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MovableType’s Search Sucks

Today I wanted to find an article on The Sand Trap written in July, 2005 about the British Open. Tiger Woods won it, so I searched for "Tiger Woods British Open St. Andrews."

Oh goody, only eight pages of results. Eight pages of results.

Why the hell doesn't MovableType let me search only one category? How about a date range? How about by author, by title, by any of the fields it has, including minimum number of TrackBacks and/or comments, length of entry, and scads of other things I could conceivably use to narrow my search.

Most of these options are available in the back end, but what about the front-end users? Can they get access to these tools? Seemingly no: they must content themselves with "Match case" and "Regex search".

Am I missing something from having not updated my mt-search.cgi script templates lately? I don't think so.


4 Responses to "MovableType’s Search Sucks"

  1. How about implementing a google search instead ?

  2. - feel free to visit.

    Google doesn't know about my blog. MovableType clearly does (since these search features are in the back end). I'm simply suggesting that they be brought forward, and wondering why they haven't been already.

  3. You seem to have more issues with MT...You're a programmer - why don't you just code out your own system?

    That's what I did for my photoblog, and soon to be launched blog. It may take more time off the bat - but in the end it saves you time and you get it completely customized to how you want it to be.

  4. Susan, the short answer to "why don't I write my own" is simply this: I don't get paid to do it. The longer answer involves the fact that I wouldn't have access to the various plugins and other things out there for MovableType, and I'd have to write those up myself, too.