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Scorecard for Windows – Developer Wanted

ScorecardBrad, formerly of Freshly Squeezed Software (I now even refuse to link to the site) and I have been working for awhile on a golf statistics application called Scorecard. It's set to release very soon.

We're looking for a Windows developer to port the 1.0 version (and subsequent updates) to Windows. Ideally, such a developer will be able to use SQLite to make the database files cross-platform compatible. We'd likely work out a deal whereby the Windows developer would be responsible for development (and testing) only, yet would receive 50-75% of the gross sales of Scorecard for Windows.

If you're a Windows developer and you're interested in working on this project, get ahold of me, preferably via email. Information is in the sidebar (see "Contact Info").

7 Responses to "Scorecard for Windows – Developer Wanted"

  1. Are you looking specifically for someone to write this with Win32, or any Windows tech (that supports access to Sqlite) ?

  2. Anything within reason that's a native API. I don't want users to have to install a dependency frameworks. SQLite is pretty much a must too. I want the files to be moveable between platforms. So no Access based apps or anything like that.

  3. I dont get it. You refuse to link to the site but you have on the left at Press My Buttons?
    I will look for more post to see what happened here.

  4. Thanks, Ern, it's been removed from the buttons section.

  5. Erik, Did you get my mail, or is it in your spam trap?

  6. I don't see an email from you, Ross, no. Send it to erik@[my last name].com.

  7. Scorecard 1.0 - an application a year in development (well, in calendar time, if you get the drift…) is now available. I've worked with Brad on this project for quite some time, and have been using it for months to...