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Wiki Software

I'm interested in setting up a wiki. What wiki package or software is the best? I don't need much - something simple but attractive. I just want to collaborate with a few people on some shared documents (access controls are a must, thus).

5 Responses to "Wiki Software"

  1. We use TWiki where I work. It has very comprehensive access controls (which is why we use it) and it's written in Perl. (Most others are written in PHP, which we can't use for various reasons at our site.)

    TWiki has a history of security holes .. so if you use it, make sure to keep it patched. (although the 4.x release series seems not to be so bad.)

  2. Me and my small company also use TWiki. I must admit I haven't looked into that many wiki-solutions, but TWiki have been all good so far. We have both public topics and internal topics which are access controlled.

    So I guess that's two thumbs up for TWiki 🙂

  3. DokuWiki has decent access control, and is about 100 times simpler to understand than TWiki, at least for my feeble brain. 🙂

  4. My main exposure to wiki use has also been with TWiki - it makes for a great internal documentation system. I think its biggest advantages are that it doesn't require a backend datastore (so no futzing around with SQL if anything goes wrong - the data is stored in plain text), and its very extensive feature set.
    However, if you're looking for something a little less comprehensive, there's a bunch of other wiki implementations, of which I have no experience with. I guess it depends on how far you see your needs progressing over time - I really wouldn't want to try migrating information from one wiki software to another, so I'd suggested picking something that will meet your needs for the foreseeable future. That's why I've used TWiki - when doing the comparison with other wiki software it seems to have all the fruit 🙂

  5. MediaWiki works well for me.