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QotD: U-Turns

Question: Why are "No U-Turn" signs most often found in the places where people are most likely to want to u-turn?

My Answer: Hell if I know.

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5 Responses to "QotD: U-Turns"

  1. I think you most-often notice them in places where you want to turn. I'll bet an exhaustive study would prove they are in all sorts of places you never consider reversing direction, too.

  2. you always want what you can't have.


  3. Perhaps it's because you need an extra-obvious reminder not to U-turn at places where a lot of people U-turn but shouldn't.

  4. In southern California the placement of No-U-Turn signs seems to be dictated mostly by the width of the street.

    And on some streets where there is a constant stream of people turning right (so they might hit you when you're making your U-turn) they sometimes put up the sign even if the street would be wide enough to allow the turn.

    And of course, if there's ever an accident involving a U-turn, then they're likely to put up a sign. (which may cause some of your problem... accidents involving U-turns are obviously more likely where more people are making U-turns)

  5. Can someone tell me who's at fault if there is an accident involving a u-turn at a traffic light. I was turning right into a street with 3 lanes each way with a median. I was hit by a truck making a u-turn from the left turn lane as I was pulling out into traffic. Eventhough there was not a no u-turn sign for the truck, I believe I'm not at fault.