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I'm testing MT-Notifier as a way to "subscribe" to comments here at NSLog(); for possible future use at The Sand Trap.

A checkbox should appear that offers you the option to "subscribe to comments" (or some such language). You should then get a confirmation email (it's double opt-in) and, if you accept, should receive email notifications when someone else comments.

3 Responses to "MT-Notifier"

  1. You know, this is all so much easier in Drupal. 😉

  2. No doubt it is, but I lose all the knowledge I have working with ancient software. Now I know why Windows users are unable to switch to a better platform… 😀

  3. For a week or so, I've had MT-Notifier running under MovableType 3.31 here at NSLog();. I just installed it a few days ago at The Sand Trap (TST), but have run into what amounts to a big, big problem: it...