress. It's come a long way since a year ago, and after playing with the betas for Movable Type, just didn't seem to fit. And, my non-dork users I host sites for like it better... Glad to hear you didn't have any major problems with the upgrade. 🙂