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Akismet Troubles Continue with MT 3.31

I wrote about problems I was experiencing with Akismet (version 1.02) nearly one week ago. I've submitted two bug reports via Akismet's "contact us" form.

I haven't heard back from Akismet, nor has an update been released. I am not alone in suffering the problems Akismet's 1.02 plugin has with MovableType.

Has anyone seen a solution to this problem? Is Akismet working on a 1.03 version to fix the problem?

2 Responses to "Akismet Troubles Continue with MT 3.31"

  1. They posted something on their blog about it, and there's a comment there that might help you.

  2. Yeah, that part (the missing API key) I figured out pretty quickly. This is a different kind of breakage. Thanks for the effort, though - I hadn't yet checked their blog.