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Boston Market Returning to Erie?

The past two weeks, in the Sunday paper, we've received Boston Market coupons. Boston Market (for whom I used to work, and from whom I still received a 30% discount seven years after the fact in Florida because I still had my employee discount card) was in Erie until, oh, 1999 or so before KFC took over their building near the Barnes & Noble on Peach Street.

The Boston Market website doesn't show any Boston Markets within 50 miles of Erie. One week may be a mistake, but two weeks of coupons seems to indicate that a Boston Market is coming (back).

Is this true? If so, where?

One Response to "Boston Market Returning to Erie?"

  1. On the topic of coupons, we receive Quiznos coupons regularly in the mail, but does the local Quiznos actually accept the coupons that we receive with their address printed on them? No... Just a mild annoyance of mine.