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QotD: Heat Wave

Question: How hot is your upcoming week going to be?

My Answer: Weather predictions here in Erie, PA say this for Mon-Wed: 90°, 95°, 96°. YOW!

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4 Responses to "QotD: Heat Wave"

  1. there's a cold front moving in here... just started to get cooler tonight.

    probably in the 70s this week. 🙂

  2. Triple digits today and tomorrow, with the heat index well into the hundred-teens. OMGGLOBALWARMINGWTF. 😉

  3. Out here in California (bay area, near SF), it was over 100 at my house, and I'm reasonably close to the coast! And that was outside. Inside, in the evening after a full day of heating, it was stifling. A/C in homes isn't too common in this area. I own a pet parrot and was (nearly) freezing solid her quart-size glass water bottle before hanging it onto her cage and covering her up for the night. The idea being to provide a kind of old-fashioned ice-box-like A/C for her since I didn't have a fan for her overnight. Not that it mattered since it just blasted warm air around. It really was pretty horrendous. Tempers were short (including mine), and people were generally not too happy.

    Out on the road while driving last Saturday afternoon around 4pm in the afternoon, my car's outside temperature gauge, which is pretty accurate, got up to 113. Yes, this was on the road, which is obviously hotter. However, relatively speaking, I have never seen it get even close to that temperature before. This was definitely the worst heat wave we've had here since I've been living here (1995).

  4. Winona Mn; Triple digits the last few days. First time breaking 100 in 12 years or something says the weather people. Looks like the heat is finally breaking here and heading your way. Hoping for some good storms out of the deal at least.