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My Bent Pinky Fingers

My pinky fingers are permanently "bent." They are this way because the second bone in my pinky fingers is not quite fully formed (nor will it ever be). Because of this, the last little bone in my pinky fingers "leans" to the side.


According to my mom, my fingers were X-rayed and my doctor wrote something about me in the New England Journal of Medicine when I was a baby, though I've never bothered to look up the article.

484 Responses to "My Bent Pinky Fingers"

  1. I have similar bends in my little fingers, as do my sister and mother (and her mother I recall, but not certain).

    Maybe we are distantly related ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mine are out to about the same degree, but aren't as angular at the joints.

    Always managed to get a 'eeeeewww' from people I showed, and disbelief that they couldn't be bent back.

    It had never occurred to me that the bones weren't fully formed; I just had it down as a familial trait, like a particular nose or chin shape.

    Wonder if it's more common than you or I think?

    1. my pinkies are bent....and I am also able to take my thumbs and bend them on top of the knuckle of my pointer finger........can anyone else? I have always had fun "grossing people out" with my thumb! ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. i am 16 and i have crooked pinky's too. it runs on my moms side of the family including my mom, grandma, great grandma, and i don't know from there but i think it has to do with genes passes on from the mother and the chance of the child getting it cuz my sister deosnt have them.

    3. Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."

    4. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I held my little fingers up to the picture, and other than the obvious size difference, they look like my own. I know that this is very common to have what we have, especially with people who have authism or downsyndrome. xx

    5. Hello,

      I accidentally came across this discussion while searching for info. on crooked pinkies. Who would've thought? I have them too! I'm told that it's genetic for me. My Dad, Great Aunt & a few others have them. Mine are about a 45 degree angle. The're a part of my life. So, I've never questioned as to why they're like that. Although, it is interesting to know... AND why correct them? It's not like we need them to be for anything other than playing guitar and taming our egos...

    6. i'm the only one in my family that has bent pinkyfingers. i just asumed that it was something i would grow out of, but i didnt. they started hurting in the teen years when i was growing up.

    7. just throwing this out there...but ive done a bit of research and it seems to be a trait that everyother generation has if it runs in the family...for older brother did not get it, but i got it, my younger brother didnt, but my sister after him did. also, my mother has it, but her older brother doesnt..but her youngest brother did. and also...does anyone know where this trait originated from? this is a common trait...but how far back does it go..and since its means that all people with it are related in some way shape or form along some line most of you are long distant relatives of mine a sense.....i hope ive never f**ked ne of you...thatd be weird

    8. i have this same problem with fingers but there more bent than that also have the same thing with pinky toes.

    9. You need to check the Discovery Channel about a program they did on a research group in England who used the bent little finger as a genetic marker for those Norseman who intermarried with indiginous people of that country centuries ago. They found many clusters of people who were grouped in areas were the Norse settled in to live and farm in England. Of course, the Norse traveled many places in search of land. In their own countries only the eldest inherited the homested so the rest of the offspring had to find land somewhere else to call their own even if they had to take it away from someone else.

    10. What is this? A bent pinky support group?!

      Mine are just a little bit more bent than the ones pictured.

      I was watching "Cowboys and Aliens" last night (ugh!) but there's a scene where Daniel Craig raises his hands (when the preacher catches him in the church near the beginning). I saw the pinky on his right hand and I think it may be bent like mine. Wonder if the left hand pinky is bent, too? Anyone know for sure if his pinkies are bent like ours? We could ask him to join our club.

      No one in my family that was alive when I was growing up had pinkies like mine. I was called a mutant. Or the postman's kid.

      But, my son and one of my daughters got my pinkies so must be genetic. Maybe I am the postman's kid?

      I have a mutt of English, Czech, German, and Russian. Had heard this can be traced to Norse ancestry. It's possible through the Enlish part of me. We can trace that line pretty far back.

    11. I do too I think mine are a little bit more crooked though...

  2. Mine are like that too, although my mother's are worse. I think its pretty common to, although some are more bent than others. I think its a genetic trait. If I had my camera on me, I'd take a picture. If I don't forget by the weekend, I'm going to do it!

    1. โ— โ“ Im freaking out my 25 week old fetus has a crooked finger. I dont think it is genetic

    2. i agree with feakin, my son has crooked little fingers and no one else in my family has them, I don't believe its genetic either.

    3. Ok, so if the parents are both heterozygous (having both a dominant and recessive allele) they can have offspring with either homozygous recessive (pp), homozygous dominant (PP) or heterozygous alleles (Pp) for any given gene. There are two alleles for the gene attributing to the "bent pinky." Lets call the dominant allele P, and the recessive p. So if the parents are both Pp , then each can pass on either the dominant P or the recessive p allele. If they both pass on a p allele the child will have pp. The child may be the only one in the family to have the "bent pinkys" but that doesn't mean that the trait is not genetic. Hope this was helpful. Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

    4. It is genetic with my family. Mine are very bent, my mother and her mother also had it.
      My two sons did not. 1 of my 3 grandchildren has a bent little finger.

  3. My second toe on both feet grows towards my middle toe. I saw a podiatrist about it, and he said something quite similar to your pinkies: when the bones grew, one side grew more than the other.

    I asked what I could do about it, and he says, "Well, if it really bothers you, we break the toes and reset them straight. But you're in a cast for about 6 weeks."

    I'm not that vain.

    1. my pinky toes on both feet don't bend at all. I can barely move them; they kind of wiggle from side to side though. They don't even touch the ground when I walk. also, my fourth tow is bend toward my middle toe. nothing really wrong with my pinky fingers visually, but i dont really use them that often because i don't have much control over them.

  4. Mine are the same. Do you play guitar? I just started learning. It's hard to fret strings with my little finger as it tends to collapse sideways. I've had to work out an adapted style where I hold the guitar at more of an angle, with the fretboard sticking out more forwards than sideways.

    1. Ha Ha i have the same collapsing pinky problem! i hate the fact that i can't fix it. i guess i'll just have to learn to play without a pinky to finger with (impossible for certain chords)

    2. I play the guitar but, some chords are impossible. I had a bf that played using all power chords, which was impossible for me to do.
      I played the paino, and flute very well growing up. I had problems with a Bflat flute with the extra lower key and my little finger did not go on it very well. Besides that had no issue. now 35 years later it does cause issues playing paino and flute, but I think because my fingers are not as strong as they were when I was younger.

  5. minei s exaclty the same i cant play guitar with my little finger especially o the bass strings

  6. Hahaha thats so bizzare mine are bent the same too exept my left pinky is worse then yours! Apparently my Nanas mother had it. I have a second cosin who also has it! I think its just genes thats all! yeah people freek out when they see it! I have played a few tricks on people making them beleive they broke it while play fighting hahahaha!

  7. Mine are exactly like that. Lots of people in my family have well as that my grandad also had webbed toes - for years I was convinced there was some incest in the family somewhere (I'm from a small village : } }

  8. Mine are like that also so are My mother's, brother's, niece, Grandfather(mom's Side), and family before granfather.I dont know why my pinkys are this way.

  9. mine are loads worse than that. i have a huge family (60)ish (not instant) and there is only about 3-4 without it

    1. It is an autosomal dominant trait - so it is likely more than less people in a family will have it. You only need one allele for it to manifest.

  10. my pinkies are bent, too......just not as bad as yours......weird........ ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Hiya, I have bent pinkies. My hands are quite small also and my middle fingers bend outwards as well. A bit worse than the photo! I remember looking it up once on the internet and somewhere I read it may be a distant trait of down syndrone!!! ๐Ÿ™ Hope not...

    1. Hey,
      I have extremely bent pinkies also. Everyone asks if i broke them or something but i didnt. Sometimes people get grossed out but alot of people think that it is cool. My uncle is a doctor and he pulled up an article on bent little fingers. my condition is called streblomicrodactyly which is an extremely rare disease, only 200000 people in the us have it. I would say that mine are at a 65 degree angle, and when all of fingers are together there is a big gap. I have noticed it getting more bent as i get older so i hope it doesnt get too bad.


  13. my pinkies are severe...almost a 90 pissed about it somtimes i think about breaking them ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Xaxa i never thought i would find a article about people with finger just like mine lol agree with you man i always thought about breaking them but found out that 50% of our hand strenght is on our pinky ๐Ÿ™

    2. you might have a double clinodactyly, thats what I have, the tip of my pinkie touches my knuckle.

    3. i have bent little fingers also but my thumb is smaller and stronger than everyone else's also my mother grandma greatgrandma yadayada ya... can't bend there thumbs but I can and I can bend my finger tips. Does anyone else have this problem and no why?

    4. Hey Dan, I too was born with the same bent pinkies. I am forty five years old now and I never thought twice about my fingers. It is extension of who I am. The only time they get noticed is when I shake hands with someone for the first time. They look at them and ask me how it happened, and I say I was born this way. Even as a young boy, I never felt they were incumbent. I never I needed to change them for any reason or anybody. I am sorry that you feel this way. I hope you reach out to me and let know how I can help.

  14. my pinky fingers are like that too, most of my family has bent fingers, it is something to do with genetics, and some dominant gene, my fingers are the worst of my family, went i went to the doctor as a kid they wanted to put there spint things to straighten them, the Doc said they were bent because i was intelligent (lol trying to make me feel good) the splints didnt work cuz i didnt like to wear them. Everyone likes to look at my fingers, little do they know it is genetic and not some mutation... meh, im cool with it now, not a big deal, it doesnt bother me anymore...

  15. does anyone take their bent little fingers and pull them down towards the thumbs til they make a snapping sound? ha.....i do............................weird..... ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Mine are the same way except my right pinky is bent more than my left. Apparently when I was born the doctors want to 'break' them, so that they could be fixed. But my mom told them no, my grandpa's were like that too. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    1. Hey, my pinky fingers have been bent since childhood, Now am 44 years old. I can't straighten them no matter how hard I push I CAN NOT MAKE A FLAT HAND PRINT. Is that the case with you?
      My other fingers are slightly bent as well. Since little on. Only thing is I have a little less strength when I grib things.


  17. Huh. I have a bent pinky too, but not as much as yours. My mother's looks like yours and she can only move it with her ring finger, and my grandmother's wasn't really functional, kind of a vestigial pinky, I guess. Grandmother was full blooded Italian. Are all you folks Italian blooded? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    1. How strange my grandfather was full blooded italian (on my dads side.) I think im going to do a biology/genetic project on the genetic crooked pinky trait, maybe it will lead to other discoveries about hereditary genetics.

    2. I have crooked pinkys on both is worse than the other...mine are bent at the knuckle more than inverted in towards my ring finger. My dad has them also AND he is full blooded Italian! Very interesting!

  18. i have no Italian blood in me that I know of.....just English and Irish....... ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Mine are the same!!
    but maybe a little bit worse!

    When i was younger my grandpa was convinced there was something wrong and so mum took me to the doctor and the doctor just said that he could break them and put them in place, but mum said no way!

    no one else in my family have the same thing.

    although i do have a friend who has them and his son also has them!

    it seems to be much more common then i thought! apparently aproximately 1 in 600,000 have them. but i dont know how reliable that is!

  20. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yes, I have the exact same as the photo and my index fingers point inwards - seal flipper bones? a throw-back from our amphibious beginnings maybe?

    My mother, sisters, brothers and daughter have the same.

    And wait for it - A third nipple also.

    Coincidentally my mother is of Irish decent and I,ve seen other Irish with the same.

    Any other comments?

  21. My brother has one bent pinky like that i thought he was the only person to have it. How strange to find a whole load of you i will have to tell him. ๐Ÿ˜†

    1. This phenotype results in both fingers being bent. If only one is bent, it means that the finger was probably broken at one time or another.

  22. How weird mine are bit worse than pic, how cool are we, its like being in a club lol

  23. Yeah, my pinkies are bent just as bad as that, maybe a little worse....and YES it is a genetic trait. Havent any of you taken biology? People with bent pinkies carry the recessive gene for that trait....look up genetics, you'll figure it out.

    I don't know if it has anything to do with where your family is from....I'm welsh/english/irish and my grandmothers are bent a little and so are her grandmothers. Just pure genetics.

    If you people had doctors that wanted to break you fingers you must have a VERY extreme bend in for being written up in the new england journal, why? It's completly normal.

    Here is a picture of my pinkies if anyone wants proof.

  24. haha!i was just looking randomly to see if some people had the same.

    it doesnt actually bother me, and mine are slightly more angled than your pic lol.

    i think its funny that u cna shock people like that by showing them ur little trick.

    iwouldnt chnage mine for the world ๐Ÿ™‚

    they make me, me. :mrgreen:


    1. Hey i have the same story as you. i was randomly searching around ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. OMG....So many people has pinkies like mine...I almost thought I was a sick person since I have never seen anyone with it. Although, my son has it. But none of my family members has pinky like mine...Once I saw Reality TV and I saw this guy were showing his pinkies. He had one like yours and mine.
    And you are right. I think second bone(inner side) in the fingers are not fully formed... Maybe cause I was premature baby when I was born....

    Thank God I am not weird!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. OMG!!! Victoria! Mine's are just like yours! Amazing!

  27. [quote comment="41342"]. I think second bone(inner side) in the fingers are not fully formed... Maybe cause I was premature baby when I was born....

    Thank God I am not weird!!!! :)[/quote]


    It has NOTHING to do with anyone being a premie or mutated or anything like that......

    1. I agree. We're not mutated we're a different species.

      Mine are bent more than the photos, I'm also double jointed (extra long connective tissues), my youngest sister has them, my father has them, and my grandfather had them. My two sisters' two sons have them too. Two of the three sisters have webbed toes to some extent. My father has a vestige third nipple.

      The only genetic path that it could have followed was my Paternal Grandfather who was 1/4 German, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Scotch, 1/4 English. The other 3/4 of me is Swedish. There is no history of Swedish relatives having these traits.

      I don't know how many free drinks I've been able to get from my hand circus in the bars.

      Also, both my sister and I were scheduled for surgery for ours at Children's Memorial in Chicago. I came down with a low grade fever and they wouldn't operate on me. My sister had hers done. I'm glad I didn't have mine done. The surgeon explained to us that the bone mass just above the last joint is deformed. It has more mass in that area than a "normal" pinkie finger. I can tell I have a nob there. X-rays show it. What he proposed to do was cut a wedge out of this mass break the finger and put rods down through the joint straightening the finger. Hers look ok but I've never worried mine. As some have said it makes me, me. I start more conversations with people than if I didn't have them.

      Lastly my comment on being a different species has more to do with Darwin claiming that two slightly different colored birds from two different islands were two different species. If he can do that I can too.:P

    2. I'm pretty sure that the reason Darwin stated that they were different species was because they didn't interbreed. The definition of a species is a group of indeviduals that can interbreed. While organisms may be able to viably reproduce, if they are unable by any means be int temporal, mechanismal, habitual or any other means they are classified as another species. I am not saying that I agree, just explaining that this is how it's done. And no, you are not a separate species. The bent pinkies don't mean that you can't reproduce with someone of the opposite phenotype.

  28. My one year old was born four weeks early and his pinkies are like yours, my husband has them too. a pediatrician told me that it was a trait of little people, but my husband is 6'2".
    โ“ anybody heard that before โ“

  29. It's all about simple Mendelian genetics-

    Those with bent pinkies carry the dominant trait (PP or Pp), while those with straight pinkies are recessive (pp).

    Mine are straight so I can't really sympathize with those of you whose are bent, but I don't see why it's a problem. Tell me if I'm wrong. It's natural, it's human. So it's pretty shocking doctors would try to "correct" it!

    1. Why is it a problem? the only reason why it is a problem to me is I am a musician and it is extremely hard to play my guitar properly. I found this forum because I'm looking for answers. I cannot play a B chord on a guitar, and I have been trying for about eight years.
      I recently picked up the banjo, and it is alot easier because I can play many more chords, due to the size of the neck and the fact it is in open g tuning.
      I am fed up of the guitar not being my friend. Please someone shed some light on how I remedy this problem. It makes me really sad because I practice every day.

    2. Hi. I am of Irish / Cherokee descent. My Dad (Irish) does not have this condition, even though I do. I had to write a generational research paper for Grad school that included some genetic background on both sides of my family. In doing this, I learned that this trait is in the Cherokee bloodline. My maternal grandmother who was 1/4 Cherokee had it as do I, even though my overall features favor the Irish.

      I know that there are a lot of individuals who would like to dispute the genetic connection of this trait, but research it in your family history before you discredit those who have. The autosomal information in provided in the postings on this forum are more likely to be accurate in their information that those who would just offer statements of opinion.

      I play violin and I find it hard to use my pinky frequently because it collapses and locks up so I sympathize with the guitarists here.

      Btw, I am trying to locate college funds so that I can finish out my education. Anyone here now of scholarships for individuals with crooked pinkies!

  30. both of my pinkies look like that too. i have family members with bent pinkies so i knew i wasn't a freak. it has something to do with the shape of you bone. the bone is wedge shaped instead of the normal shape and that's why it bends. i like mine. i freak people out with them lol

  31. hey!
    so i'm not the only one with bent little fingers! ๐Ÿ˜†
    i think there shud be a club for people that have this
    who agrees 2 this!?

  32. My little fingers are bent like hockey sticks and so are my index fingers( but not so much). Chase, if this is a dominant gene at least one of my parents should display it, but they don t. It must be recessive. Camptodactyly is as close to a name for it as I ve gotten.
    And I m Scots.

  33. Mine are this way as well. It's weird none of my parents have it but my aunt has it really bad and she has arthritis. When I was little I use to think that if I taped them in some way they would grow normal. Then I started to do finger exercises like trying to bend them back as much as possible. It didn't work. It's kinda relieving to know that there are other's out there.

    1. make you and me unique - maybe it's a blessing from GOD who knows. Since childhood I have had bent pinkies toward my palm and other fingers are not so severe, but are bent too.
      who can know why God allowed this in my life. Doesn't bug me though.

  34. this is realli random to find so many ppl with bent little fingers. i have camptodactyly and both my little fingers were in a bent fixed position kinda going into my palm. splinting fixed my left finger but the right wouldnt straighten. i had surgery on it last year that didnt work and again last week n it has a bunch of stitches in it n my ot told me today that it was straight! i did love it and showing it off thou it always got random looks. its kool to have bent fingers and like most of you my brother sister n dad had the same thing. i onli got it fixed cuz im a sprinter n it interferred with my starting blocks but im still a kid n it might ping back. embrace ur bent fingers!

  35. I am so relieved that there are others who have this besides me. I know my grandmother has it really bad and I always think that as I get older my pinkies are gonna bend more. I always try to straighten them for like 5 min a day but nothing changes except that it gets sore afterwards. I type alot and so I am always self-conscious when others are around me when I type because I dont want them to think I am a freak or something. BTW.. I am of asian descent so I guess its not only people with Irish background have it. I guess I dont feel that self-conscious anymore knowing that im not the only one. Its good to know that there are others out there that I can relate to. I just have one question though, has anyone figure out what the cause is, if its really genetic, or some sort of disease etc and if there is a cure for it (other than breaking them...thats gonna be painful)

    1. Try googling Dejerine Sotta's...

  36. [quote comment="41401"]It's all about simple Mendelian genetics-

    Those with bent pinkies carry the dominant trait (PP or Pp), while those with straight pinkies are recessive (pp).

    Mine are straight so I can't really sympathize with those of you whose are bent, but I don't see why it's a problem. Tell me if I'm wrong. It's natural, it's human. So it's pretty shocking doctors would try to "correct" it![/quote]

    Oh dear god I'm glad to see that not everyone in the world is ignorant.....In an earlyer post I wrote that it's a recessive trait but I meant Dominent....and Glenn, look it really is Dominent.

    For everyone else.....DO SOME RESEARCH.

  37. [quote comment="41566"]My little fingers are bent like hockey sticks and so are my index fingers( but not so much). Chase, if this is a dominant gene at least one of my parents should display it, but they don t. It must be recessive. Camptodactyly is as close to a name for it as I ve gotten.
    And I m Scots.[/quote]

    Havent you ever done a Punetts Square in Biology? Just cuz something is dominent doesnt mean its gonna show up more often....

    1. even if its not more common, at least one of his parents must have shown it

  38. my little fingers are the same, many people tease me at school because i am in 6th grade. i hav never nown wat was wrong with them but atleast i am not the only one ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. On sunday I was playing pasket ball with my friend ๐Ÿ˜Ž and then she chriped me and i thought i was ok ๐Ÿ™‚ but I wasn't becouse I felt my pinky bone was broken and it is so i head to go to the hos pital ๐Ÿ˜• and the doctor said it was twisted and now my pinky still herts ๐Ÿ˜ก

  40. My whole life I have never met another person with this trait. I was told my grandmother had it. My father, Mother and brother don't. My kids don't.
    I've always pondered the cause. I always knew it was a genetic trait but never considered the bone growth anomaly as the exact reason.
    I , as another writer mentioned, have outwardly curved 2nd toes also. Is that a common link I wonder.
    Is there a technical name for this trait?
    1 in 600000 is that correct? That means just a little over 10,000 of us on the planet! :mrgreen:

  41. [quote comment="42029"]Havent you ever done a Punetts Square in Biology? Just cuz something is dominent doesnt mean its gonna show up more often....[/quote]

    I was so shocked to find so many people with fingers like mine. I have never met anyone.

    Victoria I have to agree with Glen, that if it is dominant one of your parents should portray the trait. Neither of my parents have the trait.
    How does the knowledge of a punnett square answer his question? He was not asking about the frequency of it occurring......

    Violet don't worry what people say. I have always thought it is pretty cool. If you portray it to others that way and not be embarrassed about it, you usually get a more positive response.

  42. What I think is cool about my bent pinkies is that I can do the YMCA with them but most people can't.
    But I want them straightened.
    That's what I googled but this came up.
    So..are they fixable?

  43. My little fingers are really bent inwards. Both of my brothers have the same. Also i have these little top knuckles in my other fingers. My hands are getting uglyer as i get older. ๐Ÿ˜†
    My fathers hands were really weird. He had his middle finger and the finger next to the pinky swapped round, so on his hands his longest finger was the one next to the pinky!!! His pinkys were really bent and small. He had tiny hands for a man. My youngest brother has the same hands as my father.
    It was great to read that so many other people have similar fingers :mrgreen:

    WAHTS WRONG WITH ME ๐Ÿ™ โ“ โ—

  45. [quote comment="31051"]Mine are exactly like that. Lots of people in my family have well as that my grandad also had webbed toes - for years I was convinced there was some incest in the family somewhere (I'm from a small village : } }[/quote]

    I have webbed feet and bent pinkies, I got the double wammie, maybe were related. ๐Ÿ˜›

  46. I have bent pinkies and webbed feet.

  47. My father has the same as me; both bent pinkies. Maybe that does make it a dominant trait. I heard it was something that had to do with the people of Scandinavia, you know, Vikings or something. I pretty sure I'm Irish, Scottish and Scandinavian.

    1. Yes it is apparently a Viking trait, a strong dominant genetic trait handed down to all descendants. There was a show on SBS about it.d them, I have them, although not as bent as some seem to be, it also often doesnt show up until you get a bit older, mine started bending about age 30. My dad had them and itcomes from his Scottish heritage and Vikings, our family also has the red hair, I have traced the origins of our surname and it came from Scandinavian (Norwegian).

  48. Haha, I finally find my people! I also have bent pinkies and outwardly-curving second toes. I've known for some time that it was a genetic trait, so today I decided to research a bit. One advantage I've found is that it was always easy to cheat in hide and seek on the playground. Disadvantages abound. I'm a musician, so I had to adapt a new style of playing guitar similar to the one mentioned above. It also hinders my octave span on a piano.

    Does anyone else find it difficult to bend them sometimes? Every time I try to bend it on its own, my ring finger involuntarily moves with it (on both hands).

  49. so.....Chris.....I have been sitting here trying to bend my pinkie......and NOT have my ring finger move...........I can't do it either......I wonder if people with "normal" pinkies can! Very interesting......:lol:

  50. hi to ev1 with beny pinkies i have them and my 23 month old daughter has them too but my son dosent, my daughter is going to the hospital to see if hers can be sorted as her right hand 1 is only slighty bent but her left bends underneath her other fingers,i ask the doc will it be just broken then a splint put there to make it straight he said no the op is more worse then that any 1 got any ideas what it could be ๐Ÿ˜•

  51. Emma, you bring up a great question. The inner bone is shorter, so the natural position would be bent. This being said, I would emagine that they would have to sugically put something in there to make the inner side as long as the outer side. I also have bent pinkies, and have been contemplating doing something about them for years. I'm not sure how complex the procedure would be at my age or if they would/could do anything. I admire everyone that can laugh at it, but it bothers me. I don't like the way it looks for one, and also it seems like it would be a hell of a lot easier to grip things without that stupid thing getting in the way, griping a steering wheel for example. Has anyone inquired on fixing them, and if so, what were you told? I did ask one doctor, and he said that I should leave them as they are, but if it's possible to fix without too much of a problem, I'd like to do so. Not that I want out of the club or anything, but anyone got any info?

  52. Hey, nice to know there are fellow bent pinkys out there. Mine are both bent with the right being a little more crooked. I've noticed that the right pinky is becoming more crooked as I get older. I'm 53+ and I do have arthritis in my finger joints. My 2 daughters have slight bends in their pinkys. I got this from my Dad, although his are barely bent. One time a doctor happened to notice my pinkys and she said she was taught in medical school that they were called angel wings. But she didn't have any other info. I'm very curious about them, I too have tried force straightening them most of life and I have wondered if breaking them and resetting would straighten them out. Now I just accept them. I haven't had any problems because of them except when other people notice them. I am Mexican mixed with who knows what.

  53. Hey

    My pinky is worse :O it is very crooked and has been since i was born. I am only 12 and when i was at primary school i had to give a talk about my pinky and how it made me "special". I dont know where i got mines from lol :(. Nice to know im not the only one ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    love danielle xxx

    1. Hi everyone

      We have a 7 yr old daughter who was born with crooked pinkies. Once we assured ourselves that it was normal and not a sign of some disease, we realized it was just something she had. No shame should be attached to it. We've talked about them with her from an early age and told her that everyone has something different about them. That's what makes us all special. She loves her "baby crookeds" as she calls them. As do we. It has also taught her to appreciate the differences between people. Whether its a schoolmate in a wheelchair or a friend with a prominant overbite. We all have something different about us.


  55. got the same thing as did my grand mother (her maidin name was king of NC) as does now my daughter alanie. my son has ambio band syndrom in the first six to telve wks the ambilicle cord is formed from many fibers which somtims get wraped around apendages of the growing baby so he has just thumb and a bent little pinkie my last name denton of Northern NY

  56. Emma, you bring up a great question. The inner bone is shorter, so the natural position would be bent. This being said, I would emagine that they would have to sugically put something in there to make the inner side as long as the outer side. I also have bent pinkies, and have been contemplating doing something about them for years. I'm not sure how complex the procedure would be at my age or if they would/could do anything. I admire everyone that can laugh at it, but it bothers me. I don't like the way it looks for one, and also it seems like it would be a hell of a lot easier to grip things without that stupid thing getting in the way, griping a steering wheel for example. Has anyone inquired on fixing them, and if so, what were you told? I did ask one doctor, and he said that I should leave them as they are, but if it's possible to fix without too much of a problem, I'd like to do so. Not that I want out of the club or anything, but anyone got any info?

  57. I also have curved pinkies!!! as does my son 4. My right is way more bent than my left and my son's is exactly the opposite as he is a leftie and me right. I kinda always have loathed them. Oh well right!

  58. I have very bent pinkies. My father and grandmother have them, too, as do a couple of my siblings--athough not as severe as mine. Rather than loathe them, I have always loved them. They made me feel special and connected to my ancestors. When I gave birth to my two children, it was the first thing I asked about after making sure they were OK. In college, I took a history course and, believe it not, they mentioned the early migration of the Scotch-Irish to America and the distinguishing genetic trait of bent pinkies. So--I bet all of you have some Scotch Irish in your background.

    1. Hi Keewee. Half of me is Scotch Irish. I love what you said about giving birth and checking. That's the second or third thing my family asks when a baby is born in the family. ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. Keewee, that is so interesting........I have some Irish in me, that I know of.....and have the bent little pinkies.................:D

  60. Clarification I guess I don't loathe them lol....When people see them they go What happened to your finger!!! I'm adopted so no going back in my family...So maybe I'm scottish/irish who knows. And my daughter doesn't have them, but my son does.

  61. Oh my god!!!
    There are heaps of you!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ And for all these years I have been trying to work out where my pinkies went wrong!!

    For some strage reason I decided to google "bent fingers" and I can't believe I have found all you freaks too!! Its amazing!

    Ahhh its made my day!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  62. My fingers are bent worse than that. Apparently I was born with them overlapping my ring finger. Odd that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. well im glad u all have bent pinkies but i think im a little more special than u lot my little finger and index finger are both bent and bend in the middle rather than the tip [think of a half moon and u will see my finger lol ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

  64. Wow! I have the same thing. My right hand is a little worse but I never knew that so many people had this. I guess im not so weird after all lol

  65. My son has bent pinkies, One hand worse than the other. I was told its called Clinodactyly. Because my son has such a bad case of the bent pinkies, and they are getting in the way, Two separate doctors, told me surgery is neccessary. The surgery they would perform in on the growth plate which somehow has been fused together on oneside. They would try to to unfuse it, and stuff the opening with fat so that it doesnt fuse again. Surgery should last 1.5 hours and recovery 2 weeks. My problem is that now his hands dont hurt him, even though the pinky gets in the way. Both doctors predict that it would get worse, and begin to be painful. ANyone out there with serious bent pinkies, does it hurt at all. Would you get surgery if it was making life more difficult for you besides looks? Please let me know, my son is only 5. I fear for only the worse to come. My fingers arent bent, but they are very much smaller than usual. Doctors also stated that i probably have Clinodactyly by looking at my hands, just not as a bad case as my sons. Please all information would help,


    1. I'm 43 and I can't say that I've ever had any pain different from any of the other fingers. Frostbite, injury, burns, etc...

  66. I have bent pinkies but mine are way worse my whole dads side has them I take after my dad. ๐Ÿ˜

  67. Hi Christine,

    For what is worth my pinkies are fairly severly bent. Worse than the picture above. While they may catch someones eye and frustrated my becoming a better guitarist they don't hurt and I am 40. It really isnt a bother so I would question the doctors' assertion and prediction that they will become more painful.If they don't hurt for another 35 years later is it worth it? Then again if they are outrageously bent (like 70 degrees)it makes sense. Good luck whatever you decide to do.


  68. ๐Ÿ˜› I think it's cute. My husband has it too and our baby daughter inherited it and our son did not. It is genetics, it shouldn't be look at as an imperfection. Even though it's our daughter that has it we still think she is gorgeous.

  69. Mine have never physically hurt...I wanted them straight when I was a teen and Doc said do they hurt or what??? I said No so he says don't worry about it. Now 36 and they are still bent.

  70. Christine,
    I read you post asking for more info. I am 54 years old this month and I can tell you that my bent pinkys have never given me any pain yet.

  71. I (24) also have bent little fingers. Its a family trait and has been passed down to me. Mine are more prominet than my family. Its from my fathers side, his mother had it, my brother has it (26) too, although very slight, but still noticeable. When i put them together the angle in between is 110+ degrees. When people see them, they always ask "how do you do that?" my mates love them, its my party trick. They have never given me any grief like pain, they click, but i do that to freak people out!!!! I used to hide them, like drink with my fingers behind the others, or always have my hands clenched. But now ive got over being different!

    Check them out!

    This is of my left hand...

    This is both together...

    Comments welcome!

  72. YAY!! I finally found some answers!!!
    My Grandad, mum and both brothers have bent pinkies, but mine are the worst, and they seem to be getting worse as i get older. I'm 21, and i'm starting to get arthritis (i think) in them and they ache a lot or hurt when ppl try to put them straight or i knock them.
    I asked the doctor what it was, i got them xrayed, and they said i was born with it (duh!!) but couldnt tell me anything else.
    Myself and my parents are from Liverpool, UK and my mum has some irish in her - my dad does NOT have bent pinkies.
    I asked the doc how i can fix them, and the only option is to take out the bone in those fingers and replace them with a plastic joint.
    It's classed as cosmetic surgery, and approx cost is $10,000!! which is just ridiculous...
    I came to like the quirkiness of them, but I would like the surgery done as they are starting to hurt, and hinder a lot of things i can do...
    when I put mine together - the V is less than 90 degrees.
    The bone pushes against my skin so much that it has permanently turned the area white (like a mosquito bite when u scratch it).. and there is a bump that juts out... ewww
    If anyone has ever had them fixed or has been told or alternatives please holler back!!

  73. does a dominant allele differ from a recessive allele?
    Characteristics associated with a certain allele can sometimes be dominant or recessive, but often they are neither. A dominant trait will be expressed when at least one allele of its associated type is present, whereas a recessive trait will be expressed only when both alleles are of its associated type

    Pinky: Straight pinky (recessive trait) vs. Bent pinky (dominant trait) Hold your hands together as if you are covering your face. If the tips of the pinkies (or baby fingers) point away from one another, the pinkies are bent .

    If P is bent pinky as a DOMINANT TRAIT
    & p is straight pinky as a RECESSIVE TRAIT

    Parent PP pr Pp will have bent ( each carries two types)
    Parent pp will have straight pinky

    If PP & PP get together - their kids will have PP (bent)
    If Pp & Pp get together - their kids could be PP, Pp or pp ( Bent, straight or carriers of straight gene)
    If PP & pp get together - their kids will be Pp (Bent, but carriers of straight gene)
    If pp & pp get together - their kids will be pp (straight fingers)
    If pp & Pp get together - their kids will have Pp, or pp ( bent, with carried straight gene or straight)

    Therefore, to pass on the Bent dominant gene - at least one parent had to have the Dominant gene - which will show the characteristic. So in the cases where people have bent pinkys, but their parents do not appear to... they must have it in a slight fashion??

    Yeah I don't understand how some of you guys have it but your parents dont?? Cos to be a carrier of a dominant gene in order to pass it to the offspring, they would have to show the characteristic...?


    Using a punnet square, predict the ratio of offspring produced from these monohybrid crosses: TT (tall) crossed with tt (short), Tt (tall) crossed with Tt (tall), Tt (tall) crossed with tt (short).
    A punnet square is a genetic diagram used to determine the probability of an offspring expressing a particular genotype. An allele can be dominant or recessive. If a dominant allele (represented as a capital letter) is present, the trait will be expressed. The recessive trait will be expressed only of both alleles are recessive (represented as a lower case letter).

    In our example, tallness is the dominant allele and it is represented by the capital 'T'. Shortness is the recessive allele, and it is represented as a lowercase 't' (not by an S). First we construct a table showing the alleles of the parents. The mother (with alleles TT) is generally shown across the top, and the father (with alleles tt) is shown down the left column:

    T T

    Next we copy the alleles from the mother's row and the father's column, placing the dominant allele ahead of the recessive one (so we would always show Tt rather than tT). In this case, all four outcomes are identical: Tt.

    T T
    t Tt Tt
    t Tt Tt

    Next we show a Tt mother and a Tt father. In this case, the pair has produced one TT, two Tt's, and one tt.

    T t
    T TT Tt
    t Tt tt

    Finally, we show the cross between a Tt and a tt. In this case, we get two Tt's, and one tt.

    T t
    t Tt tt
    t Tt tt

    So what does all this mean? A TT individual has two dominant alleles for tallness. All of that individual's offspring will be tall, but all will not necessarily be TT. A Tt individual will also be tall, but can have short offspring if crossed with either another Tt (75% tall, 25% short), or if crossed with a tt (50%-50%). Only individuals with tt alleles will be short, but if crossed with a TT or a Tt, can still have tall offspring (though all offspring will be carriers for shortness).

  75. Definition of Clinodactyly

    Clinodactyly: Curving of the fifth finger (the little finger) toward the fourth finger (the ring finger). Sometimes called "fifth finger clinodactyly" to distinguish it from similar curving of other finger or toes.

    Clinodactyly is a minor congenital malformation (birth defect). The basis for the clinodactyly is that the middle bone in the fifth finger is underdeveloped and, instead of being rectangular, is wedge- shaped.

    Clinodactyly may occur as an isolated finding in a person who is entirely normal or it may be found in association with other congenital malformations and, sometimes, mental retardation. It is a common component of Down (trisomy 21) syndrome and Klinefelter (XXY) syndrome. No treatment is required for clinodactyly.

    "Clinodactyly" is derived from the Greek "klinein" (to bend, slope or incline) and "dactylos" (finger, toe). Other English words formed from "klinein" include "clinocephaly" (a condition that causes skull depression or flatness) and "clinophobia" (fear of going to bed--that is, to bend the head to a pillow.) Other English words formed from "dactylos" include "dactylogram" (fingerprint) and "dactylography" (the study of fingerprints).

  76. When I was playing teather ball my pinky was bent all the way back. and when i try to make a fist with my hand my pinky hurts and it fells i cant bend it fully.

  77. This is great, I too had never met anybody else with bent little fingers. Although I dont particularly mind them now, I hated them whilst growing up.

    It feels fantastic to know there are so many others who are the same. I Wish I had known all this 15 years ago.

  78. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ they make good devil horns. ha ha
    i love my pinkies.

  79. I am thrilled to see all these interesting owners of bent pinkies! My sixteen year old has them too.....I wanted to do some research after he was struggling to play Guitar Hero.................thanks to you all for your honesty.

  80. Funny to see so many people. I thought it was just me that had them!
    For what it's worth, my family are from Scotland.

  81. [quote comment="39565"]my pinkies are severe...almost a 90 pissed about it somtimes i think about breaking them :)[/quote]

    same here...u think they have any one those random scholarships for it ??!

  82. Mines much worse i would rather mine look like that i fractured mine when i was about 7 an i'm 16 now it looks so weird my sister has the same problem but we weren't born with it so i was wondering if the could fix it ? I know it will never look exacley the same but anythings better than what it looks like now...

  83. Both of my children have that same trait. But, theirs are bent in even more than yours. Mine are only slightly curved, which is normal, but as far as I know no one else on either side of the family has this trait. It's obviously a recessive genetic trait which both of them seem to have gotten.

  84. asian over here with bent pinkies. every now and again my pinkie joints feel sore after typing, handling the mouse a lot, or playing video games and piano....

  85. wow. I have three young children and all three have curved pinkies. My husband and I don't seem to have it. Although, my pinkies slightly curve away from each other if you line them up next to one another. My two daughters have their 2nd toes trying to curve toward the 3rd. My son has slightly joined 2nd and 3rd toes. No other birth abnormalities. I am glad to see that others have some of the toe things as it worried me that there might be a syndrome.

  86. My mom and dad have strait fingers and so does my younger sister and me. But my older sister has bent pinkies.

    Bent pinkies are dominant and straight is recesive.
    So my mom is ss
    and my dad is ss

    How in the hell could my sister get a S chromosone...

    (I dont think my mom had an affair or my sister was adopted.)

  87. My pinkies are the same way. For some strange reason I just work up today and decided I wanted to look it up to try and find out why. It is quite amazing to see so many people have the same trait after all. I guess it's quite common.

    But I have also been able to bend my fingers back almost to the point where I can touch the back of my hand. Although as I have gotten older and not done it they have gotten less flexible and only go about half the distance. But still bend backward past straight at about a 90 degree angle backwards. It definitely freaks normal people out when they see me do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wonder if this trait is connected or if it's just me?

  88. My pinkies look similar, maybe just a bit more bent. They have been like that for 35 years now. My parents don't have bent pinkies but my children do.

    Practical problems:
    -As a kid my pinkies sometimes caused embarrasment, but today they don't bother me in that sense.
    -Sometimes when I do something where I need to use my hands a lot there can be pain in the pinkies afterwards. Not a big deal though.
    -I quit the guitar when I was 12 because it was too difficult. I started again as an adult but the left hand pinky bothers me when trying to learn. The left hand pinky is not completely useless, but needs a lot of extra work and has limited reach.

    So the problems are not that major. But now I want to find out how to fix it. My children are much more talented than me with music and for them it might be an important issue. For their sake, and also for my own guitar playing I want to find out what can be done. I will meet a hand surgeon in january to learn more about possible solutions.

  89. A follow up:
    I rescheduled and met the hand surgeon allready today. My hands were x-rayed.

    The x-rays showed that the finger can be straightened with a quick procedure. The bone (between the 1st and 2nd joint) will be cut, and one or two metal "needles" will be pushed along the finger under the skin *sounds scary!!* to keep everything straight during recovery. The bone will heal slowly and after about 8 weeks the needles can be removed (=pulled out).

    The x-rays also showed that the 2nd joint is worn! This could be caused by the fact that the bent finger stresses the joint in a bad way. Another reason to go trough with the surgery!

  90. Thanks for the info, both my and my son have this affliction no biggie for me (36) but the boy 4 1/2 I would think about what your having done for him.

  91. Most if not all of the posts here are well written. We are articulately designedรƒยขรขโ€šยฌร‚ยฆ
    Play guitar! You may be better than you think and others will be amazed.


    The Irish Greek.

  92. :mrgreen: My (paternal) grandmother (Scotch Irish), myself, and my son all have/had the crooked pinkies. Neither of my parents do. It is funny how it has skipped their generation and I managed to pass this to my son. What is the difference between just having this genetic anomaly...versus the actual scientific classification...or is there one? Do we all have a form of this Russell Silver disorder just in a mild unnoticed case? I also have a set of curved elf life toes. Some of the photos are uncanny as my hands look exactly the same. Maybe we should rename it-Leprechaun limbs. You gotta laugh. I thought I was one of very few.

  93. [...] his break-up with Guitar Hero 3, and mine is awfully similar. I've even got an excuse, what with my bent pinkies and [...]

  94. [quote comment="31051"]Mine are exactly like that. Lots of people in my family have well as that my grandad also had webbed toes - for years I was convinced there was some incest in the family somewhere (I'm from a small village : } }[/quote]

    Thats weird - I have the bent inky ( left hand only ) and some toes not entirely separated :
    cant find anyone in my family with these

  95. [quote comment="40211"]i have no Italian blood in me that I know of.....just English and Irish.......

    My son has bent pinkies and he has grandparents from england, Ireland, scotland and U.S.A! No-one else I know has this. It happend over night, when he was about 5yrs old. I was crying when I noticed them, I thought that he'd got them trapped in a door or something and he hadn't told me.
    They took xrays and said that his bone was growing faster than the tendon. He also has learing disabilities, adhd and is very small for his age. Oh, and his second toes curve outwards.

  96. [quote comment="45179"]They took xrays and said that his bone was growing faster than the tendon. He also has learing disabilities, adhd and is very small for his age. Oh, and his second toes curve outwards.[/quote]

    Should of been born with them. It just doesn't happen. No tendons involved just genetically deformed bone in pinky finger. Something else is happening to your son.

  97. i agree with Bob. Bent pinkies are genetic and an individual is born with them. All three of our children have it. I could tell the minute they were born that they had bent pinkies. In fact, we even have an ultrasound picture of our son's bent pinkie when he was just 4 1/2 months old in-utero.

    Bent pinkies are normal on their own. They must also be somewhat connected to toe variations (from curly toes to syndacty).

    There are syndromes that include clinodacty (bent pinkies) and syndacty (slight webbing) as part of the syndrome.
    Most of the syndromes that I have learned about are obvious and, therefore, detected at an early age.

    FYI. the actor, Dan Akroid, has syndacty of his 2nd and 3rd toes.

  98. haha mine are exactly like yours aye.
    from my dads side.
    every male on my dads side have it.
    so probably my sons will have it ๐Ÿ™

    i tried playing before only for like 5mins but yeah i noticed it was hard so i stopped.
    damn pinky lol

    it alright though i guess we'll be musically talented in something else?

    i for one sing.
    no pinky needed for that haha.

    1. crazy.. my family is the exact opposite... only the females show the trait!!.. the males on my dads side seem to only be carriers

    2. I've been a bassist for about five years, and I had just come over it three years ago.
      And mines worse than the one in the picture.

  99. 2 weeks ago went trough with surgery on my left pinkie. It took the surgeon about 5 minutes to do the ptocedure. The fingrer is now allmost straight and takes some time to get used to. I should get rid of the steel rod in 4 weeks. Then I can switch to level "medium" on guitarhero. ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Tee_ - What exactly was the procedure and the cost?
    Is it classed as cosmetic surgery? I am waiting on an appointment to see a specialist to straighten them. They are getting worse, and start to hurt ๐Ÿ™

  101. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Both of my middle fingers look just like your pinkies. Only the fingers around them bend over them when i put my fingers together with my palms flat and they over lap till my pointer and ring fingers nearly touch by hyper extending backwards... only they don't FEEL hyper extended to me. But its my middle fingers are every bit as crooked as your pinkies... with one exception: rather than one bend.. they make two. the first bones each turn to the outside... then turn back in in the middle bones, then the last bones bend back to the outside again (if my thumbs are touching). I also have very short fingers, very thick broad palms and stubby thumbs which uses to bend painlessly all the way backwards till they could lay flat across my wrists.

    Needless to say THAT got a reaction out of people.

    I have asked drs about it (since all my joints are very strange and can pop in and out to an extreme... even my jaw). The drs are stumped. They said its probibly genetic but since I'm adopted I don't know. Does anyone else in your family have your pinkies?

  102. The procedure took the hand-surgeon only a couple of minutes on my left hand. He made a 15mm cut on the outer side of the finger, cut the bone with some tool, and made everything stay together by inserting a steelnail up trough the fingertip. The nail extends about 30-35mm up the finger and keeps the first joint from moving (the 2nd joint moves normally during recovery). There was no blood and no major pain involved. ๐Ÿ™‚

    After one week the stitches were removed and after five more weeks they will take an x-ray to make sure the bone has recovered and if so remove the steel. The surgeon said he was able to cut the bone in an area where recovery is quicker, otherwise the recovery would take a couple of more weeks.

    The finger is not perfectly straight. It still has a slight angle but looks normal. Maybe he could have strightened it a bit more, but I think it's ok like it is. Now 2,5 weeks after the surgery I can live very normally. I can play the guitar with thre fingers, and I can wash my hands normally. The finger doesn't hurt if i don't accidentally hit it somewhere. I have to be a bit careful for some more weeks.

    The surgery cost about 600 euro. As the x-rays showed that my second joints were worn it will not be classed as cosmetic and I will get something back from the public healthcare. Without the worn joints I think it would be classed as cosmetic. This i within the healthcare system of Finland, and may of course be different elsewhere.

    1. Did you have scar on your finger after surgery???
      I plan to do my pinky fingers too.

  103. It's comforting to know that there are others who share my condition. ๐Ÿ™‚ My father and brother also have curved pinkies.

    However, I'm confused if our bent pinky fingers is an abnormality/ mutation . ๐Ÿ˜•

    I have read a few articles linking bent pinkies with Down Syndrome ๐Ÿ™

    I clearly understand that this condition is hereditary and passed down from generations.

    Do we all have a "bent pinky" common ancestor?? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  104. My name is Paul and I am a "bent pinky finger" person too. My ancestors are from England and Irland too. They have had arthritis issues too. My doctor told me that it was arthritis and to take glucosamine chondroitin and live with it, but it's starting to hurt all the time, so I'm going to try and find a good hand surgeon. Based on the other posts it sounds like a fusing of the joint is the answer. I doubt that they can put in a plastic joint in such a small area.

    Does anyone know where some of the best hand surgeons in the US are located? I'll travel to get it done right.

  105. My husband and 7 year old son have bent pinkies too. I was told at one point it could be related to ADHD??? Also one time they accused my husband of breaking my son's and leaving them that way...Anyone have ADHD??

    1. I went to a neurologist to see if I was ADHD. He said I had a mild case. I took the meds, adult ADHD meds, and took myself off them after about two weeks. I like the way my mind works that stuff wasn't for me.

  106. [quote comment="46114"]My husband and 7 year old son have bent pinkies too. I was told at one point it could be related to ADHD??? Also one time they accused my husband of breaking my son's and leaving them that way...Anyone have ADHD??[/quote]


  107. Well I am glad to know that this is common and other people have it too. Thanks for the clinical name...I have always been wondering and I think its good for my son to know....

  108. This is so funny! I knew it had travelled through our family (my mom, my aunt, my cousins and now my own 2 little boys). It wasn't until I took my soon to the Paediatrician that I learned it had a real name. I was told unless it causes pain, it is no big deal, just somthing passed down like hair or eye colour and that it does not signal anything bigger or earth shattering. My comes from my English heritage line. Enjoy being unique!

  109. I 2 have bent pinky fingers they both curl 2wards the palm of my hand. My nan also has this, but over the years her's has become far worse and are now bent all the way in2 her palm, and she cant open them at all.

    Just wondered if any1 elses have gotten worse over the years, and do you think this will happen 2 me?

    And just another question could any1 tell me the difference between camptodactyly and clinodactyl?

    Thanx x ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  110. :shock
    Can't believe there are so many pinky squinters out there. I am the only one in my family who has this. Right one is severley squint and about 2 inches shorter than the slightly squint one on my left hand. Always thought I was a freak!
    Have only ever saw one other person with the same thing - and that was a stranger in a pub.
    Glad I'm not the only one in the world!!

  111. My father has bent pinkys like the rest of ya. Mine are pretty un-noticable, but there is a trace of a bend. It forms well to the knuckle of my ring fingers. ๐Ÿ˜†

  112. my pinky fingers look just like yours! mine are very angular at the top knuckle. i got mine from my grandfather, but i was the only grandchild out of 7 to get this gene. also, my pinkies are very short, they barely reach halfway up my 3rd (ring) fingers. are yours short as well? i find that it limits me in a lot of areas. i can't play musical instruments, and i'm a 3-finger typer. however, i'm very proper when drinking tea because my little finger won't reach the cup. ๐Ÿ˜€

  113. Yay, i have bent pinkies too!

    I use them as a party trick though!!! i tell everyone i can dislocate them, grab them make a clicking noise and show everyone, they think it's well grose! try it you'll greak people out lol!!

    I tell people that i'm more evolved as it helps grip stuff better ha ha

  114. My pinky is slightly crooked, but my son, who is almost three, has very crooked pinkys. My miain concern is that he will be made fun of when is is older, kids can be so cruel. But reading all your comments, it seems there are health reasons to get them fixed!

  115. Is I told earlier I went trough surgery to straihgten my left hand pinky. The surgery was done 3 months ago and even is the recovery is progressing well the finger is still a bit sore, stiff and swollen. It's getting better but very very slowly. A lot slower than I had anticipated. But I'm very happy that I went trough with it. I allready can use my pinky much better on my guitar than ever before, and it will still improve a lot withing the coming weeks.

    My plan was to have my right hand pinky fixed before summer. But as recovery is so boringly slow I will wait and see. Maybe next year, maybe never. Guitar playing was a good reason to fix the left pinky but I can't find any good enough reasons to fix the other one.

  116. ye mine are bent as well!! my dads nd brothers nd grandads are all like that as wel!

    apparantly a bent baby finger shows a sign of a gud sports person but that may b a rumour!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  117. I have Campodactyly - A dominant trait in which a muscle is improperly attached to bones in the little finger, causing the finger to be permanently bent. I didn't mind when I was little, but I'm nearly 16 and I'm quite conscious of it and it's getting in the way of my guitar playing since I can't aculy use them for anything, I can't even type with them.. so I'm getting annoyed. I went to the doctor and he said that he could operate to straiten them, but then I wouldent ever be able to move them.. well what's the point of even doing the operation in the first place then!

  118. thats so weird!.. i had know idea that there were so many ppl who had pinkies like me lol.. mine are worse than the picture and my right is more bent than my left. some ppl think it is weird or gross but i kinda think is neat in a way. my grandpaw and my dad has them to! but really thats interesting to know there are so many ppl that has the same exact trait!

  119. My pinkies are like that too, but bent the opposite way. I never realized they were different than anyone else's until one person remarked that I was double-jointed in my hands (which isn't the case) and today, one guy came up to me in the library, convinced I had "muscular degenerative" something or another and told me taking calcium would correct it. (I found it odd that a perfect stranger walks up to another, saying such things). I kept my pinky fingers hidden for the rest of the day. I had to look it up to see if it was indeed strange.
    Although, they have been like this my entire life and they were never x-rayed or studied when I was born. *shrug*

  120. OMG I googled bent pinkies and found this post, mine are very severe, especially my right hand. My bone that should be at the tip is at the bend so I can't straighten mine

  121. :mrgreen:

    SO COOL!!!

    I also googled "bent pinky" after seeing what looked like the same on Marlee Matlin on TV.

    Mine are extremely bent, but it runs in my family. We are Italian and I was always told that it was a sign of royalty.

    No one ever teased me and it never bothered me in the least growing up. Now my kids have it too.

    Glad to be in the club!

  122. Lol so funny to know all of you have it. I googled this too after I took a funny bio lesson. Mine look like the pic except just a little more bent. Theres no porblems with havin bent pinkies, and u can even click slightly with them. Btw i don't kno anyone in my family who has em, so im guessin it should be a recessive trait right? unless it isnt genetic which i doubt. Too bad i never met anyone in real life with it :(.

  123. [quote comment="41249"]:wink:

    Yes, I have the exact same as the photo and my index fingers point inwards - seal flipper bones? a throw-back from our amphibious beginnings maybe?

    My mother, sisters, brothers and daughter have the same.

    And wait for it - A third nipple also.

    Coincidentally my mother is of Irish decent and I,ve seen other Irish with the same.

    Any other comments?[/quote]

    I had been index fingers point inwards, you other peoples' do the same? Does it go along with having the bent pinkies?

  124. Mine are the same'ish, possibly more bent and relativley short. We're a bunch of genetic misfits ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. My pinkies are both bent inward. Not as severe as the photo above but they are noticable. Like someone else said on here, I am of Irish decent also. My husband has a third nipple (someone else mentioned this). Strange.

  126. My pinkies look just like the first picture...My grandmother's, my mom's, my sisters, and the combination of all 5 of my nephews and nieces all have the bent little pinkies.

    My grandmother is full Hungarian. So, my dad use to tease us that it was a trait of Hungarian Princesses. He would say that when Gangus Kong was terrorizing and pillaging the villages of Hungary. The leaders would purposely break the fingers of the princesses, so that they could secretly tell who was royalty. After a while it became hereditary for royalty to be born with crooked pinkies. We loved it!

    Is anyone else Hungarian?

    1. Your story is sooooo brutally lamarckian... (brrr) ๐Ÿ™‚

      I have very long, bent middle fingers (only slightly) and bent index fingers too (even less), and my 2-year old daugther has them too - you could see already in the echography that she'd got my hands!. She is 1/4 Hungarian, but that's her dad's straight-fingered side of the family, so I won't be able to tell her lamarckian stories about Hungarian princess...

      I'll have to invent instead some neo-Darwinian story about Iberian mutations and genetic drift... I should go back to Barcelona to check my dad's hands! It seems that there are several genes involved in clinodactylia, so some can be inherited dominantly and others in a recessive way. There are also epigenetic (developmental) influences, and event point mutations, so don't be surprised if some of you show it at a greater extent than your relatives do.

      Now that I look closely, my ring fingers are also a little bent too - I am a freak! ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, I just like my hands, they're special.

      Curiously enough, like many of you, I too played guitar with very mediocre results and I quit at 13. (but I looooove music and was even considering becoming a professional singer..).

  127. All my fingers are bent, they divide like Dr.Spoke from star trek but they bend in like pincers. I too have been told that I am from German royalty. I had two other friends in year 12 that had bent fingers there was about a thousand in our year.
    I have been told that they mean you have a greater ability at sensing emotional tension and that they also mean we have a great connection to the Earth and because of these things we are more passionate and better lovers.

  128. I just remembered the toe next to my big toe bends out on both feet

  129. well my whole family on my fathers side and all of my brothers have that same bent pinky it came from my grandmothers (dads side) family, it seems like females carry the genetic trait more than males but my my brothers son also has the trait so it must be a dominant trait i also have fused joints. the first joints on my thumbs are "fused" together, i cant bend them, and my sister has that trait but on her wedding band finger. it does not bother me at all, in fact i show my fingers off all the time especially to my fellow marines

  130. well.
    i have bent pinkiesss too.
    i'm the only person in my family with bent pinkies. :O. sometimes my pinkies get sore :(.. anyone else with this problem from havin bent pinkies? ๐Ÿ™„ lol.
    woo. n am scottish. just thought i would add that. lol

  131. Hello Emma,
    Yes if I during a day do much more than normal with my hands, my bent pinkies end up being a bit sore. As i wrote above (many months ago), I have had surgery to straighten my left pinky. During the process my hands were x-rayed and the doctor found that the 2nd joints are worn and that can be painful at times. It seems like the bent pinky can stress the joint in the wrong direction leasing to wear and pain?

    So about 5 months ago I had surgery on my left pinky. I'm happy I did, because I can now enjoy playing the guitar much more than before. But recovery was very slow (not yet 100%recovered) and I think I will skip the surgery on the right pinky unless the soreness really starts bothering me. The pain wasn't the main reason for me to have surgery on my left hand, because the pain has never been severe.

  132. Hey, I have that same condition. Mine are a bit more "bent" than yours, especially the right one. People normally don't notice unless I point it out, or if they look at my hand a lot for some reason.

    I'd like to know if you can write normally. When I was little I learned to write by holding a pencil a different way than is taught.

    1. omg yes i write different to when i was little my mom kept tring to show me how your supost to hold a pencil nd i could never do it right

  133. Whenever I show my friends, they always say "OH MY GOD!". I think it's funny. My aunts always tease me about it. They say they are going to bend them back for me. The thought of putting my pinkies in a vise scares the crap out of me!

  134. Hi! woow i was always i bit ashamed about my bent pinky, but now it seems a little more normal! ๐Ÿ˜€
    umm i'd just like to say to 'dan' at the top i only have one bent pinky but it's AT a 90 degrees! so don't break it โ— but something that helps is if u massage it (sort of pull it straight) , cause if i had done that more when i was younger mine would be straight now (my sister did that to her pinky and its practically straight!) but my mum's sister has one as well so... i think it inherited

  135. As many of you use the term pinkie for your little finger I assume you are American.
    I find this thread most interesting because where I live the finger you are most likely to see deformed this way is the index finger.
    I have seen several like mine but not little fingers (pinkies)
    Most people assume because I am old that my fingers are distorted by arthritis.
    No I was born with them & my father also had them.
    We too are Celts so I am wondering if this is a heredity trey carried by them.

  136. Pinky is a term used in australia too. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I was born in UK, and my mum has bent little fingers also, and both of my brothers have them, although mine are the worst.. we were all born with them, and my mums dad had them also.
    They seem to have gotten worse over time, and ive noticed some pain and discomfort recently - they cramp up, and ache especially in the cold.
    I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon for a consult at the end of july. i wouldnt have bothered before now as the cosmetic part never really bothered me hugely. dont get me wrong they do get a lot of 'eeeww what did u do!!" 's but its the discomfort thing that is now pushing me to do something about it...
    we will see how it goes!!
    i have never seen anyone else in person besides my family that has this condition.. great to see there are so many out there!

  137. omg!!!!
    my pinkies are bent the same way.i held it up to the picture and they almosy matched except my pinkies are smaller!!! idk if anyone else in my family has bent pinkies....but im sure someone does!!! i cant be the only loner!!! o and to the girl leave ur friend alone i bet she has enough problems wiht!!!

  138. hm, my pinkies are bent like this as well.

    I hate them.

  139. my pinky is like that too! and the tip can bend 90 degrees backwards. not much problem (apart from occasionally freaking out a few pple with it) except when i am banging chords on the piano ๐Ÿ˜€

  140. [quote comment="46874"]Is I told earlier I went trough surgery to straihgten my left hand pinky. The surgery was done 3 months ago and even is the recovery is progressing well the finger is still a bit sore, stiff and swollen. It's getting better but very very slowly. A lot slower than I had anticipated. But I'm very happy that I went trough with it. I allready can use my pinky much better on my guitar than ever before, and it will still improve a lot withing the coming weeks.

    My plan was to have my right hand pinky fixed before summer. But as recovery is so boringly slow I will wait and see. Maybe next year, maybe never. Guitar playing was a good reason to fix the left pinky but I can't find any good enough reasons to fix the other one.[/quote]
    Hey Tee...I have been considering getting them straightened. You said that they are still sore, and slowly healing. You also said that it is much easier now to play guitar. Aside from playing the guitar, how are they in doing with everything thing else, such as gripping things and typing and such? I realize that they will still continue to heal for a while, but how long was it till you could do everyday things? If you could get back to me, Id really appreciate it.... thanks, Scott PS. how noticible is the scar?

  141. My pinky is bent forward. I'm afro-american/carribean

  142. Haha, my pinkies look the same way! So do my twin brother's and my dads were the same.

    And actually my pointer fingers are slightly bent inwards as well.

    It's hereditary. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My mom told me the name of the 'medical condition' but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.

  143. Mine are that too, and my sisters, no one else in my family has it, that was until my boys were born, they both have it too! I used to tell that is a sign of intelligance! LOL ๐Ÿ˜†

  144. [quote comment="48293"]
    Hey Tee...I have been considering getting them straightened. You said that they are still sore, and slowly healing. You also said that it is much easier now to play guitar. Aside from playing the guitar, how are they in doing with everything thing else, such as gripping things and typing and such? I realize that they will still continue to heal for a while, but how long was it till you could do everyday things?

    If you could get back to me, Id really appreciate it.... thanks, Scott

    PS. how noticible is the scar?[/quote]

    Hello Scott,
    After surgery you need to be careful for many weeks. Officework is not a problem but sports, or renovating your home would not be possible for some time, maybe a couple of months.
    It's now more than 6 months since i had the surgery done to my left pinky. I have been able to do anything now for some months. But I can still feel some very slight pain if I use the pinky forcefully. I suppose it's not 100% recovered yet.
    The scar is about 15mm long along the outside of the finger. It's clearly visible but I dont think it looks bad at all. The finger is also a bit thicker than it was. The surgeon said it's common that the bone takes a thicker shape when healing.
    So my fixed pinky is 100% "as good as new", but for my guitar playing I'm very happy I had it done.
    I'm not sure if I will have the right pinky straightened. I might leave it as it is.
    Good luck to you Scott whatever you decide!

  145. i have pinky fingers exactly like yours and all my fingers bend at the last joint, so do my big toes, but they bend at both joints....i had no clue that was why, thank you, i've always wondered

  146. Man, it's kind of crazy to know that so many people have the same issue as me. I knew that it was genetic (being my sister and grandmother both have the same pinkies), but I didn't realize to what multitude others did. I would say, compared to the person in the picture, mine are much more severe. I, too, have contemplated surgery to have them fixed, but wasn't certain that anything could be done. I didn't really even know what caused it (until now).

    My grandmother's are worse than mine, but my sister's are better. Once in my life I ran into someone that wasn't related to me that had the same problem. I couldn't help but point it out to them that we had the same malformation. I haven't seen a doctor up to this point to try to go further with the process, but am absolutely interested. Someone further up said something about the surgery costing 600 euros (currently roughly $900 US). I think it's totally worth that. I would go through the inconvenience of the casting and surgery. I got lots of looks when I was younger (I probably still do, but don't care to pay much attention).

    If I end up having the surgery or going to the doctor to have a consultation, I'll post about it on here.

  147. As I get older is my pinky just going to keep on getting more bent? I'm 15 right now. Been playing the guitar for 3 months getting pretty good at it. I'm about to buy a les paul for 4,000 USD and don't want to not be able the guitar when I'm older...

  148. I am 50 years old.....and my pinkies are no more bent NOW then about everyone else?

  149. For those who find their pinkie finger bending inwards towards the palm and is causing discomfort there is a minor surgical procedure to correct it.
    Check out internet under 'Dupuytren's Contracture' for fuller information.

  150. Well I looked up some of the words mentioned in this thread and realise I probably have camptodactyly . Both my little fingers (pinkies) both bend forward and not inwards like the first photo shown.
    Hasn't caused me any problems except at school when kids noticed and when learning to play the piano, learning to type and learning sign language. Come to think of it they were problems ๐Ÿ™„ No pain in them though, so never thought about getting them corrected.
    My mum and her mum had the same bent pinkies. My mum's dad was irish and so was mine but dont think there was any irish on my mum's mum side, so dont think the Irish link contributed to this ๐Ÿ˜• None of my 5 brothers and sisters or my own 2 kids inherited the condition.
    Interesting researching camptodactyly via google and realise other conditions I have could be connected e.g. deafness, arthiritis (of other joints, not the pinkies) . The wonders of google ..............

  151. As another person posted, Just had a frustrating time playing Guitar Hero on medium because of my bent little finger. I love you all e should start a cult my brothers.

    Ha Ha never was an issue till now, damn Guitar Hero.

  152. Very interesting I thought I was a freak and decided to see what I could find on the internet. To my surprise there's a lot of freaks. My little fingers are the same as in the pics along with my 2 children, my brother, my mom, my mom's mom and a girl that a went to school with that had the same last name as my great grand parents. It seems to me that is a very strong gene. I was curious if there was anyone else out there that had "Blackley" as a last name. That was as far back in the family tree I know the trait went.

  153. My last name is Blakey. My sister, my grandmother, and myself have bent pinkies. I haven't done research further back than that.

  154. I wish I had the internet when I was growing up so I could have looked up "bent pinky" and to realize I wasn't the only one with this "problem". Mine have been like this for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I remember playing Twister, and I was too embarassed to put my hand flat on the colors, because surely someone would notice my finger. I also remember wearing bandages on them, so nobody would notice they were bent. I've always been self conscious about them, especially when I got engaged, people would want to look at my ring, and I'd show them the ring without showing my pinky finger (sort of like my hands positioned in a "soft" fist - if you know what I mean). When I'd get manicures I'd be very uncomfortable whenever they'd get to my pinkies, but the manicurists seem to have seen it before, so no big deal. My son's pinkies are that way too, and my Dad had bent it's hereditary...darn! I'm now in my mid-40s and it does bother me but if people notice I just say it's been that way for as long as I can remember! I've considered getting surgery, but then I think the money could be put to better use. How much would this type of surgery cost anyway? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  155. I Mexican no Irish in me... Weird, although I am 1/4 Spaniard...

  156. I have them too. I`m 40 and i hate them more and more as the years go on. I`d love to have them sorted.
    Anyone know if it is possible
    I`d love to find out.
    I work in the beauty business now and i have to show my hands off all the time. It`s the looks on people`s faces.


  157. mine are bent too! a little worse than the pic! there was a period of time i wanted to get them fixed...but now im cool with them! they are a part of me so yeah! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  158. Rebecka, I had my left hand pinky fixed. Look above for my posts from December 2007 onwards.

  159. All my fingers are slightly weird, in that I can straighten them. They kinda bend at one joint in one way, then in another direction near the finger tip...sounds worse than it actually is ๐Ÿ˜›

    But the little finger on my right hand really annoys me. It doesn't towards any direction, but it's kinda got a crooked back. I went to the doctor and he didn't even help to explain what it was, whether it was a birth defect (I wasn't a natural birth), or genes etc. It kinda hurts though from time to time.. ๐Ÿ˜ And it's a real pain when I'm writing for long periods of time!

    Sorry for the ramble anyway, so glad to see I'm not the only unusual one out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. Yeh my fingers are exactly like that... it sucks because it is so hard to play the guitar. But other then that i have no other difficulties. Playing the chords can sometimes be such a hassle just because its hard to keep my pinky straight down. =(

  161. I know what you mean Kris the pinky bends flat down onto the fret huh? I try to play with only 3 fingers but some songs make me try and play all 4 my dreams of becoming like slash shattered. ๐Ÿ™

  162. After reading all the comments, I feel more confi....people have always made fun of my little fingers because they are bent. I am glad I am not alone. Does anyone know if bent pinky are linked to other diseases?? I am 25, male and appear very young for my age people often confuse me for an 18 year old. I was wondering if my bent pinky genetic trait was linked to my young appearance? Thanks everyone I am glad I found this website you guys rock!

    1. I have bent pinkies and like you, always looked very young for my age. I still do. People still called me kid when I was 20 and though I'm fifty now, I look like I'm in my thirties. Do you really think it is connected?

      I am somewhat embarrassed by my pinkies and try to hide them when I'm holding onto the bar in the subway. They also kept me from playing guitar. My other fingers are also a bit deformed and bent - I have huge knuckles that keep me from being able to put on a ring. Anyone else have that problem or know something about it? I'm glad there are other people out there like me. Also, I'm Jewish. Any other Jews out there with bent pinkies?

  163. Dang its related to so many other diseases don't know where to start, look up clinodactyly, I think its just genetics from one of your parents that make you look younger, I'm 16 I look like I'm 21.

  164. Thanks Zlowz !

  165. I'm in my mid 30's. I too have a deform looking pinky. My pinky is to tiny and crooked for my exceptionaly small hands. I get embarrass showing off my hands. I'm the only one in my family who has this problem. I'm so glad that there are others who shares my personal concern. Thank you for creating this web site Eric.

    1. Mine too Mel... I wish I could see someone's like mine!!! My pinky only goes a little past my first knuckle... My sisters and dad have pinky's like the picture & mine does turn inward slightly too but my concern is the size of my pinky although very flexible - double jointed even.... I cannot straighten it by merely sticking it out :/ people always laugh and think its " so cute" but as my hands and feet are very small I find it a ll embarrassing! My mother underwent major back surgery with full general anaesthetic when she was 9wks pregnant with me.... (No one read the blood results BEFORE surgery) I always attributed my small hands, feet and (possibly) under developed pinkie to that. As for my father and several siblings with bent pinky's... We are English, Irish & German descent!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  166. It's been awhile since anyone's posted on this site, bit it's 10-1-08 and I'll be 48 in January, and when I woke up this past Saturday the tip of my right pinky was bent- no pain or anything. It had been perfectly normal until then. I can bend it into a straight position with my left hand or pressing it on a surface with no pain, but it just bends right back to a roughly 45 degree angle when I release. Any ideas?

  167. Mine are like that too, but bent a lot more!

    My grandads are the same, but not as bent as mine. Mine don't cause any pain etc but they can be annoying!

    All of my fingers are wierd, but not as wierd as the bent little fingers!

    I am english with irish (nanna and grandad) blood in me, and my nanna used to always call them my 'wee bendies' as a young child!

    Connor, Age 14.

  168. Wow, it's been crazy to look over all the responses your story has received. I also have crooked pinkies. They've been passed down from my mother's side of the family. However, I've never met anyone outside our family with them, so it's been quite a surprise to see that there are so many of us out there!

  169. Hi all,

    Great thread with lots of interesting pointers:
    Genetic / Celtic origin / like ginger/blond hair / No side effects other than not being able to play guitar (try violin is easier) and ache if over bendy / Camptodactyly / Celts were in Czech area in 600AD when Slavs took over (to key into snap story about hungarian princesses having 'pinky' broken to mark them out) also north spain n maritime coast for mexicans / definitely seems a hard core of folk from scotland appearing with this trait / As I am from my mums side / good to hear of the trait being identified from the first settlers to America arising from scot/ire land. / Also appreciatd the message relating the trait to being more earthy / sensitive to emotion / better lovers - this is me!
    god bless ๐Ÿ˜†

  170. I have the same thing but mine are worse, i dont know of anyone else in person that has this, its pretty unique ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  171. Yes mine are bent too. Mine are worse than yours. If I put them together they make a Y. People make fun of them all the time. I just think they make me special. It runs on my moms side. My mom and sister have them too, but not as bad as mine.

  172. I have bent pinky fingers, I'd say just slightly worse than the picture.

    I've never been too conscious of them, as I've known growing up that the trait is pretty common. We even learned about it in my 6th grade science class.

    However, it does freak people out when they see my fingers. I sometimes got negative reactions/remarks from other kids, from when I was growing up. I am often too embarrassed to lay my hands flat in front of other people, and I often find myself balling up my hands in fists when around other people (something I have done ever since middle school, and now do almost involuntarily when I get around other people).

    I play the piano. I went through a short stage when I was maybe 12-14 years old, where my pinkies would become sore after playing piano for an extended period of time.

    I have so many different ethnic backgrounds, it's hard to pinpoint which line the trait comes from. On my father's side I'm 25% Italian and the other 25% is a mixture of Dutch and British/Irish. My mom's side is Jewish (from Eastern Europe).

    From what I understand, bent pinkies are a dominant trait, meaning one parent must show the trait. I think that is my mom (she may have slightly curved fingers, I think). The funny thing is, that contradicts the ethnic pattern I've been seeing here (none of the people who have posted here are of Jewish descent).

    I'm thinking maybe I have Russell-Silver Syndrome.

    I have/had the following symptoms
    - Often small for gestational age (SGA) at birth (birth weight less than 2.8kg)
    - Head appears large: the head circumference may be of normal size, which means it can appear large in comparison to a small body size
    - Wide and late-closing fontanelle (I'm not sure if I have this, but I do have a strange bump on the top of my skull)
    - Clinodactyly: the little finger on each hand may be small and curve inwards
    - Continued poor growth with no "catch up" into the normal centile lines on growth chart
    - Low muscle tone
    - A striking lack of subcutaneous fat

    RSS had never been mentioned by any of my pediatricians growing up.

  173. [quote comment="49672"]Rebecka, I had my left hand pinky fixed. Look above for my posts from December 2007 onwards.[/quote]

    Hey Tee_ would you happen to have before and after pictures I'm curious to see as to how much it was before into what it is now. I want to get mines fixed.

  174. I notice that some of you guys and gals pointed out that certain nationality have this bent pinky trait. I'm Filipino and I'm probably the only one in my family that have a bent pinky. I don't remember exactly what age I was when I realize my pinky was unique, but when my son was born the first thing I check was his pinky. He is almost 3 now, when my wife and I took him to his doctor, she said that his hands and feet are exceptionally big for his age and height. She predicted that he might be taller than my wife and I. I'm 5'3" my wife is 5'2". I hope my son does grow taller than my wife and I. I Hope this bent pinky trait ends with me. My wife is African American most of the men in her family are over 6' tall and most men in my family average about 5'9" I am the smallest male in my family in fact I'm smaller that most of the females. My mom told me that I was only 5 pounds when I was born. I'm about 135 pounds now, but I exceptionally strong for my size. My mom said that I got my physique from my dad since he was a body builder in the 60's through out the late 80's.

  175. [quote comment="50400"]Hey Tee_ would you happen to have before and after pictures I'm curious to see as to how much it was before into what it is now. I want to get mines fixed.[/quote]

    I don't have before-after shots, but as I only had my left hand pinky fixed a comparison between my left and right hands show the difference very well. Before the operation the left and right hand pinkies were more or less identical.

  176. I have had this since i was born also so has my older brother however even typing now really hurts i work in an office so i am constantly on the computer i am going to the Docs on Monday as i need to get this sorted.
    It is getting more bent and painful all the time now i dont want arthritus !!! Plus i am 21 Please leave me a comment if any1 finds it hard typing and finds u need to curl it in your hand slightly??
    Pleased its not jus me !! ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Hi Katie, although I can't play the guitar I can type about 80-90 words a minute. I've adapted to the keyboard and it isn't a problem for me at all. Don't hurt either.

  177. Surely you dont have to pay 4 surgery either??? I am not doing it 4 vanity i am doing it 2 stop the pain!!!

  178. wow...fellow freaks! i have this on both hands, about the same angles as the picture here.
    from my mothers side of the family, and we all have it, even recent nephews and neices, althugh not as pronounced.

    ive only met 2 others in my life outside of my immediate family with odd.

    yes ive heard of surgery, sounds very brutal for what i would consider a cosmetic gain. does anyone know of the medical name for this? is it the russell-silver?

  179. Hello everyone, just to clarify, its called clinodactyly, its a genetic trait. Caused when the second bone is wedge shaped. My brother and mum have it, as did my grandad, though mine are the worst.
    I am starting to get arthritis pain in my fingers - especially in the cold. When typing, I tend to hold the pinkies up in the air out the way, which causes aching and cramping in my hand, and I have always wanted to learn guitar, but have never had the strength in my fingers due to the angle.
    I had my consultation yesterday with a plastic surgeon to get my pinkies fixed.
    As my xrays show, the second (middle bone) of my pinky is wedge shaped at the top - meaning that the top bone has grown on the angle.
    They have suggested a wedge opening osteotomy.
    This is where they will 'build' up the missing side of that bone with bone grafted from my wrist. The other option was just to 'shave down' the higher side of the wedge to match the other side, but this would result in a shorter pinky.
    This will leave me with a scar on my pinky & on my wrist, and after the procedure (done under general anaesthetic) I will have a pin all the way through the three bones in my pinky finger, as well as a brace on either side of my finger to keep it straight while the graft heals. I will not be able to do anything with the hand for 6 weeks, so they are doing one hand at a time so i can still do normal day to day things. There is a chance that the graft will not take, so the curve will stil remain, although will not be as prominent as it is now.
    My surgery will not cost me, but I will be on a waiting list to get it done each finger, but they expext it will be 6 months. i have been waiting 22 years, so im not bothered waiting another 6 months..
    My finger photo is attached

  180. I have the same fingers! I wish I know why

  181. Wow! It's awesome to see so many here with Clinodactyly!!! This is also a strong genetic trait in my family. My grandmother had it noticably and had one child- my mother, who had it worse, and my mother only had one child - me, and I have it way worse- even more than that first pic. I've always actually liked it- it made me different and every one who has ever seen them has always only been intrigued. When I was born the first thing my mom did when she saw me was check to make sure i had crooked pinkies. I am concerned though... my husband and I are thinking of trying for a baby soon and if this continues to get worse with every generation it could be a problem, I can't imagine functioning very easily if it was much worse that what mine are... Oh by the way we are also of Irish/English descent... Kinda weird huh???

    1. Natalie-Who is your plastic surgeon and where is he/she located? We live in New Jersey. My 22 year old daughter has crooked pinkies and want sto have surgery to correct them. We didn't know if she should go tto an orthopedic hand surgeon or a plastic surgeon. if anyone else has had surgery please let me know the name of your doctor and how you are doing. Thanks.

  182. Its called clinodactyly - so that makes us all clinodactyls ๐Ÿ˜€

    Both of my little fingers are bent, about the same as in Erik's photo. I've only met one other person who has them, and she's totally not related.

    Why bother with surgery unless they're really painful? Mine don't hurt, they never have, and they've been like it for 43 years

    If the fingers are becoming more and more bent and painful as time goes on, then that's a sign of something other than clinodactyly.

    I think we ought to have an annual meeting of people with bent litle fingers and go out and find more of us exclusive people!

    Clinodactyls of the world unite!!

    ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

  183. I am waiting to see a specialist as its starting to affect my everyday life, when i type at work like Jessica i also my fingers bend upwards it really hurts and strains my fingers.
    The doctor said that clinodactyly can become painful but usually doesnt affect people.

  184. hey all brothers and sisters

    i made a facebook group called bent pinky group

    and here is the link

    so join only if u have a bent pinky :mrgreen:

  185. yea i played guitar for 4 years but kind of gave up it was really hard to learn with my bent pinkies

    they aren't that bad except for guitar

    but it is definitely funny getting the "ewws" that follow every time i whip them out

    right now i'm doing a study on them and it is really very interesting def do some research for myself

    btw i have a friend storm whos are basically 90 degree angles

  186. I am 45 years, of Irish/Welsh and English decent, I have had the bend in my two little fingers all my life and never seen anyone else with same!

  187. I am from Mexico. Just joined the Facebook group. My mother and sister have the crooked pinkies but not as bent as mine. Obviously inherited. My two sons dont have it though.
    Not from Irish, Welsh or English descendency. Spanish, third-generation.

    I once read a book, long ago and can't remember the title, but it was about a king who had somehow lost his son who had crooked pinkies, and this distinction was how he was ultimately found.
    Wondering if anyone has read the book or heard about this story before.

  188. Wow there are other people with the same bent pinkies. The only other people I have known are in my own family. I have the worse out of our whole family I got it from my Nanny on my mums side, mum has it to but nothing like mine.
    They do get painful after a while from typing and I like others hold them in the air while typing. I have been recently wanting to learn how to play guitar but have put it off as I was unsure how I would go with my bent pinkies.
    My Nanny's family come from England and Scotland.

  189. I don't have bent pinkies, it's my first finger on each hand that is. The left hand is way more bent than the right. It has never hurt or anything and they've always been like that.

  190. God my fingers are just as bent as that
    Its weird though none of my family have the bent fingers, just me i guess.
    and no i'm not addopted ๐Ÿ˜›
    no one ever notices it to i show them

    probly a good thing really

  191. We all have bent pinky fingers. Well i also have a bent middle on both hands and the tip of the pointers. We all have the same problem but is thier anyway to fix it.

  192. Mine pinkys are the same as well but much worse. The right is worse then the left. I know another girl who has the same thing but she had the surgery to fix it however, like I was told by the doctors, the surgery did not work. I was also told by another doctor that there is a 75% chance that when I am older I will not be able to use my pinky fingers.

  193. OMG! I can't get over this. I thought I was the only person in the world with this. My pinky's look just like the pictures. "crazy". I feel better knowing I'm not the only one out there. :mrgreen:

  194. Wow i have the same pinkies bent inward except mine might be worse than yours are, but i cant really tell by the pic. Does anybody have the same thing goin on but plays the guitar? im tryin to learn how to play but my pinkies arent allowing me to do some things when I play and basically everything I can do is much more difficult now.

  195. Well, what do you know. Here's a whole group of folks with my fingers. Appears on the male side of my family, some Irish, some mongrel, very American. It skipped my 11-year-old boy, but the 8-year-old has them just like me. My father claims he was born with bent pinkies and they straightened as he went through puberty. But his brother, my uncle, still has very noticeable crooked pinkies as well as his second boy.

    I sprained my wrist in junior high and the doctor had to have X-rays. He initially thought I had also broken my right pinky, until I showed him my left. The X-ray showed that the second bone in the finger did not completely form and is stunted. So even if I purposely broke my finger, it could not be reset straight without special surgery.

    I have played bass guitar (and a terribly, terribly bad guitar) since junior high. Although my pinkies work, they are short and hard to control. I played violin as a child, and they were worthless, despite all the finger exercises the instructor made me do. I can compensate well enough on bass. Guitar Hero? Well.... not so much.

  196. My pinky fingers are somewhat like that, not by any means to that extent though. One thing I'm curious about, when I put my hands out in front of me and close my fingers tight together I am unable to bring in my pinky finger on my right hand. Could this be a british genetic trait?

  197. mine are like that, too! except the right one is more bent than the left.

  198. I'm not alone :mrgreen: Mine are more bent than that. LOL.

    I recently picked up the keyboard again, trying to self-study. I had a private tutor back when I was 7 or 8 and I forgot why I quit after a month or two. Then when I started studying again recently, I remembered why. It was hard for me to play the keyboard =/ And still is.

    I also played a string instrument in a small school orchestra when I was 12? And it was hard because of limited reach. Same with the guitar. I quit both of them. I also quit the flute.

    Well, music is my frustration ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    I'm in college right now and majoring in computers. Typing properly is a pain. haha. That's why my typing's quite messed up. I only use 3 or 4 fingers. I'm much comfortable with 3 though.

  199. I also have these sorts of pinkies. My mom has them, but not to the same degree as me.

  200. i too have bent little fingers and im of scottish and irish and a little bit french canadian lineage,and i believe it may be a latin trait that may have started with the intermingling of romans and the british during the roman occupation of great britain over a thousand years ago.

  201. [quote comment="52239"]Natalie-Who is your plastic surgeon and where is he/she located? We live in New Jersey. My 22 year old daughter has crooked pinkies and want sto have surgery to correct them. We didn't know if she should go tto an orthopedic hand surgeon or a plastic surgeon. if anyone else has had surgery please let me know the name of your doctor and how you are doing. Thanks.[/quote]

    Hi Carol,
    My plastic surgeon is located in Perth Western Australia. Because I am doing it through the public health system my surgery is free, however it means I could be waiting on the list for 12 -18 months before my first surgery (you have to do each hand separately) and then go back on the waiting list for the other hand (another 12-18 months). I would suggest a plastic surgeon as thats what was reccomended to me, go to your normal doctor and get him to refer you to a surgeon in plastics. The surgery he would probably suggest would be an open wedge osteotomy or an closing osteotomy. the second is less invasive, but makes the finger appear slightly shorter.
    I will let you know what happens when I actually have a date for my surgery ...! haha!

  202. Crooked fingers are a common trait in my family also. I know that my great-grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, and me have crooked fingers and numerous family members along the way. My daughter-in-law saw an article someplace (I'll try to find out where) that says this trait is from the Nordic people. We are also of Scottish/Irish heritage. Every time a baby is born in our family we ask if it has crooked fingers, after we know it is health, of course. I have been trying to research this, but have only found this site, so far. Please advise if you find other info on hereditary crooked fingers. Thanks

  203. PLEASE READ!!!!!

    Ok , I think most of us can agree that having crooked pinkys is annoying, whether it be due to the lack of function or because they look weird. I would lo them be straight.. I just don't know if I think surgery is the route I want to take. The reason being is ve to havebecause the one surgery they would do is cut a wedge on the outside of the finger, hence making it even shorter... the other, which I like a little more is: they would take bone from somewhere else and build up the inside, or the underdeveloped side of the bone. (which is really the problem) but my problem with this, is now we have the scar and pain also from where that bone was taken from.

    I would also really like to know why this inner side of the bone never fully developed??? I don't care to hear about the recessive-dominant spiel here... I'm aware thats supposedly what we have in common, but what is the actual route cause of it not getting developed...MAYBE, just Maybe, if we understand that, we'd know how to fix it. (prolly not, but)

    Ok, so I'm thinking outside the box here, but what if we wore a thimble or cylinder type thing around the pinkys to force it to straighten on it's own (maybe just wear at bed, or all day) as the finger straightens, (if it worked) you would then move to a smaller thimble to wear, make sense????? I would anticipate that this would not work on it's own, I'm thinking out loud here, but is there some kind of bone growth promoting steroid or something that you could inject on the side of inner side of the pinky. I'm thinking this, because then there would be a gap there, and a perfect time to try and promote that bone to mature. I realize that I would definitely need someone in the medical field to help fine tune my idea, but I feel that this is the 21st century and there has to be a better option than pins and pain and actually shortening it.

    I would imagine that if someone could fine tune an idea like this that they could make a lot of MONEY since there appears to be a lot of us. I would be happy to miss out on the money and just start an idea snowball that could help people. Remember just because doctors haven't thought of anything doesn't mean that there isn't a better option out there. If anyone has any comments, or questions on this matter please feel free to ask, as I maybe didn't explain it very well. Thanks for reading my novel. ; ) my pinkys annoy the fuck out of me!!! and there has a be a way to fix it the right way?

  204. sorry, I didn't take the time to read my post before posting it, so it's quite a mess to follow, at least at first, as words got scrambled or something, but I think you guys should be able to follow it. I hope!!

  205. I think that the best method for correction will be to get a joint replacement, like knee replacement surgeries today. However, someone will need to invent a very tiny artificial joint in numerous sizes that can be put into the finger. I think that they take out knee joints by cutting the bone on top and the bone on the bottom and then inserting the new joint over the existing bones. Kind of like a bendy straw that would slide over the stubs of both bones. I am not a doctor, but if this idea flies I want half. Half I tell you!

  206. I actually like my crooked fingers. Remember that a joint that has been badley injured or had surgery is more apt to develop arthritis in years to come. Why must everything be "fixed"? If it isn't painful, why do something that may cause it to be. I'm just curious about the genetic origin. Hey, we're all in a really special club, The International Crooked Fingers Club. Yea, kinda goofy, huh.

  207. I have really bad crooked pinkys, my mom has them too, but not as bad as mine.... im 21 and ive noticed that hey are getting worse and they ache sometimes...

    They dont bother me apperence wise... all though others are freaked out by them... haha

    i dont know what im going to do about them if they keep getting worse and hurting...

    โžก โžก โžก has anyone else noticed there pinkys getting worse or hurting?????? โ“ โ“ โ“

  208. Roxanne,

    The top joint in my very crooked pinkies hurt for a few weeks, developed a bump, and then completely stopped hurting. That was several years ago. I thought it might be arthritis but it hasn't happened since and they have not bothered me or hurt at all. However, the bump is still there.

  209. X-rays showed that my pinky joints were worn. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
    I'm 37 now (x-rays were taken a year ago). My theory is that the pain increasing with age has to do with the joints wearing. I had my left pinky fixed to help with my guitar playing. The right one can stay like it is unless it starts hurting more. I have had a little bit pain sometimes and it has been increasing with age.

  210. I submitted an email to Emory's Genetics Dept. This is my email and reply. By the way, mine have never hurt and I think have always looked the same.

    Question I realize this isn't a serious health disorder, but I have crooked pinkie fingers as do many of my family members going back at least to my great-grandmother. I'm not sure which family members prior to her had them. Where could I find information of this hereditery anomaly and its history or origin. Thanks so much

    Answer You are describing clinodactyly which is a bending or curvature of a finger (usually the 5th finger, or "pinkie"), caused by abnormal growth and development of the small bones in the finger (phalanges). About 10% of the population has clinodactyly in varying degrees. It is more commonly seen in males and often involves the 5th finger on both hands. Clinodactyly can occur alone or be part of a genetic syndrome. When isolated, clinodactyly may be inherited as an autosomal dominant trait, which means that one copy of a changed gene is necessary to have the condition. Males and females are equally likely to be affected. With autosomal dominant inheritance, individuals with clinodactyly have a 50/50 chance (as in a coin toss) to have a child with clinodactyly. For more information, we recommend genetic counseling.
    There is a website that lists genetic clinics by geographic location:; click on "clinic directory". Information about genetic counseling and how to find a genetic counselor in your area are available online from the National Society of Genetic Counselors at Click on "consumer information" or "find a counselor". You can also search for genetic healthcare providers on the American College of Medical Genetics website at:; click on ?find a geneticist? and then enter your geographic information.

  211. Both my pinkys look like this! Im okay with it though... ๐Ÿ˜‰

  212. Thanks for the reply's... Im thinking they hurt because i pop my knuckels all the time. even the joint that is crooked pops... bad habit..i know..

    i tried to leave a html picture above of my pinkys, dont know if it worked its still awaiting moderation...

  213. ok both of my pinkies are crooked my brother has it but mine are way worse nd my grandmal has it but outside of tht i've nvr met ne1 else with it its nice to know i'm not alone

    ok i've ben made fun of 4 my pinkies alot

    i've had ppl try 2 straightn them so much it made me wanna cry

    in the 5th grade we had 2 use r pinkies as measurenment in math i had 2 borrow some1's pinky because i couldn't lay mine flat on the page

    yeah i've got alot of ewwwww's

    but i've also met ppl who thought it was awsome

    mine only hurt after i've been writing alot in school

    i've also been really selcouisionus of holding some1's hand because alot of ppl think its weird nd i can so not b the only 1 who's thought that

  214. Add one more to the list. My "hockey stick" pinkies are the result of uneven growth in the middle finger bone of each finger--those bones are shaped more like a wedge than a rectangle.

    It appears that "clinodactyly" is the proper term for this . I have also seen the term "campodactyly" before, but my understanding is that campodactyly refers to a bend caused by tight or misplaced muscles/tendons, whereas "clinodactyly" concerns bone structure. There seems to be much confusion about these two terms online, however, so perhaps a medical specialist will post here and provide a more clear picture.

    I've never met someone with fingers as noticeably bent as mine, but it's obviously a common trait. Let me re-phrase that: I've never *noticed* someone with such noticeably bent pinkies. Unless there's a reason for someone else's hands to be in our faces, hands aren't a feature that we commonly look at in others. Perhaps this, plus a conscious/unconscious tendency on the part of those with bent pinkies to conceal them, is why such an evidently widespread trait is viewed as so odd.

    Thanks for posting this entry -- over a year later, it's still generating interest!

    1. Kevin T,
      See my post of Jan 19. It is a response from Emory University Genetics Dept.
      Love your cute fingers.

  215. I had always wondered about my beautiful daugther's pinky's both being crooked. I was always afraid it was somehow my fault like I ate or did something wrong during pregnancy. It is awesome to see that there are so many people with the exact same thing.

  216. Hello
    Here in Holland are the same pinky's to.
    Proud to be bent.

    1. Hi Marco!

      In the UK, "proud to be bent" means something completely different - it means you're proud to be gay! ๐Ÿ˜† So unless you are, indeed, a homosexual, I would be careful how you use the phrase! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Where in Holland are you? I moved here 4 years ago and my hubby has been here for 10 years. His family has bent little fingers and so does our new born son.

      Take care!

    2. Damn I mean my pinky's

  217. Wow I thought this crooked pinkie stuff was only in my family!! Mine are the most crooked but my mom, brother and son have them too. I love mine and wouldn't change a thing about 'em.

  218. 13 and i have bent pinkies does my mother.grandfather,and great grandmother. i never thought there was other people out there like me..YAY!! we are unique.

    my look just like mother said that she first noticed that i had the same pinkies as her, when i was coming home from the a newborn

  219. My mother in law, sister in law and husband all have bent little fingers. In December I had a baby boy, and guess what? He also has tiny bent little fingers! I Googled "bent little fingers" and found this - how exciting - lots of people with bent little fingers! An elite group I think. Now I want bent fingers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jill xxx

  220. Both my pinky fingers are bent. They use to be bent much further in when I was younger. It's as if they have straightened a bit now. I was told somewhere in life that if you are here to teach something, your fingers will bent like that. As you become the teacher, they will start to straighten. Now that is weird!!!! Could it be true? Imagine.

  221. Hey. That really Sucks. ๐Ÿ˜ My Index Fingers Are slightly crooked. Do you play alot Of guitar Hero/Rock band? Drums count too. I play guitar and drums. I also Enjoy Rock Band and guitar hero alot. I think Those could be the reasons. If You dont do any of these things. You were most likely Just born With your fingers Like that.

  222. I can't believe I waited this long to google bent finger! Amazing and comforting to see how much company we have. My daughter has this. We went to several doctors. Her pediatrician did not know what it was. One doc had us going to therapy and wearing a splint. We finally got into one of the premier children's hospitals in the US and got to consult with the leading prof of children's hand surgery. He was the first to tell us the term camptodactyly and clinodactyly. He recommended we leave it be. He said surgery might not help at all and there are risks with surgery in general. We decided to take this advice.

    She is in elementary school now and her friends find it interesting so far. She probably knows how to hide it when she wants to.

    Not sure which side this comes from. My husband is Scandinavian with a sprinkle of Spanish. My mother's family is all German and my father's side is Irish. I have only met my father once before my daughter was born so I didn't think to look at his pinkies and have never seen any of his relatives.

    I am so glad to have have found this site. Thank you all!

  223. hey... my pinkies are bent as well and it runs in my family...

    The strange thing is that in my family, the trend has always been that Males are the carriers of the gene... but only the females show the trait.

    My dad has 3 brothers and 4 sisters... All of them have children and of all the daughters, almost all of them have a bent pinky. There are ZERO males in my family that show this trait. (this pattern has been consistent for 3 generations now)

    Does anyone else have this trend in their family??

    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hey Terri

      In my family it was dad who had the bendy pinkies, I *think* I am the only one of 5 children to have them (I'm the eldest - dd was the eldest of his siblings also) but of my children, my 1st son & daughter both have bendy pinkies the youngest doesn't.

      My fingers aren't painful but are maybe slightly weaker than straight ones would be - I have accidentally broken them several times each. When I was a child they did offer to break and reset them, but I declined.
      They bend at a 45deg angle with a real point at the angle.

      People don't really notice them, but go ewwww! when I show them!

      Thanks for this Erik - I never really knew just how many folks and how widespread bendy pinkiness was!

      gotta love google!!

    2. Hi Terri, I thought the same thing. In my family but it was the males that showed and carried it. That was before my little sister was born. She's the first female in the family to have them as far as I know. It's probably something more like a roulette wheel hitting red 3 or 4 times in a row before black hits.


  225. [quote comment="49672"]Rebecka, I had my left hand pinky fixed. Look above for my posts from December 2007 onwards.[/quote]
    Hi Tee,
    My surgery is bookedfor 19 Feb! way quicker than i expected! now im getting really nervous! im getting an opening wedge osteotomy - where they take a bone graft from my wrist to fill in the wedge of the second joint. i saw photos on a website :
    is this what they did for your surgery to hold it in place? how painful was your finger after surgery? and did u find you knocked your habd a lot / found it hard to do anything without on of your hands?
    Im realllly nervous. THis is my first surgery - im going to be under general anaesthetic, so im really quite worried how it will go.
    I'm also really worried about the recovery period of 6 weeks!
    fill me in on everything to do with your recovery. is it worth the surgery?

    1. how did it go???


    1. My pinkies are the same, my mother and grandmother. Both my boys did not. I have 3 grandchildren and I just went to see my newborn grandson, and first thing my DIL did was show me his bent pinkies. I looked at his toes, I have twin toes with the next toe share the same knuckle. My toes are limited can only bend one with the other two. My pinkies work, but, I don't have a lot of strength in it. I can't use it playing guitar. Flute and paino I could but took some work. Maybe PT would help. I actually was very good at the paino and flute, but, now when I play I have trouble. I think it is when I was younger I worked at practicing and over the last 35 years I have not.

  227. quite shocked at how many there are of us in the bent finger brigade. I was told many years ago this trait could be traced back to King Henry the v111 wow

    1. My family goes back to William the conquer, lady Di and queen of Englamd. It is very possible.
      I was told that President Ruther B Hayes and family has it and we are also related to him different parts of our history then William the conquer.

  228. [quote comment="52970"]how did it go???[/quote]
    Hi Scott!
    Surgery went well i guess! I cant see it yet cos I'm all bandaged up, but I can see the pin sticking out the top of my pinky - pretty gross!
    Its a lot more painful than I expected, lots of aching and sharp pains.
    They only bandaged my pinky tho so the rest of my hand is free to try use. wrist is a bit sore from bone graft.
    I go back in two weeks to see surgeon for follow up, and pin comes out in 6 weeks. Then i wait for surgery date for other hand..
    I will post pics soon of my hand as it looks now.

  229. Glad all went well with your surgery.
    best wishes x

  230. I was born with bent pinkies in 1956 (yeah, I'm OLD). When I was 5 my mother had the pediatrician make some weird contraption from leather and laces that looked like a medieval torture device. I was supposed to wear it to sleep so that my pinkies would grow straight. I couldn't be bothered, especially since I was never in pain. The only pain I ever had was some strange phantom feelings I would have because I thought about it so much!

    40 years later I had to go to a hand surgeon for another issue and I asked him about the pinkies. He explained that the last bone in the finger was not square on the end (think mitering a piece of wood molding) so the joint has no other way to sit but on an angle. It seems so logical and I wish I knew that as a kid!

    My father had mildly bent pinkies and so does my daughter. As a matter of fact, when she was born it was the first thing I noticed and we bonded right away!

  231. omg and all these years i hate doctors
    i am going on 30 in april and have asked many times with the doctors and all i get was B.S!
    i now have seen this site and am convinced as i too am not the only one with

    " freaky lil' stubs"

    i have two bent pinkies one on each hand and people asked me if i had them broken once i say no!
    but when i have an interview or business meeting as i shake hands with clients or whom i do cooperation with
    i always feel convinced that they take a hard look at them

    i had always attended to cover them up or put my hands in my pockets esp. while giving cash to the clerk or shop keeper

  232. i have them too lol, mine are a lil worse than yours though, it's cool that so many other people have the same. i thought i might have been the only one lol

  233. Very interesting reading every one's views and research on this topic of crooked pinkies and toes...I have both and all four of my boys have crooked toes (one of my twins has the pinkies as well). I found truth in the theory of trying to bend just the pinky and the ring finger involuntarily moving. My father only had crooked toes and my mother had crooked pinkies (not to my degree though). My mother's side of the family had english, irish, french, german decendants and my father was yugoslavian and ukranian ancestery. I don't believe any of which proves or disproves the theory of ancestery...other than the fact that we are all created by the same pure source energy! When I was pregnant with my twins my Doctor and I both noticed that we shared the same Dominant trait...He announced that it is a characteristic of mental retardation...we both chuckled he was a Doctor...farthest from being mentally just makes us special and unique...embrace them...changing them would be fixing something that was never broken!

  234. I was disapointed that none of my children have bent pinkies and web toes. I was told by a doctor that the bent pinkiy is the oldest traceable genetic characteristic known and in found recorded in the family history of one of the English aristocracy back to the 16th century .
    Anyone know more ?

  235. hey yeah my pinkies are the same but worse than the ones in the pic, when i was young a doctor told my gran that this was the sign off a bad medical condition but refused to say what it was..... does any1 have any ideas? iv been lookin for sometime bt all i come up with is things like the fingers bending in time or devolopin over time.... i have had these since i was born all my fingers are like this apart from my ring fingers altho not as bad as my pinkies lol

    love to hear from any1 who has anything to add to this post

    stacey xx

    1. Hey stacey,
      Ive got the same on my little fingers, they quite drasticaly turn inwards and i can bend them to fit almost behind my 4th knuckle. Its only me and my mum who have them and mine are more prominent than hers. I did alot of googling and it came up with a pdf and a wiki that basically said the same (i'll give you the link):
      The bending is often common in people with down's syndrome, Feingold syndrome, Autism, Dwarfism and another condition. However ๐Ÿ™‚ alot of people here have the same indication but evidently no symptoms described above. Which is where it starts to get puzzling lol
      I also have alot of other "freaky" things like i have this thing where my index toe and the other seem to come from the same joint on my foot, i can move my elbows whilst keeping my hands still and i can bend my thumb to touch my wrist e.t.c
      I'm wondering if it could be a sign of hereditory medical conditions that include rheumatism and various ligament problems as my mum was diagnosed with a form of CRPS a year ago and suffers from joint/ ligament/ tendon pain frequently.
      But i love them ๐Ÿ™‚ people are always shocked and freaked out it becomes quite a fun thing to be associated with.
      Hope the information helps, i wouldn't believe all on wiki anyway because there is no history of any of that stuff ^ in my family aha.

  236. Ok!! My surgery was done 6 weeks ago on my right pinky, I got my pin removed yesterday. Its still swollen from it being stiff all that time and fluid build up from not moving...
    The pin coming out stung for like two seconds - similar to the feeling of pulling a scab off, then it was just a pressure sensation as the pin came out. I could not bend my pinky after it was out, but have been trying to do the hand excersizes they gave me all afternoon / morning and im getting a bit of movement now.
    The incision is healing nicely, and it doesnt even look like my finger - its sooo straight now!! I can't wait for the other hand to be done so I can learn guitar & keys finally !!
    Pics of the progress at this link:

    1. i saw the pics on fb. your pinkies must've been painful. glad to hear about your successful surgery (even though i don't know you) ๐Ÿ™‚

  237. Hi Nat,
    Good to hear that the surgery went well! You need to excercise and keep the finger moving but you should also be very careful in the coming weeks/months. It takes time for the recovering finger to get it's strength back.
    I had surgery on my left hand pinky more than a year ago. Recovery was very slow but playing the guitar is so much more fun now. Even now after more than a year the pinky doesn't feel as strong as it could be, but it doesn't bother me anymore.

    If you search the messages above (ctrl-F tee_), you can find my thoughts before and after surgery.

    ps. I can't open your link to facebook

  238. I havent read all the comments, only some, randomly.

    Why would you want to have surgery? I consider mine (which are a lot more bent than the posted photo) normal. Everyone else with straight fingers are the weird ones ๐Ÿ˜Ž I've had many friends of the straight fingered species try and bend them back over the years, to no avail. Here is an interesting thought though. My sister HAD them as well, however when she played the piano (at a young age) they eventually straightened. Explain that?

    For the most part I believe its hereditary. My grandfather had them, my mum has them, and now I have them. Why would you want to erase your ancestors trait? You are who you are, surgery isnt going to change that!

  239. Mind are like yours, but they're a little more bent than yours. People just stare lol. I'm glad I know there is more people out there ^__^

  240. [quote comment="53720"]I havent read all the comments, only some, randomly.

    Why would you want to have surgery? I consider mine (which are a lot more bent than the posted photo) normal. Everyone else with straight fingers are the weird ones ๐Ÿ˜Ž I've had many friends of the straight fingered species try and bend them back over the years, to no avail. Here is an interesting thought though. My sister HAD them as well, however when she played the piano (at a young age) they eventually straightened. Explain that?

    For the most part I believe its hereditary. My grandfather had them, my mum has them, and now I have them. Why would you want to erase your ancestors trait? You are who you are, surgery isnt going to change that![/quote]

    Yes I am who I am, but now I'm me without sore pinkies, and I can add a little part to me - like being able to play the guitar...
    It depends how extreme yours are - mine are very extreme, it almost looks like the bone is going to protrude. If they didnt hurt and didnt affect learning guitar I wouldnt have bothered with surgery..

  241. Sorry if this has already been mentioned by I heard it is a sign you are from viking descent. I have little fingers like this, as does my dad, and my uncle on my mums side. We're from Scotland so the viking thing might be true here. Interesting tho! ๐Ÿ™‚

  242. Actually cancel that last comment have just clarified it was my grandads Dupuytrens contracture of one of his fingers which was the viking thing. Oh well. Guess were all just genetic freaks!

  243. Its funny and kind of mest up because my two year old inherited my bent finger. He was born with it so its definitely a genetic thing.

  244. HI

  245. does anyone else feel like it would be easier to grip things without the stupid crooked pinky? It just really annoys me. It's always in the way it seems. I inquired on getting it straightened and the doctor talked me out of it, because he said if it didn't heal properly it would be far worse off. How?! it seems like I don't even use the stupid thing, it just seems like it's in the way. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm kinda pissed I let the doctor talk me out of it. Also, I don't have that much confidence in his work. Maybe I'll look for another hand surgeon...? The stupid little fingers do bother me though.

    1. Hi Scott,
      Mine were extrememly bent, and sore / achey sometimes.. i used to hold them out of the way and get cramping in my hands / wrist.
      I have had the surgery on one finger so far... i had it done in february, and it is now June and I still can't bend it properly, and it is painful. My xrays look awful - like irregularly stacked jagged bones, but looks mostly straight on the outside.. i had a second opinion because the recovery is so slow, but they have assured me that was a good result, and that I might not every get full motion back... which makes me mad because I told them I was getting it done for functionality as well... but now I have less movement with it after surgery than I had before... I'm seriously reconsidering getting the second hand done..

  246. i have always loved my lil crooked fingers. no one ever noticed unless i pointed them out. I do however have a hard time driving long distances and writing normal with a pencil or pen. Griping them is hard. When i show someone or they point them out, i do love to gross them out by bendign the lil finger over my ring finger lol seems they are kinda almost double jointed and ill bend in crazy ways. Lately tho they have been aching, i hope not from all the bendign of them i have done over the yrs. My mom has thought maybe i am getting arthritious in my fingers, i hope shes wrong. I havnt noticed anyone in my family with them, i do remember back in highschool we were taking some type of brain quiz.. not sure what it was about really.. but i do remember one of the questions being "are your pinky fingers bent?" I really wish i could remeber what the reasoning was for it lol.

  247. my left pinky is bent , but not like this , it is kind of like a bridge shape , permanantly :/ !

  248. My left pinkie is bent the right one only slightly so . I also have some toes slightly webbed - I was told by a doctor the the bent pinkie is the oldest recorded genetic charactistic traced through an English aristicratic family fo 400 years . No sign of it in my descendants. So you may have blue blood too !!!

  249. i have bent pinkies too... and the weirdest part is no one in my family has had clinodactyly before me.

  250. I too have clinodactyly clinodactyly; both pinkies curved inwards and it's more prominent on my left hand. I'm 55 and the only trouble it ever caused/causes is typing and such things (piano and guitar which I had trouble with when I tried to learn). I was told that it was a family trait although none of my siblings have it.
    I'm not sure what prompted me to do an internet search on this, but find it very interesting and informative.
    Also, I'm not Italian but descend from Irish, Scottish and French ancestry.

  251. I was born with crooked pinkies on both hands and never had a problem with them until recently. It seems the pinky on my left hand has gotton worse and have become uncomfortable and painful. It has bent so far that when relaxed, it bends under my fouth finger. I am not sure if it is arthiritis that is causing the pain. I am trying to find a doctor to help me..but I am concerned.

  252. [quote comment="54479"]Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."[/quote]

    geneticschica - No we are not idiots, and you would know that genetics is a very complex topic, there are so many things about genetics that scientists have yet to discover.
    There is a condition called "Clinodactyly" which causes the middle bone to be wedge shaped - it is a genetic condition - yes, and it is also an abnormality. A bent finger that severe is NOT that common.
    Being born with a genetic condition does not mean its normal.
    So your were worse than the photo - well good for you so were mine..
    These people came to this forum to find out why they have bent pinkys like they do - most of us have never come across anyone outside our families who have it, and it makes them feel unique, so don't come on here and call ppl 'idiots' because you know its a recessive gene.

    1. I concur. There is very little information to be found about bent pinkies, and they aren't a common sight, as not very many people have them. I also think that doctors don't pass along information about the condition if it doesn't seem to affect the child/adult. I know a lot of us were made to feel that there is something wrong with us. This forum provides a place for us to come together, to vent, to connect with others with the same trait, and to share our experiences. I actually knew very little about my bent pinkies until I stumbled across this forum, and I'm so happy I found it.

      Let's hear it for bent pinkies!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. It's called campodactyly - an autosomal dominant gene. It leaves behind rigid, bent little fingers.

  253. Mine is bent and totally deformed...
    I will try to post a pic when I can.
    I have an appointment with the hand surgeon tomorrow.

  254. [quote comment="54388"]Hi Scott,
    Mine were extrememly bent, and sore / achey sometimes.. i used to hold them out of the way and get cramping in my hands / wrist.
    I have had the surgery on one finger so far... i had it done in february, and it is now June and I still can't bend it properly, and it is painful. My xrays look awful - like irregularly stacked jagged bones, but looks mostly straight on the outside.. i had a second opinion because the recovery is so slow, but they have assured me that was a good result, and that I might not every get full motion back... which makes me mad because I told them I was getting it done for functionality as well... but now I have less movement with it after surgery than I had before... I'm seriously reconsidering getting the second hand done..[/quote]
    Hey Nat!

    I'm sorry to hear that so far the surgery hasn't really been a success. How long did they tell you before the pain would go away? Looking back on it, do you wish you didn't get the surgery at all? I don't think it should be that hard of a procedure, considering where we've come with medical advances. I really don't have confidence in doctors. Do you feel that one day, a doctor will figure out a way to make yours better, if in fact the one you had surgery doesn't feel better? I say we all put our heads together and come up with a solution, since we are the only ones that actually care about the results.

  255. I used to hide my crooked pinkies, but I am 37 now and I love them! When I was young, I actually taped popsicle sticks to them at night in hopes that they would straighten. All it resulted in was a lot of pain. They make me (and all of you) special. I am Irish/English. I have 3 children and none of them are as crooked as me, but they all have pinkies that are a little crooked. I get them from my Dad, but once again mine are much more bent than anyone else in my family.

  256. Im from the philippines and I got a bent pinky too. I play the electric guitar and it is really hard for me to do stretches when soloing. but otherwise everything's cool. I also have no problem "touch-typing"

  257. I posted a msg here last June 16th.

    I went to see my orthopedic/hand surgeon last month.
    As per his advise, I had x-rays on both my wrists (injured) and he eventually sent me for an MRI appointment. To my disappointment, he didn't want to "fix" my bent pinky even though it hurts everytime my wrist hurts due to the so-called arthritic pain.

    To my surprise, my hand surgeon referred me to a rheumatologist.
    I, of course, went to see the rheumatologist and he was also surprised why the hand surgeon referred me to him. The results of the x-ray and MRI didn't confirm that I have a rheumatoid arthritis. Whew! I was then advised to get my bloodwork done that same day after the rheumatologist looked at my wrists (and bent pinkie!). He will see me within 2 weeks and might prescribe medications for my wrist problem. Well, the next time I see my rehumatologist, I will ask him to have my bent pinkie straighten out. I hope he will be convinced that I need him to fix it...I have always wanted to have a straight pinkie. When I was younger, I thought it was cute. But I am almost 40 and the pain is just excruciating! It is NOtTfun anymore:(

  258. hey im 12 years old idk how i can bend my pinkie all the way back i started to do this when i moved to alabama and the thing is that i have never broke my pinkie I JUST LOVE IT WHEN I GROSS THE FREAK OUT OF PPL :mrgreen:

  259. [quote comment="54479"]Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."[/quote]

    Eh excuse me? did u just say im not special?? huh? My pinkys are pink and beautiful u silly retarded YEAH! My boyfriend is big and he's black and he'll kick yo ass PUNK! ur so lame...

  260. i'd like to offer a different comment on the topic (sorry if i missed something similar prior to posting) ...

    i had an ultrasound at 15 weeks for my 3rd child that clearly showed a "missing" middle phalanx bone on the pinky. the dr and techs (two of them) said this was a "soft sign" for downs syndrome. of course i was concerned and after being encouraged to go for the additional ultrasound and amnio, got reassurance from another dr (specialist) that this particular finger bone is often a "late developing" bone and may not have been detectable or present at the time of the first ultrasound. though we could not get a good scan of the hands/fingers this ultrasound (baby keeping hands tucked away), this dr. said the more significant indicators for downs are not present in our baby at 18 weeks/now. i still opted to get the amnio and am still waiting on results. I am optimistic that we have a healthy baby (who may just have clinodactyly)!

    BUT, after stumbling onto this site and one other, I find a correlation between MY bent pinkys (as well as my mothers, her mothers, and her mothers) and possibly my fetus's "missing" middle pinky bone! I have worried and stressed out for almost 3 weeks thinking my baby has downs syndrome when it is very likely this baby has the same underdeveloped middle phalanx on the pinky like I probably have causing my bent pinkys. UGH!

    So, for anyone with the "bent pinky" trait who is expecting or planning on having children, please keep in mind that you may find yourself in a similar situation as me. You might not want to place as much concern on a missing or underdeveloped middle pinky bone if there are NO OTHER indicators of down syndrome present ... and/or share this information with your children when the time comes. It might save a lot of unnecessary worry/panic!

    1. Amnio results came back, and we are expecting a very HEALTHY baby girl. We are extremely relieved, to say the least! If she has bent pinky fingers ... well, that will be just fine with us! ๐Ÿ˜€

  261. Thanks for that info Gina and keep us posted as you have a healthy baby!!

    I met a gentleman on a flight who told me a story about how the doctors were certain that his unborn child would be severely handicapped. The doctor pushed for an abortion but these poor parents-to-be struggled with the decision until it was past time to proceed with termination. A few months later, after a period of severe anxiety, they had a beautiful and perfect little girl.

  262. Hello All,

    I too have bent little fingers. Its nice to see you proudly displaying them! I have four children and two of them have inherited the trait. My mother had them and she inherited them from her dad. I did not ever meet him, so im not sure about extended family. I also have two webbed toes on my left foot. I have no idea where i got this trait. I have ever heard anyone mention webbed toes. Two of my children are afected, but in different ways. One has a 2nd bone in her big toe and the other has two toes completely fused together. I used to worry about it a lot, but there are so many possble causes I am very thankful my children are healthy and happy..I do find that they are very intuitive and empathetic toward people with any disability or deformity- moreso than typical children. I think this has been a great way for them to learn to appreciate what they have been given and make the best of it.

    1. Jjensen, I would love to see a picture of your child's 2nd bone in her toe. I too have bent pinkies, and my 4 month old daughter has the funniest big toes. I keep telling everyone it looks like she has a 2nd bone in them, and the toes themselves are far away from the other toes. She goes to the doctor again next week, and I am going to ask her about it. I wonder if there is a genetic connection between my pinkies and her toes?

  263. can we do any thing about them ? ๐Ÿ˜•

  264. Hello, I have bent pinkies and index fingers also, not as much as the picture posted at the start but easily noticeable if you put the two hands together, I am 32 years old, my mother has the same characteristic and my 7 moth old son a bit too. Never thought to find so many people sharing same story.

    1. I notice a lot of people don't mention the index finger being bent, too......but mine are........I wonder how many people have the same?

  265. Mine's too..
    Except the right one is bent more than 45 degree angle.. that's why I have troubles when writing or texting or even surfing the net..

    I read that curved 5th finger or medically called "clinodactyly" is found in more than 80% of Autistic kids..
    sometimes I wonder if I one of them.. b/c of my finger !! o_O

  266. Wow, a bit angry. Asking people if they are idiots is very rude. You shouldn't treat or talk to people like that just for asking questions. I hope you don't have children, I'd hate to see someone raise a child to be like you. Sorry, maybe not everyone is as smart as you think you are.

    ๐Ÿ˜› Smile, life is suppose to be fun.

  267. I was born with a rare form of streblomicrodactyly. It affects both pinkies. My left pinky has a tendon that is too short, and my right pinky had no tendon at all. When I was 14 I decided to "fix" my right pinky. The doctors removed a tendon from my hand and placed it in my pinky. After months of physical therapy my finger is now worse than it was before the surgery. I used to be able to bend the finger now it is stuck in a permanent crooked position. I should have just left it alone. ๐Ÿ˜•

  268. I have crooked pinkies too, they aren't very severe. My mom and her father had it, and that's as far as we know. I did some researching, and I'm 99% sure it's a condition called clinodactyly. (Yes, I spelled it right!) It's a small genetic disorder when your finger forms a wedge shape instead of a rectangle. It's not bad. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's common in terms of disorders, it's waaaaay less than the rarity of people being left-handed, but still more common than dwarfism.. Haven't seen anyone in person with them. But I know I'll never be a hand model.

    Hope I helped someone out there!

    Hey people! I had my first surgery on my right hand in February, and after months of Occupational therapy, I have a fairly good bend. Its not 100%, but it's not stopping me from doing anything / hindering grip.
    I went for a consultation on Thursday for the left hand, and was told I would be waiting 18 months for a surgery date... and then got a phone call yesterday with a date in two weeks! WOW! Teeny bit nervous thats its so soon, and am having to organise covers for me at work. 12th Nov is my op date, and I will have the pin in for 6 weeks - taking me up until Christmas, then its therapy to get it mobile again after that.
    If anyone is interested seeing what processI have gone through for my surgery - photos can be found here:

    Will keep you posted!

    1. Thanks for the post Nat. I'm glad it's turned out well for you! Could you please explain the therapy process that they put you through. Is it something that you can jut do on your own, or do you have to go to a therapist? I still have not done anything with mine, but they bother me every single day. They always seem in the way, and it annoys me more than is healthy. I just wish there was a quick fix!

  270. Thank you to everyone who posted on this site. I was so freaked out when my boyfriend noticed my sons two pinkies were bent inwards. He is almost 4 years old. He does not seem to be inhibited by his pinkies at all. I still plan on taking him to the doctor but at least i wont be as nervous. Thanks again

  271. I too have crooked pinky fingers. But i kinda enjoy it my hand is just more interesting than everyone else's thats how i think of it. I can also make a cool heart with my pinkys. If a girl asks why my pinky is crooked i show them that and they all smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  272. wow I thought I was the only one with crooked pinkies.

  273. here i was thinking i was the only one, this is great! Its good to know its actually genetic.

    My dad has no bend and my mother has a very small bend in her finger. nothing on mine though, mines more like the picture about. and i have nothing on some of you guys by the sound of it ๐Ÿ™‚

    do you think it gets worse as its passed through more generations?

    also my mums side is half english half scottish ๐Ÿ˜›

  274. I too Googled 'Bent Pinky' and am delighted o have found this :mrgreen: forum I am not 100% that my bend is the same as those described here. I have had it from I can remember but it has gotten worse over the years (29 now).

    The pinky on my left hand is curved downwards towards my palm at a 45 degree angle I guess much like a half moon and comes from the knuckle it also appears to be joined by a piece of skin to my ring finger at the base. I cannot make it go straight a nd is starting to get noticeable. Im scared that one day it will curve right round and I will not be able to use it ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    The pinky on my right hand is not as bad but it is getting difficult for me to play my bagpipes (Im Irish by the way not Scottish). My daughter is also showing signs of this and I noticed this week that my Dad also has a mild curve both mine and my dads fingers look webbed. The second toes on both my feet also curve to the left weird.

    I love freaking my friends out by moving my finger using the piece of attached skin when they first saw my finger the thought I was messing and told me to quit bending it.

    Maybe we are a new super human race destend to take over the world ๐Ÿ˜€ Viva la Bendy Pinkys By the way love the thought of calling them after Leprachauns ๐Ÿ˜›

  275. I've got bent pinkies as well I get badly teased. Even though I'm 10 they might straighten out hopefully. ๐Ÿ™‚


  277. We should all get together sometime..a bent pinkie reunion!

  278. wow my pinkies are the same and it bugs me when i show my friends it they always go gross your gonna infect me and they say i have a demented pinky. I play guitar and i have no problem with it. Its weird cause im the only one in my family that i know about with a bent pinky.

  279. my pinkies are bent also. as is the finger next to them, but not as severe. my fingers are pretty skinny as well, so it's a lot noticeable. ๐Ÿ˜•

  280. I have crooked pinkies. However, I was never teased about them and noone ever mentioned them. They have never bothered. me. I can play instruments and do regular things. Webbed toes also run in the family but my generation hasnt had any webbed digits. I just had a son he inherited the cooked pinkies as well. Just about everyone in my family has them some are worse than others and they were never teased. In fact it had helped my cousin obtain a football scholarship because he can catch so well with his crooked pinky. I never knew there was anything you could do about the pinkies til I read up here. I will never have surgery because like I said noone ever bothered me about them. I work in retail and count money back to people all day long and noone has ever noticed. I guess I am lucky. I never went around going "look at my crooked Pinkies" either. People just dont really look at your hands. Or at least noone ever looked at mine. None of my past boyfriends noticed them either & I wonder why noone ever noticed, they are pretty crooked!

  281. i also have those pinkies. haha there so so odd.
    my grandpa has them to but he isn't related to me so i have no idea where i got them. i want them fixed so bad. and i am probably going to get them fixed soon. i am very young so my dad doesn't want me to get them fixed while i am still growing because he thinks my pinkies will stop growing if i get the fixed but i honestly don't care(:

  282. I have bent pinkies, but never found anyone else who had them, except my mother and daughters. Now my grand children have them, too. I always thought it was an oddity. I am happy to hear that there are many of you out there who have the bent pinkies, too.
    Perhaps our ancestors came from the same part of the world at one time? Or we are all decendants of some great alien race? (haha)

  283. My mother, 1 of my 3 daughters (I don't have any sons) and myself all have slightly bent pinkies. My daughter's paediatrician told us that it is a marker of short stature - you probably won't get to be as tall as your shorter parent. (we are all 'supposed' to be as tall as our shorter parent). It doesn't matter what height - my mother was the shortest in her family - her parents and 5 siblings were all 5'10" to 6'0" tall but she's 'only' about 5'8". I'm shorter than both my parents. My 2 daughters without the bent pinkies are taller than me but the one with the bent pinkies is looking pretty short so far!

  284. I have one bent pinkie -
    I was told by a doctor that once that it is the oldest known genetic
    abnormalilty traced in one noble English family back 300 years

  285. i have English blood..........and Irish.......and the bent pinkies..:D

  286. i have bent pinkies too ๐Ÿ™‚ but wat i dont understand is tht i havent met anyone in my family wit the same bent pinkies mane are just like the ones in the picture but my left is a little more ๐Ÿ™‚ its kool to kno tht im not the only one wit bent pinkies ๐Ÿ™‚ o yea and ppl are saying they are traits from the English but i am Hispanic send me an email if u have any information about this email me at

  287. I have a badly bent pinkie on my left hand, it's at almost 45 degrees. It is annoying at times, I have thought of getting it fix, but have been too chicken, mainly becauuse my big brother would tell me horrible stories when I was a kid about the procedure of how doctors would fix it. The pinkie actually saved my life before I was actually born, the umbillical cord was wrapped tightly around my neck, my pinkie was underneath it, so it became disformed, so unlike others on here my disformed pinkie wasn't from genetics. I know they would have to replace the middle joint for it to be fixed, I'm still thinking it over, like I said I have been able to live with it up to recently where it has bothered me alot more. I have had other health issues since college and they always took precedence over my pinkie being repaired.

  288. [quote comment="54479"]Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."[/quote]
    I have to agree with you - my Mom, myself, sisters, now daughter and her 4 children - 3 boys and 1 girl all have the "funky" pinkies.

    1. Karen, I have to disagree with you. There are some cases of bent pinkies that are abnormal and part of a syndrome. These can be called Camptodactyly. This is not due to genetics as my fiance has them and is due to medication his mother took when she was expecting him. I agree some of them can be due to genetics but remember that generalizing such idea may be very wrong.

  289. i have a bent pinky too but mine are more bent it is so hard to play guitar hero it is hard to play with the fourth fret and almost impossible to play with the number 5 fret

  290. I have them too! And I got them from my father who is definitely of Scott- Irish decent. My daughter has them too along with red hair and green eyes. Very interesting, I wonder if they mean anything esoterically? Like we are all of Atlantian decent wouldn't that be interesting lol.

  291. Lol, I also have the same thing with my pinkies. It's called Camptodactyly. All the people I meet, it's the SAME questions!
    Does it hurt?
    What's wrong with them?
    Can you straighten them?
    Can you fix it?
    Why are they like that?
    It is slightly annoying but it'sm also entertaining to have so much buzz over my two little fingers lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  292. I think you guys should look up "Mendelian Genetics" on google. It will explain everything. If that doesn't work look up "Punnett Square." These are the very simple basics to genetics. A person has two alleles for any given gene. All a person needs is one dominant gene to not express the bent pinkies. If they have both recessive alleles then they express the bent pinkies. Therefore if both parents are heterozygous (have both one dominant and one recessive allele), then they can have children with either bent pinkies or normal pinkies. This allows for only one person in a family to express the phenotypes. Hope this is helpful

  293. My grandmother has them, my mom has them, i have them and my newborn son has them... & they have never bothered me noone has ever noticed them ๐Ÿ™‚

  294. I came across this pic while researching info about my husband's fingers. I can't find anything that explains why his fingers are so bent. they are painful, and have been this way since birth. More than just his pinkies are bent, the ring fingers are bent, as well as having huge knuckles. I've thought about it maybe being rheumatoid arthritis, but he was born with this. All the docs have ever done is prescribe otc pain meds, but his pain is getting worse.

  295. both of my pink fingers are bent and im glad to see lots of people have them aswell. Apart from my twin sistet no one else in my family has bent fingers like us. My mums side of the family are part irish aswell. Im only 14 but if i have kids when im older is it more likely they have other birth defects?

  296. I'm in the same boat, brother.

    This plagued me as a child and was a source of countless bullying attacks. I have even sought to have them medically corrected, but, sadly, the risks are too great.

    When I was younger, this bothered me - a lot. Now that I am middle aged, I deal. Heck, most people don't even notice. I have realized that the more I stress over it and hold my hands in fists (so they you can't tell), the more people noticed. So, now I just do what I do and don't care.

    I was told at one time by a researcher in Panama that this is a genetic trait. He explained that his hypothesis was that we are all related. He stated that some of his early findings of these traits being documented go back to Pocahontas and her tribe. None of this information have I been able to confirm. But, it makes interesting day dreaming.

  297. my pinkys are bebt more then that and me and my mums grandad are the only ones in my family with the disorder (camptodactyly)

  298. all of my fingers are bent except my thumbs. the pinky and index fingers bend toward my thumb and my pointer and middle fingers bend away from the thumb. it's been that way for as long as i can remember. i am disgusted by my hands. the rest of you should just be happy that it only affects your pinky (and index finger for some). i've always wanted to have it corrected but am afraid to have all my fingers broken.

  299. My oldest daughter was born with curved pinkies and now she has given birth to a son and a daughter that also have curved pinkies. On the night my daughter was born, labor was stopped and I was prepped for a C-section, when she was born, she was sucking her thumb with one hand and holding her ear with the other hand and both pinkies were tucked under her other fingers in the fists that she was making. The pediatricin at her birth told me that her curved pinkies were due to her keeping her hands in a fist and since her pinkies were under the other fingers, they had formed that way as she developed. Now that her children also have curved pinkies, I believe the recessive gene explanation makes the most sense.

  300. Im irish too with scottish granparent. I have bent pimkies also. i see a trait developing here..
    irish /scottish ?

    1. yeah im related to people that are irish well were now there dead but yeah i dont think it is to do with that cuz people from other countrys have it to

  301. [quote comment="57181"]i'm the only one in my family that has bent pinkyfingers. i just asumed that it was something i would grow out of, but i didnt. they started hurting in the teen years when i was growing up.[/quote]

    Im the only person in my WHOLE family who has this trait . Ive gotten used to the idea of living with them and im 14 . Im not a fan of surgery so im keeping them lol = )

  302. [quote comment="54479"]Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."[/quote]

    I would like to see your pinkies because my pinkie fingers are way worse than that picture too . So bad that it touches my ring finger on both hands it's like this .

  303. I have really short pinky fingers that dont reach the first line right below the fingernail, wish I could describe it better.

    Ive literally lived the last 8 years with long sleeves, always hiding them. People seem to think Im wierd coz Ive always got my hands hidden. I was also bullied and been on the receiving end of quite nasty comments. but I realy just want to stop hiding them now and not care what everyone thinks.

    Its been a sort of mental build up for so long that its hard to break out of. Also the whole fear thing is always there. Any tips people?

    1. i have extremely short, bent pinkies too. they're only half as long as my ring fingers. i've never hidden them, or made a big deal about them, and no one has ever really noticed them. in my experience, most people are so caught up in themselves, worrying about how they look, that they don't even notice if other people aren't perfect.

      my advice would be to just to ignore your hands. relax, and act natural. if you don't call attention to them, 99% of people will never notice. and if you are still worried about people seeing them, wear a nice big necklace to focus the eyes on, instead of your hands.

  304. My pinkies are bent as well, and are shorter than a normal person's. In my experience, I never had anyone at any time notice, except maybe cashiers cuz they had me my change back. No one has ever insulted me because of it, and I take it as a blessing or a curse or both. Let it be known that I am not unique based purely on my hands, *I just now decided to look it up out of curiousity.*
    But by what I make of more power to ya...and we all can do the devil horns unlike anyone else...thats the only thing I feel bad about, I cant give the horns without feeling singled out.

  305. [quote comment="54479"]Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."[/quote]

    WOW! You're a real asshole! are you angry b/c YOU'RE not "special"? oh, and pinkies are bent also ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just so you can feel that much less "special".

  306. I have bent little fingers too, as does my mother. I haven't read all of the threads so I don't know if this has been previously mentioned:

    A lecturer at my University told me that Newcastle / Northumbria Uni (sorry I have no further details) did a survey of people in North East England's genetic background to discover who has Viking ancestry. What they discovered was that this (bent little fingers / a 'V' when the fingers are side-by-side) was found to be a common trait in those who are descendants of Vikings.

    Something to think about.

  307. [quote comment="54479"]Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."[/quote]

    Do some more research before you call people idiots. The bent pinky is a DOMINANT trait, not recessive.

  308. I have severely bent pinky fingers as well, at a 45 degree angle or so. I had no idea it was genetic, though! My fiance always said he hopes our babies have bent pinkies and I never thought it'd be possible! ๐Ÿ™‚ I've had to go to the hand doctor a few times because mine cause me pain, though. I have arthritis in both that flares up when I use them to much (typing, sports, etc.) so, that sucks. And I'm only 19! Does anyone else have this problem?

  309. I have bent pinkies very like the photo - I was told by a doctor that this syndrome is the oldest recorded genetic variation. It has been found in one aristo English family over a period of 400 years.

    Inccidentally I have some webbed toes .

  310. Myself and my twin brother both have bent pinkies exactly like the original photo. Our little brother does not have this variation nor do we know of any other family members who had it.

    Dad is from Wigan, his folks from Liverpool, theirs from Ireland. Anglo/Scots/Welsh/Irish blood on that side all in all.

    On my Moms side there are the 4 mentioned above and white+black+chinese West Indian.

    Does anyone know if this condition is linked with severe arthritis? I'm 25 and almost every morning I wake up with numb, throbbing arms/fingers. It is usually worst when I've been working hard the day before (I work with my hands: bartending)

    Also, any other bent pinkie peeps get bad hand eczema (dermatitis)? Especially during the winter months? I know this is a very common thing for bartenders (5% of them) but wondered if maybe it was linked with the bent fingers

    Graham from Toronto, ON

    1. That's an interesting point, I have been suffering with dry skin for years on only my hands. I was born with both pinkies bent at 45 degrees after my mother and grandmother. 100% italian so unless there is some old viking ancestry in Italy, I'm not sure. The only cream that works is ombra, green tube, and yes it's worse in the winter.

  311. Hi everyone:

    Never knew there were so many of us out there:)

    Most people seem to have clinodactyly (fingers bent to the side). My right pinky is bent forward from the top joint. I'm 51 and developed the pinky bend somwhere between 5 - 7 years ago.

    I also have index fingers that bend towards the second finger from the second joint. This i've always had. My dad's fingers were like this too.

    Anyone else with the forward crook in the pinky? ๐Ÿ™‚ Ever get any medical feedback on it?

  312. Hi, what you describe in relation to the bend forward from the top pinky joint which develops in later life is a dominant genetic trait of celtic peoples descended from Norwegian/ Viking ancestry. There are a lot of other comments on here about all sorts of deformities with fingers. I dont know anything about those but what I have (and you seem to be describing) is widely known. I am 50 and mine started bending about 10 years ago or so. They bend down or forward as well as slightly inward and will continue to do that as I age. My father had it (he was of Scottish Norwegian ancestry) as do my brother and sisters. Do you know aout your ancestry?

  313. Hi Bronny:

    Thanks for your quick reply!:)

    You are accurate in your description - mine does bend slightly inward as well as forward.

    I have an Irish maternal great-grandfather but I don't know if there is Norwegian/Viking ancestry.

    Is there a name for this condition? Where can I find more details on it? I have done quite a lot of Internet browsing but didn't come up with information on this specific type of pinky bend.

    Thanks again!:)


  314. Well if you didn't know before, you do now! You can often make a very good guess just by loooking at your ancestral surnames and checking their origin. I have the names Higgs and Morison in my family tree - Anything with Higg in it means 'descendant of Viking' and Morison of course is Norwegian in origin. Does your mother also have the bend, and any siblings over about 40? There is not much on the net, thats how I found this forum. I am in Australia and about 7 years ago there was a documentary on the SBS TV network here about the pinky bend and the genetic origin, which is where I first heard of it. Mine were just starting to bend at that time so It was very interesting. Given my ancestry and my older siblings also having the bend it was pretty sure thats what I had. Hope this helps.

  315. that is totally I have the bent pinkies...and my maternal grandmother was a Higgins.......didn't know that Higg meant descendant of Viking!.....thanks for info....:D

  316. Thanks Bronny!

    I need to do some more family research:)

  317. i know i have the same thing

  318. I been born with a both hands my smallest fingure.. the pinkies. are both curved there is a joint that is rounded.. but no one in my famliy has any curve fingures just me.. i am the only one with this.. someone help me why i am born with a defect.

  319. OH by the way my smallest pinky both hands are worst then the one in the photo my is very small from the rest of my fingures.. and they are more rounded curve almost to a letter C on both of my pinkies..

  320. None of my 4 children has perfect little fingures.. so i do not understand how in the world i was born with this defect.. unless my mother have fallen while pregnet with me.. and i am born in usa..

  321. Wow. I was born with bent pinkies (and my index fingers are also to a lesser degree) exactly like those in the picture except for my hands being smaller. I always figured it to be genetic (from my mother's side of the family) and your comments not only support this but I feel comforted to know that I'm not all that alone. Thanks.

  322. wow omg i have bent pinkys but there small bents not that noticeable and the same with my feet my feet are crooked but only because of the car crash that happened when i wus 4 now my toe pinkys are crooked and barely functional wuts wrong with me how can i fix the pinkys in my hand because they be came like that recently it wusnt like that last year i onl noticed the change today

  323. Both my pinkies are crooked to 45 degrees, they don't bend very well, just seem to snap when bending. My ring fingers can bend backwards to a crescent moon shape. All my toes have double joints so when I press down on them on a hard surface they wiggle like worms. Kind of creepy looking. I would truely like to play guitar better but my pinky won't let me, what a shame.

  324. [quote comment="54203"]my pinkies are bent....and I am also able to take my thumbs and bend them on top of the knuckle of my pointer finger........can anyone else? I have always had fun "grossing people out" with my thumb! :D[/quote]
    i am 16 and have been doing the same thing to people since i was 10. I have crooked fingers and can bend my pinkies fully back

  325. yeah, i got 'em. i think its great. i don't have any trouble playing guitar, i rip at solos and its awesome for minor cords. another advantage is they stay real close to the next finger witch is great for my kung fu, they don't get hyper-extended, also good for ball sports. so there, are all you normie's jealous? hey my big toes also bent inwards, i'm a super freak.

  326. To the person who asks: "Are you people idiots?"

    just because you probaly dont have it doesnot mean you have to put people down because they have. i have been to the doctor and they look like the fingers in the picture and the doctor said it is a abdnormalty so if you dont have someting nice to say say nothing at all

  327. my little fingers are bent just like that, they also move differently than my other fingers. one of them pops every time i move it. i wonder if there is a way you can fix it.

  328. Yeah runs down my dads family
    It's bloody annoying when playing guitar though....hope Theres a cure

  329. i have the same sort of thing but, it's the first joint bent on an almost right angle both hands. dad had it on his right and mum on the left.
    so it's genetics too

  330. I have crooked pinkies too, it grosses me out sometimes, never understoof why, now that i know i feel much better


  331. I'm so glad I found my family.

  332. my pinkys are the same! but alot more bent !! :))

  333. It IS genetic. It also APPEARS to be dominant although there isn't much research on it. Maybe we should do some ๐Ÿ˜€

    Me, my Grandad, Dad, Aunty, and every one of my 4 siblings have it. I find it really interesting. I quite like my little bent fingers, except they can get in the way when I'm playing the cello =S

  334. Has anyone read Da Vinc Code? Holy Grail symbol? Chalice? Put your pinkies together, palms up and they make a chalice shape..'. ๐Ÿ˜›
    'Sang real'... Royal blood.
    Yeah we're Jesus's relatives. Haha, I'm not being serious but it's something to think about ๐Ÿ™‚

  335. I figured it out! We have extra terrestrial DNA! We are aliens!

  336. omg i have this and you can get it fixed but theyre are massiv erisks involved and my finger look like yours wow ๐Ÿ™‚

  337. I am so glad to see so many other people with this trait. It started in my mothers family tree for many generations back at least to my 4 great grandmother, and only the women inherited it! Now my daughter and both sons have it we love seeing the family connection and we also have english, german descent. We are also very limber and double jointed is anyone else here like this? Also there is no family history of downsyndrom so I do not think if you have this trait it means that might be lurking in your family gene pool.

  338. My son has this and has had surgery on one hand to straighten his pinky due to the fact that it was starting to hurt while he wrote and played sports. He is twelve. To everyone out there, here is some knowledge for you. It has a name and that is CLINODACTYLY.
    Clinodactyly is the sideways bending of a finger joint. It is often caused by an abnormally shaped bone within the finger. Clinodactyly of the small finger is the most common. Bending of up to 10 degrees is considered normal.
    It is thought that clinodactyly is genetically inherited. Inherited types of clinodactyly usually affect both hands.
    Children with clinodactyly rarely have any difficulties with function in their daily activities. Surgery is only recommended if the finger(s) with clinodactyly poses any problems in the childโ€™s function. Simple forms of clinodactyly (<45 degrees) do not require treatment. For fingers joints with greater deformity, a surgical procedure that removes part of the abnormal bone in the finger can help straighten the finger.
    My sons cast comes off in another week and then next spring we will have the other hand done. In all it has been 6 weeks with a cast after surgery. When the first cast came off after one week his pinky was completed straightened out (thanks to the DR.). Then five weeks with the second cast.

    1. Your comments have answered a few concerns i have about my son. I think its a bit weird that most people are saying that its a genetic trait but it is not in mine or my sons fathers family. So that part baffles me but as for the surgical procedure, i have been praying it would not come to that as, when my son was a baby, my GP said that if it caused him problems then they would have to brake his fingers and reset them. Not nice to hear.

  339. [quote comment="54479"]Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."[/quote]

    Well then.. I have done little research as to my abnormality but i came across this website. My index finger is about the size in between my 1st and 2nd joints of my middle finger, and is only single jointed. It is located on both hands and I also have cooked finger as shown above. Thanks.

  340. Another Deformality-
    Well then.. I have done little research as to my abnormality but i came across this website. My index finger is about the size in between my 1st and 2nd joints of my middle finger, and is only single jointed. It is located on both hands and I also have cooked finger as shown above. If anybody knows why...I would also like to know. Thanks.

  341. So much for hand Modeling ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lately I have noticed that once in a while, my very crooked right pinky gets kind of stuck and won't bend. It is a little annoying but not a big deal. Mostly it looks bad but I'm still glad I have it

  342. I'm surprised to find this many people with this trait. I come from a large family. I am one of 5 children. My mom has some crazy crooked fingers and passed it on to 4 of her 5 kids. My grandmother and grandfather did not have this but from what i understand my great grandfather did. It was believed that it skipped a generation but that all went out the window when me and my siblings had them.

    The oddest part of the whole thing is that my oldest brother's pinkies are more crooked than my older sister's. My sister has it more than i do. My younger brother closest in age to me has it a little less than i do. Finally my youngest brother has the straightest pinkies around. My oldest brother just had his first kid and she has with the crooked pinkies! She is only a month old and it seems as if they are as crooked as my mom's.

    It was just something i grew up with and loved being the only person i ever met outside my family with crooked pinkies. I have no diseases/birth defect or anything like that. Just was a little annoying using a baseball glove as a kid but i got over it, My mom was born in italy so we are Italian.

  343. Mine are just like that ๐Ÿ™‚ but i was wondering, does anyone have crooked big toes as well? I dont mean a bunion, but the actual big toe itself. I have this on both of my toes and so does my dad, and my grandpa had this too. i know that its somehow related, but i wanted to know if this is common at all. thanks!

  344. i have a crooked pinky and index finger, i am 13 and all the people i have shown have made fun of me. i try to hide it from everyone i know. i hate them alot,but i thank god everyday for the life i have but i will do anything to get rid of them

  345. my bother has 2 crockey fingers pinkie finger --my daugher same thing -my 2 grandkids same thin it is weard

  346. I have posted before..I wish I could send you a pic of my son's pinkies. Both he and his dad have it...and its definitely genetic.

  347. People who say its all genetic, your wrong I'm 14 and the only person in my family to have bent pinky's. Also the one next to it it bent worse everytime I show people they go eeeeew that's not right I've always wanted to know why my fingers are like that and this website has really helped. Now I realise I'm not the only one, it's common :)!!!

  348. Elisha. It's genetic.

  349. My pinkies are crooked too slight webbed effect to my middle toes. Neither of my parents had this and neither did my sister. But my fourth son does and my daughter too:-) we always joke that we are the crooked pinkie club!!! Always felt strange as a kid but after my kids were born with it too realized it was genetic. I am of irish and scottish decent and german and american indian. Hope this helps:-)

  350. That's great, knowing I am not alone in this! =)

    It's irritating, yes it is. Bugs me every single day! But thinking about it, I am just grateful for so much in life that's right, kinda can over look that a little... =)

  351. My pinky is exactly like the one in the picture. My pinky on my other hand is almost straight just a little slight hardly noticeably bent. I hate my right pinky b/c it is so bent it looks so weird. When i was little I used to not care in fact I used to even brag about it and pretend with people that I broke it. But, now it really is starting to bother me, people laugh at it all the time and hate getting the response ewwwww!!! I get so embarrassed when I hold a guys hand b/c I'm scared when he sees it he will think it's's happened before!! I know I should embrace being different and I think it's awesome all of you have the same thing as me but it really annoys me. If any one knows any surgery, exercises or anything to fix it or get it a little straighter pleasee let me know. Also my fingers are really tiny just throwing that in there.

    1. Did you do anything with them? they really annoy me too. : (

  352. Ashley shouldnt worry - I am 85 and apart from one silly doctor who thought I had broken it , nobody is bothered .
    Wear it with pride - its different and special .I hoped my children would have it - but no luck

  353. Hi I've wanted to play guitar for a while just started to find that my pinky is getting in in the way making it very hard to play. Well this sucks, no one else in my family has this except for me, I feel sad now.

  354. I have bend pinky fingers too. I just saw a documentary called Cave of Forgotten Dreams where it is mentioned that the artist of some of the cave drawings has a bent pinky and that's how they identify him. Some of the cave art is made with his handprints. I just found it interesting because these are from the Chauvet Caves in France which are the oldest dated cave paintings. So if it is genetic then clearly it has been passed on a long time, almost 30,000 years. Just thought you should know our mutation is one of the oldest recordable traits.

  355. I had about about 50 percent bend in my fifth finger on my right hand. In my late 20s I was interested in learning piano. I was able to correct this with splints.

  356. i also have crooked pinkies they are a lot worse than thoes in the picture above... i have had them my whole life the Dr. wanted to straighten them but my grandmother, who also has crooked pinkies, would't let them, which i am now thankful for. My mom does not have crooked pinkies tho wich kinda stumps me buy uncle did tho.. i really do not know haw it worked

  357. my pinkies r more bent then that way more bent

  358. Hmmm Mine too. I always figured it was to better do "hook'm Horns"

  359. [quote comment="54479"]Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."[/quote]

    First of all. You are extremely rude. Second. This person is totally correct. It is a bone in the tip of the 5th digit that isn't fully formed. It's linked to Autism, Down Syndrome as well as a few other disorders. I have the same exact fingers. Even my finger nails curve, and as the person stated above, my fingers were x-rayed as well. Basically, our pinkie skin folds over and bends, to compensate for the lack of bone. As a glove, not fully sitting on a finger.

  360. mine is hell more bent then that and my rude fingers are severly bent mine is called camptodactyly and is a genitic disorder carried on the x chromosone and is more common in females then males

  361. I thought it was dominant? Not recessive..

  362. I have a slight bend on only my left pinky. This is a major problem for me because I am planning on pursuing a career as a percussionist. I've been befuddled on how my I could not have the same exact technique in both hands. Recently i noticed that my left pinky is slightly bent. because of this, i cant get a perfectly symmetrical technique and therefore cannot get a perfectly symmetrical tone. Mine is minor, but as I said it is a big problem for my drumming. Does anyone have any suggestions for a homemade cure? I dont exactly have much money. I may go get a splint

  363. My Pinkie fingers are extremely bent, and I play violin. I want surgury to straighten my left one badly. But I also feel like I would loose that unique part about me......

  364. I am 3/4 italian and am the only one I every knew (except for one boy in my grammar school class) with crooked fingers. The pinky on my left hand is very bent, and both of my index fingers curve outward at about a 45 degree angle. My mother brought to the doctor's attention as soon as I was born, but he brushed it off repeatedly for next several years saying I would outgrow it. Up until I was 6 years old, my mother was considering having my fingers fixed and then dropped it. At 14 years old, my family doctor noticed them, and again my mother asked if there was anything that could be done. Since, obviously, my bones were formed at that point, he said the bones would have to be broken and reset! No thanks. I have learned to live with them the way they are - I don't really have any pain. It's just hard to grap things with my left hand sometimes, and I hold my hands different on a keyboard to type than most people (I've had to work at it, but I type around 90 WPM). Probably if the doctor had listened to my mother when I was born, I wouldn't be having this discussion (and I wouldn't have been teased so much about this growing up) - my fingers probably could have been fixed with splints while the bones were still soft enough. Anyway, I never realized there were so many people out there like me - I thought I was the one of the few.

    1. BTW, always proud of my crooked fingers - it's made me feel different and unique. The teasing never bothered me, but now I kind of wish that at least my pinky was normal.

  365. I'm nineteen, and I have crooked pinkies. They're pretty similar to the ones in the photo at the top, I guess. I don't think anybody else in my family has them or did have them. At least not that I know of. My pinkies aren't the biggest nuisance in the world, but I don't see them as necessarily great. The only time they ever came in handy (pun not intended) was in middle school when a girl accidentally slammed my hand between a chair and a desk. I pretended to freak out and I held out my pinky, yelling, "Look what you did!!!!" She was so stunned. Heh heh. Now I pretty much keep my pinkies to myself, and nobody really notices them until I point it out, if I do at all. It would be nice to have them fixed----at least the left one. Sometimes they feel hard to bend, are very easy to crack, and start to ache if I'm carrying something (like a heavy bag, for instance). Another problem I've experienced is that I can't grow my nails on my pinkies, because when I do, they stab the ring fingers and it hurts!! I don't like very much for people to hold my hands either. I don't necessarily embrace it, and I wouldn't say that it makes me who I am or anything like that. Most of the time I forget I even have it, until I look down and think "What the what?" I've never met anyone else who's had them----I did notice my French professor's pinky was crooked, but it would have been way too strange to bring it up.

  366. I have bent fingers like in the picture. My Dad had them too but none of my siblings do. Nether of my children have them. Mum said that when I was born my thumbs were up-right but my pinkies were curled into the palm. (In "normal" babies the thumb is usually tucked into the palm at birth). Also my little toes curl underneath the next toe.
    I have alway liked them, and they never caused any problems growing up, except learning to touch type. Just learnt to type without using them. Gave up the piano after only a few lessons and only just occured to me that could have been 'cos it was difficult placing fingers correctly. At the time I just did not enjoy it. I am not very musical anyway.
    Also carring heavy bags 'cos the little finger curls under the others and get squeezed and sore. I am now in my mid 50's and find I have to keep the nails on my pinkies cut short or it cuts into the flesh on the side of my ring finger.
    If you get them straightened you will not get rid of the gene that causes them so celibrate that you are different and that lots of people are different, just like you!!!!

  367. I play cello, piano and I'm learning guitar. I am musical, but my fingers do hinder me a little. For example I find it hard to reach an octave on piano because my little finger curves away. I don't let it stop me though ๐Ÿ™‚

  368. My pinkies are also very bent, as are my siblings, my father and his mother, (my grandmother). It is a positive fact that she is of a Cherokee descent. This, I believe, is true to this American Indian physical trait.

  369. I have crooked pinkies as well, my grandmother had it, i think my grandfather does as well. I read somewhere bent pinkies are a form of autism or can lead to autism, is this true? Ill link the webpage.

  370. my youngest daughter of 14 has bent little fingers first noticeable at around 3, my sister says it is a family trait in the female side, i have a slight curving of the ring fingers my sister dose too,
    when i took daughter to drs they said they wouldnt advise doing anything untill she had stopped growing, she now at 14 is complaining of pain and cramping especially when she is doing a lot of writing, dr reckons she may be deficient in vitamin d so ordered blood test, on vitamin d, iron gamma and bone.
    she dosent play instruments but has struggeled with piano lessons at school, my other daughter and my two sons show no signs of this.

  371. Hey I am Todd and my pinky fingers are bent too.

    I had an X-Ray a while ago and they are bent for the same reason as first mention, the bone is not fully developed.

    People on this page have asked if it is a form of autism or can it lead to autism; the answer is no. Autism is a form of social learning difficulty that is mostly believed to be genetically decided, you are born with this condition, you ether have it or you don't. Though it is true that people with autism and down syndrome do commonly have bent pinky fingers, this does not mean that it is more common for people with bent fingers to have children that have these syndromes, rather that parents with or without bent pinky could have a child with one of the two conditions and this child my have bent pinky fingers.

    I have learnt from some medical journals that it's true that people with bent fingers (and other minor genetic deformities) can be at a grater risk of other (possibly internal, hence they may not every be noticed or cause any problem) genetic deformities. This may or may not be something to worry about, you just need to make the best of what you have and if you notice any problems, what so ever, go to your GP and don't be embarrassed to explain these worries.

    It would be interesting to learn more about the specific genetics that cause a bent pinky and what implications it may have. It must be a dominant trait because you only need one parent to have it to give the bent pinkies the the child, but more detailed analysis would be grate.

  372. That does make sense about the genetics behind it, although I don't think that any of my parents have this condition (or if they have, it isn't anywhere near as noticeable as mine, which are a lot like they are in the picture), meaning that it must be a more recessive trait! I do have another fault that also doesn't seem to be hereditary which is glue ear, a problem that I haven't managed to grow out of (about once a year, I get an ear infection in one of the two ears that bleeds, causing temporary deafness in that ear until the infection disappears). Also, I have a mild issue that my fingernails (and sometimes fingertips) go blue when either cold or when I'm lacking a good supply of oxygen. Apparently this isn't such a big deal.

    However, when I was younger (before 7), both little fingers were rather bent, causing a 45 degree angle gap when the the straight part of one finger was held against the other. Many primary school children back then tried to bend the finger straight - causing much pain! - but it obviously didn't make any difference.
    But, after playing cello for about 8 years, I noticed that the little finger on my left hand became almost straight, leaving the little finger on the left hand to remain bent! The top of the finger also fattened up a bit (for some reason...), but I find this change incredible - could it really have been helped by playing the cello? I started piano about a year ago now, so maybe it will make a difference for my right hand too (although reaching past an octave is still harder on my right hand than it is on my left - but then again, I have small hands XD and the left hand is more flexible than the right due to the cello playing!). I have played one other instrument for 6 years (clarinet) but the others have only been played for a short amount of time.
    Could playing the instrument have actually helped straighten my little finger?! I've never really looked into it, it's always just been a part of me and those fingers act just like the other fingers, bending in all of the right places! The only difference is that slight bend at the joint (it may just be the joint which is bent, not the actual growth of the smaller bone in the middle section, since it feels that way when I pinch the finger at the bend).

    1. It's nice to hear the crooked little finger isn't stopping you playing ๐Ÿ™‚ I play cello too and my teacher used to think I was just being lazy, not stretching my 4th finger enough, she didn't understand that that is just the way it's formed! I'm the same problem with the octave too! Quite frustrating... damn those people with long spindly hands ๐Ÿ˜›
      It will be the years of playing cello and forcing your finger to be straight that have caused the changer. Also as you were growing at the time, it would have been easier to 'deform' your finger to make it straight. I say deform because it's not the way (your genes) intended.
      Going back to the point with the bad circulation in your hands, I have that too. Although I doubt it's linked it's a funny coincidence!


      P.S. Joi this:

  373. I was born with crooked pinkies as was my mom and grandma as well as several other family members and all 3 of my children which includes a set of twins. So it is definitely genetic since it affects so many of my family members. A lot of people are like that is so weird but cool. I'm just like ok, because to me it's normal.

  374. im so glad i have this kind of pinky even if some really bring me down. it only means to me that the kind of people with this pinky is a good man with a promise, cause they hold much firmer in a pinky swear... ^^
    and i have to really hold on to a promise to my friend that i will wait for the right time for her to be with me, because i promised her so, pinky swear.

  375. OHEM I have a bent pinky too! Although mine is only on the right, and I also have a bent middle and ring finger on my right hand as well. My classmates find it "weird" for me to have bent fingers and they probably tease me about it. I've been doing research about it and I was trying to find a solution to it. They call me abnormal for that. But then I realised that it was a genetic and my mom also as bent fingers so yeahh ๐Ÿ˜€ Now that I know that I'm not the only one who has it, as I was reading along the other messages, I felt good about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  376. when i was a baby my pinky was bent worse than the picture.
    i wonder if it is normal if the skin comes off.
    my teacher said that the doctor or whatever has to break my pinky to get it straight!!!!!!
    (i said that if they do that i hope they put me to sleep)

  377. my sister always laugh at my pinky at church but i pay her no attention i mean what else was i suppose to do she is only 6.

  378. I have this too and mine are pretty bad, I'm so insecure and conscious about it. I really hate, the only people who don't think it's nasty are my closest friends and everyone else is just like eww... Well, I mean at first a few of my friends were like the fuck? I hate doing activities that deal with hands because I'm going to get negative remarks and makes me feel terrible...

    Like I have crooked pinkies
    My nipples pop out mor than they should
    My left eye is bigger than my right
    My right ear pops out more and a little bigger than my left
    My left ball has something like bigger veins than my right

    Plus other stuff... I'm so insecure about myself and not bad looking just these things are fucking my life up.

  379. I had hoped one of my children or grandchildren would have my bent pinkie but no luck .I was told by s doctor that the bent pinkie is the oldest recorded inherited abnormality - found in one aristocratic family from the 16th C
    When I had a fall a young intern at A and E thought I had broken my pinkie
    I also have some toes slightly webbed

  380. My son has had bent pinkies from birth and as he grows up they become more bent. He is now 6 and sometimes finds it uncomfortable particularly when writing. I don't know about genetics in others but this problem has (as far as i know) never appeared in mine or his fathers family.

  381. I'm 14, and have both my short fingers bent too, but the bone sticks out a bit more then in your picture. out of 4 siblings im the only one that has it, but my dad has both his fingers bent, and so does his mum. definitely think it has something to do with inheritance or genetics, what are the chances me my dad and my nan all just developed it randomly with NO DNA link whatsoever ? doesnt make sence.
    Personally, i think that its just a random abnormality, that in some instances gets passed on ..

    Literally thought 'the 2 bent short fingers' trate only ran in my family, researched it and found out its not actually THAT rare, happy that I've been able to share my opinion ^_^ even if im 4 years late from the original post haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  382. [quote comment="54479"]Are you people idiots? Bent pinky fingers are a common recessive genetic trait. Many people (including myself and my mother) have severly bent pinky fingers, much more bent then those in the photo. Sorry to break it to you but none of you are that "special." If you really were written up in an "article" in the 'New England Journal of Medicine' I'm pretty sure you would've looked up the article and posted a link to prove your point. I'm sorry, I don't believe you. Read a biology or gentics book next time you think you have an "abnormality."[/quote]

    I second that!

  383. Also:

    The facebook group for the 'Crooked Pinky Gene'

    All join!

  384. Hey! It was great to find this site ๐Ÿ™‚ My little fingers both became more
    noticeably bent when I was about 16 - it makes sense now that I've read how one bone forms as a wedge shape rather than a rectangle. They have ached a little in the cold in the past but don't bother me apart from that. I'm English but my Dad's family originally came from Scotland a few hundred years ago. I like the idea of Viking ancestry so I'm going to stick with that!

  385. [quote comment="54203"]my pinkies are bent....and I am also able to take my thumbs and bend them on top of the knuckle of my pointer finger........can anyone else? I have always had fun "grossing people out" with my thumb! :D[/quote]

    'Yes' dude i can and many of my freinds to maby we need to get a brase for mine and your crooked pinkeys.

  386. I have prinky fringers too

    I don't believe that genetic's are the only cause seeing as nobody in my family has them.

    My prinky's have never been a problem for me I've never had anybody notice them or if they did never said anything

    I've always thought of them that is something that was uniquely me until high school when I met a girl with the same crooked prinky's as me we became good friends and I thought of her as sort of a kindered spirit

    the very best thing I can think of for have crooked prinky's is that their the best prinky's for prinky swears

  387. Hi,

    Just found this...!

    Me and my three brothers all have bent little fingers similar to that in the picture.

    So does my father, and his father, and his father. We do not know about anyone before that.

    It would certainly suggest that it is genetic and not just random - I think most people here are split 60-40 in favour of it being genetic, but I also understand that comparatively few people have such bent little fingers as to do a full-size study into it on a large scale. But then again; who cares?!

  388. I play guitar and its difficult to fret the 4th fret. It naturally presses on the 3rd just like my ring finger. My ring finger is straight, my pinkys not. When I put my pinky on the 4th, it presses on the side. What can I do? Do i need to force it stright or can I get it surgically done so it it straight again? I play guitar standard(fretting is done with the left hand) i dont care about my right being straight.

    1. Having the same problem. You can have it surgically done. Don't know how much it will cost. Good luck though!

  389. After years of flute playing my pinky fingers became bent at the top also I'm able to bend the top joint without bending the others so a warning to flute players be careful of how you place your little finger

  390. The trait is called clinodactyly for those who didn't know. I have it on what looks to be 3 of my fingers. I hate it because guitar playing is very difficult.

  391. I also have this problem but worse. All of my fingers are bent to some degree, but specifically my middle finger and pinky. I also have it on my toes. It does run in the family, but so far i have it the worst! It doesn't really bother me, but it was a bit if an issue when i used to play the clarinet as i couldn't reach some of the notes! It is also one symptom of down's syndrome. I have met a few people who also have it! It's funny when show people at school because they think it's gross and weird ๐Ÿ˜›

  392. Hi Family,
    The specialist I when to in Canto, Ohio for a different medical condition years ago told me that it is a familial dominant inheritance trait and only one family possesses it which makes us all related. People from all over the world have this bent finger!

  393. Aloha long lost brothers and sisters!

    All my fingers are bent to some degree but my pinkies are the most noticeable by far. Sometimes I randomly get aches in the joints on just my pinky fingers which will last a couple hours or so, it feels like growing pains in my fingers. I also can't straighten my little fingers smoothly all the way, like they'll snap into place. I read something about that being caused by inflammation and can presume that's connected to my having bent pinky fingers.

    My great grandmother had clinodactyly, and a few family members including my dad also has it but I just have it much much worse.

    I've always hated them and I'm incredibly insecure of them and will try not to draw attention to my fingers.

    I mean it feels kind of weird that this isn't even a conversation it's just a load of people jumping up saying "I have it too!" but it's kinda cute I guess. Don't want to sound high school musical when I say we're all in this together!

    I clearly come from a land of cheese

  394. I am 22 same shit with me my pinkies like the one in picture. Shit whn i put em together its shapes into a V lol well i guess i got it from my grandpa from my moms side witch my mom has str8 pinkies fucking weird and my dad has str8 pinkies two OK. So its samthing witch idk shit about but its how i was born so its w.e i guess live uppp bye

    1. I have the same thing i think its more common than people think

  395. I have the same pinkies!

  396. same is my finger

  397. My paternal grandmother's family had/has this trait quite frequently, so my grandmother used to tell me. Of my father's siblings, 2 of 4 had it, including him. Of my siblings, 3 of 6 of us have it, including me. I have not passed it on to either of my children. I know that one of my siblings has passed it to 1 of his 4 children.

    I always got a kick out of surprising people with it, claiming that I've just broken my finger. Then I show them the other one to end the "crisis." The only time someone ever poked fun of it was when I'm driving, my pinky(s) will often overlap the ring finger, in plain view. But it's always been good humor.

  398. Well, I'm a 64 year old woman, who has a very crooked pinky on my left hand. When I was a child, I was told it had to do with how my mom carried me. No one else in my big family had this pinky! Well, I have a four week old grandaughter just born with this pinky on her left hand also! I did not know it was genetic all these years! I have a " Minnie me"! I'm enjoying everyone's storys. My pinkie has really gotten crooked with arthritis now.

  399. Hi, I've just come across this post! Im 14 and have this condition its called clinodactyly, it affects 3 of my fingers, mainly my two little fingers which i have had operated on. I had 2 operations on each because of pain i was having. I had the left one done first when i was 9 and my right done when i was 11. The operation went great and it worked wonders! Im beginning to have the pain again in my right and left fingers but that was as expected as i was told as i am still growing then they would more than likely start hurting again ๐Ÿ™ my finger on my right hand next to my little finger is also bent in and has started hurting recently too! I had the left finger done at new cross hospital and my right one done at Birmingham childrens hospital. 2 operations on each 1 to put a pin in and then 1 to take it out. I could have chose to have the pin taken out without surgery but at that age it was a more scary time and i point blank refused, im not sure if i have them operated on again whether i would have the pin taken out in surgery or not!

  400. My left pinkie is bent but I was born like that. Can it be straightened?

  401. All my family have the bent pinky, it's hereditary

  402. Hi.
    Just to warn people. You are more predisposed to arthritis in the joints that are naturally curved. I wish I had known that. And would have paid more attention when I felt achiness. Too late now, the joints are eroded.

  403. Both my pinkies are bent at the last joint. One finger is more bent than the other. My father said at my birth "She has crooked little fingers like me!" Well sure enough and I too had a doctor tell me that he could operate. Well why would I when my fingers work just fine the way they are. Now when typing I do have a little trouble reaching the farter away keys but I can make do. Also as I am getting on in age, I am developing some arthritis in the joints where much strain is placed on them typing. Oh well. Life is just fully little anomalies that make me me.

  404. This actually effects about 1% of people around the world, and I believe it is called Streblomicrodactyly. Also, I really hate the people on here who are so goddamn negative, โ€œyouโ€™re not specialโ€ lit, maybe to you, but hey, we are all different.

  405. I never thought to look and see about crooked pinkies till now lol. I've been this way for 57 years both hands. Glad to see there are many other. I was told many years ago to have surgery to correct it but turned it down because this runs in my heritage. Now one of my grandsons was born a few weeks ago and to our surprise he has them too.