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PulpFiction, the Redux

Just wondering… if one were to recreate PulpFiction (i.e. all that it was and then some on top of that), what would you name such an application if you were in charge of naming such a product?

Assume for the sake of argument that "NetNewsWire," "PulpFiction," "NewsFire," "Safari," and all variations and others not named here are not eligible names. 😉

11 Responses to "PulpFiction, the Redux"

  1. * Read Only
    * Extra Extra
    * Crocodile


  2. NewsNow popped into my head first when I read the post.

  3. Sorry to double post, but as soon as I hit post I thought News Stand might work well too.

  4. LiveNews.

  5. NewsSpy is what popped into my mind first. NewsNow is good. NewsQuest would work.

    PF is about the only app left that is still translated for me. I've written the new owner a couple of times and like you got no respnse.

    While I own a licensed copy of NNW its not as functional for me as PF is.

  6. NewsAgent





  7. I like Crocodile also.

  8. NotAnotherRSSReader 😉

  9. I'll take it any way you can name it and at any reasonable price. I love PF, but it really needs some help and the most recent update (how long ago was that?!?)really screwed with things so I had to back it off a bit.

  10. Avoiding the obvious RSS, Feed, or News names just because you may want to set yourself apart from the crowd, I tried to think of the symbolism of an RSS reader.

    In a way it's a sort of hunter-gatherer, hunting out news in feeds and gathering them up for you. A little reading about hunter-gatherers on Wikipedia tells me they lived in the Neolithic era. A little trimming and voila.

    Neolith means "new stone," incidentally, which is a reference to the Stone age, thus a neolith is a new tool.

  11. PulpFacts?

    What about NewsBuster, News2U, NewsOnTime, NewsButter (don't know why, don't know why...), Feeds4U, Feed4Less...

    As you can probably tell, I could go on and on.