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Akismet and MovableType 3.31

Since upgrading to MovableType 3.31, I keep getting this error in my log:

Junk Filter Akismet died with: unknown column: entry_id for class MT::TBPing at lib/MT/ line 283 MT::Object::AUTOLOAD('MT::TBPing=HASH(0x8b53520)') called at /path/to/mt/installation/plugins/akismet/ line 86 MT::Plugin::A (IP:

Junk TrackBacks are still marked as junk and comments work normally, but every time I get a TrackBack (good or bad, spam or ham, I believe), this message is written to the log.

I contacted the Akismet folks but have not yet heard back.

16 Responses to "Akismet and MovableType 3.31"

  1. I'de be intrested in hearing what they say. [I don't plan to upgrade yet - my last update was so a pain in the ... ]

  2. I'm getting the same error, but the plug-in does seem to be working before it "dies."

    I don't know if you noticed (haven't looked at the previous entry again), but CustomFields and other BigPAPI-reliant plug-ins have been updated for MT 3.31 here.

  3. Yes, Judi, I commented there. 🙂

    And yeah, the plugin seems to work before it spews that error message in my log.

  4. The Akismet for MT plugin by Stephan Riha does not have this problem with MT 3.31. It works flawlessly.

  5. Derwood, that actually fails in a similar fashion:

    Akismet Error: unknown column: text for class MT::TBPing at lib/MT/ line 283 MT::Object::AUTOLOAD('MT::TBPing=HASH(0x8b30fe4)') called at /path/to/mt/installation/plugins/Akismet/lib/ line 54 eval {...} called at /usr/local/

    I may as well stick with the official one if they're both going to spew garbage into my log file.

  6. Ah.. I see now. That may explain why I'm not seeing failures..
    I disabled trackbacks on my wife's blog long ago because of the amount of spam that came in. So, the MT::TBPing class never gets called on our site.
    I wasn't even aware of Akismet until last week sometime, and the only Akismet plugin listed in the MT Plugins directory on the Six Apart site doesnt list the official plugin.

  7. I also have the unknown column: text error. I upgraded to MT 3.32 to see whether it solves the problem, but did not have any luck. Did anybody already solve this bug?

  8. I just found out that a new version of the Akismet plugin has been released solving the problem above.

  9. For what it's worth, I was seeing nearly the same error with TBPing but with Comment Email Filter ( from Arvind Satyanarayan. It was even in the same location in the TBPing code.

  10. Yup, same problem here with 3.33 no less… This was the only thing that came up with a quick google of the error.

    Jeroen Sangers: Do you have a link to the new Akismet version or know the date it was released? I only just installed the plugin and am wondering if I have the new or old version.

  11. One more thing: When mine crashes, the log always cuts off the "l" in "" so that it says "called at ... /akismet/mt-akismet.p". I just wondered if anyone thought that was significant, or if the line is just being cut off at the end in the log...

  12. mjboyle: My guess is the line is just being truncated to a max length in the log.

    I'm having this problem as well - hmm. Read all about it.

  13. For what its worth, this was fixed in version 1.03 that was released a few weeks ago. Sorry that news of this bug didn't reach me sooner so I could have corrected it.

  14. In the following fragment:

    my $tb = MT :: Trackback->load($thing->tb_id);

    Change this:


    to this:


  15. Please disregard my previous comment. It's wrong ❗

    Better get an updated version from:

  16. I have installed Akismet by copying the files to the plugins directory, but I also do not see anything. The plugin does not show up in the System Overview Plugins, or the blog settings plugins. I am using Akismet v 1.1 and MT v 3.33. Any ideas?