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QotD: WWDC 2K6 Disappointment

Question: Now that WWDC is over, what's your biggest disappointment?

My Answer: The ship date. 😛

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7 Responses to "QotD: WWDC 2K6 Disappointment"

  1. Garbage Collection in Obj-C 2.0

    As far as I know GC from my daily Java, I consider it as an absoulte minus.

  2. Good thing that it's just an opt-in.

  3. As far as I understand, Java development support will be dropped from Xcode (the IDE I mean). It not that Xcode is really good in that field, far from it, but frankly, Eclipse is so... Windows 3.1-ish. :/ And since I work with WebObjects on a regular basis, I'll have to switch one day or another.

    About garbage collection... Garbage collection is a must. Once upon a time, I developped a memory management library for C++, including reference counting mixins, smart pointers and laundry lists (kind of autorelease pool) and I never worked (in C++) without it. I never had any memory bug since, without performance problem despite the mecanism used. Can't live without it.

  4. I don't think they will drop Java-support in XCode 3 ... would make not much sense, as WO is relies on Java.

    For the GC: The reason I cursing GC is, that most prog'ing I do is for a ApplicationServer. It has lot's of Third-Party libraries, which are closed source. So, there is a module, which connects to SAP-Systems via SAP-JCO. The module is third party and close source as well as the SAP-JCO.
    So, now there is this bug... errrmmm.. .feature: Due to some VPN mishaps, the connection is sometimes broken for a very short period of time. But in this time, the SAP module or the JCO (vendor of the module blames the JCO), loses the physical connection, but it can not free the resources, as the GC considers the Object as valid an not null. So the ApplicationServer starts getting hungry for memory and there is absolute no way to free them... as GC says "I decide when it can be released" .... as you may know, even if you say myObject = null, Java's GC gives a fsck on it....

    and this is only one example... I had a few more of this kind of GC annoyings 🙁

  5. None. Whatsoever.

    They delivered exactly what I expected. I have bigger expectations for Leopard than what they _showed_.

    But hell, the ship date? When the biggest competitor (Vista) has their beta testers screaming to delay things and release a beta 3?

    This time around OS X has a direct comparison happening. Something that hasn't happened since... well, 10.0. If the competition gives us another 3 months to polish things - I say do it.

    As for those unexposed pieces.... disappointed is a word that IMHO only those who don't understand the market would use. Erik, you aren't one of those. So I'm figuring you are asking what they call a leading question.

    Sorry, I'm not biting.

    PS - if you MUST.... my biggest disappointment is that I had no chance of making the WWDC and have to wait a few more months before getting my own preview of XCode 3.0. Damn!

  6. The ship date & no mention of ZFS.

  7. Dave, if "the ship date" is my biggest disappointment, I figure that alone is pretty revealing. It's not something about which I can be very disappointed, after all.