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Time-Warner Cable Buys Adelphia

Carey and I just got a letter from Time Warner Cable saying that they'd bought Adelphia in my area. I don't know what this means for me, but when I type my zip code (16506) into, a site they told me to visit in the letter, the resulting page says "Ohio" and resides at "/Sites/cleveland/Default.aspx."

That's not a good start.

9 Responses to "Time-Warner Cable Buys Adelphia"

  1. Actually, Adelphia was split into pieces, with Time Warner and Comcast each getting part. Adelphia will soon be no more.

    I had actually been eagerly anticipating the split (it was announced at least a year ago, but held up by regulators) as it would have meant that I'd have Comcast. (I hate Adelphia, and in my experience Comcast is much better.)

    But now I've moved, so I have Charter (which is about as bad as Adelphia)

  2. adelphia is a plague on my area, with absolutely no competitors in the cable segment (thus i have direcTV)

    so this should eventually be great news. i cant fucking STAND adelphia, they are so horrible... but i doubt the price-gouging and poor reliability will change, as it's probably just a name change with the same people/infrastructure as before. :\

  3. I currently use Verizon (only real provider in my area) for local phone (~ $25/month), DirecTV for TV, and Adelphia for cable Internet access. I'm hoping Time-Warner is a bit cheaper for cable Internet. I've heard it is, but I'm not crossing my fingers.

    Maybe I should call Adelphia and get them to switch me to their special $29.95/month pricing (instead of $54.95 or whatever I pay now), which they do most often if you threaten to quit and sign up under your spouse's name, so when TW takes over I can claim I pay only $30. 🙂

  4. I typed my zip code into the website {2 days now} and was told that it moved! I can't find it?

  5. What changes will this bring to us in WNY?

  6. After receiving a similar letter from Time Warner I went to the website put in zip and they tolsd me I would not be affected--If Adelphia is going out of business and Time Warner is taking over isn't that a change?

  7. I get the same message now - that service in my area is unaffected. It tells me to visit my cable company's website.

  8. man this is bullshit I ABSOLUTLEY HATE TIMEWARNER AND CHEAP ASS COMCAST and now timewarner bought adelphia and I got a notice saying that it will switch I got extremly pissed off because adelphia is the best I also heard rumors that timewarner cable doesent have sports on demand and dosent have NFL packages I always had the sport packs from adelphia if those rumors are true then thats going to drive me crazy I called timewarner asking why they bought adelphia she said we are the best and you deserve better tv I told her to suck my cock and slammed the telphone down out of anger

  9. I have been researching this topic to find some way to fight this injustice my cable internet service has suffered, and stumbled across this site so I thought I'd share my experience with you.
    We have been Adelphia customers for about six years now with little to no problems other than your occasional storm outage. But ever since Time Warner took over, our internet connection has slowed to a crawl and disconnections are a constant plague. As my wife is currently doing work-at-home data entry, her job is now in jepeordy, and my recent addiction, world of warcraft, is currently unplayable due to the recent bandwidth cuts and constant disconnections. As there are no other cable providers in the area, we are being forced to go back to sattelite service, which in my past experience sucked, but I'm hoping it's better than Time Warner.
    If there is a way to do something about this takeover, I would love to hear about it.