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Giant Penis Signs

Giant Penis"If you let half a torso balance on your giant penis, be sure to point exactly where you want them to cut it off with their cleaver."

If nothing else, Ze Frank sure has me looking at commonplace signs in a whole new way. And I don't mean those "Slow children playing" signs, either - those are too easy. I mean signs like the one to the right.

Now I'm just filling up space here so my entry wraps below the image. It's tough work, but I'm too lazy to type <br style="clear: both;" />. Oh wait, I just did.

Am I there yet? Okay, now I am. Whew!

2 Responses to "Giant Penis Signs"

  1. What happens if the text doesn't make it around the image break? Bad flow?

  2. Yeah, the image is just floated and my entries don't include a clear: both, so it tends to muck things up on the home page just a little. Or, best case, leaves a weird block of whitespace.

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