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Anchored List Selection

I wish to convey in no uncertain terms my frustration and puzzlement regarding Mac OS X's default keyboard list selection behavior.

You're damn right it's screwy.

3 Responses to "Anchored List Selection"

  1. Could that be any more indepth?

  2. Erik, I think Gruber leaves out a silent majority in his survey- those that EVER use shift down or shift up to select. Ever.


    Even when my mouse has been out of commission and I have been more keyboard bound.

    I am sure I have probably done some keyboard only selection within the finder (or other suitable locales), beyond Command A for all, but I truly cannot recall. I almost always pair with the mouse, shifting to select a region between two clicks in a list, or option clicking to select willy nilly, if it is even the option key I use. I do not know, it's a muscle memory thing, and it corrects itself without my looking if I have chosen the wrong key, in much the same way that some Windows keyboards may have the equivalent of the command or control key switched, depending on who set up that PC.

    I do use the up and down keys to navigate those lists, and do sometimes use the seemingly non-universal 'type the first letter of the filename" to hone in on the target.

  3. Bud, I highly doubt that you're in the majority… and even if you were, your input is irrelevant. If you never use the keyboard to select, what does it matter how you feel about selecting via the keyboard?