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Spamments and MT-Notifier Problems

For a week or so, I've had MT-Notifier running under MovableType 3.31 here at NSLog();. I just installed it a few days ago at The Sand Trap (TST), but have run into what amounts to a big, big problem: it doesn't care what the status of the comment is.

In other words, TST gets over 100 email spams per day. Most of those (left by bots) seem to check the box to subscribe to comments. The confirmation email MT-Notifier sends out bounces, leaving me with 100+ bounced emails per day and 100+ rows in a database table which will never be marked as "confirmed."

As such, MT-Notifier is fairly unusable if you get a fair number of spamments, unless of course there is a work-around of some sort. I wrote to the author, but was not entirely clear about why spamments were a problem with MT-Notifier. I replied with a better description and await his answer.

I'm saddened because I'd been looking for something that notified people when their comment had been responded to (or at least the topic on which they'd responded had gotten another response), and so I was looking forward to using MT-Notifier.

If anyone has a solution to the problem, please let me know. However, I really think the best solution would be for MT-Notifier to simply "care" about the status of the comment - junk or published?