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QotD: Tiger Woods Dominance

Question: Has anyone ever been as dominant in any other sport as Tiger Woods is in golf?

My Answer: I don't think so. The guy has a 30% winning percentage in the majors. Phil Mickelson is something like 3 for 58 (~5%). Jack Nicklaus was 18 for 159, or about 11.3% (though that number includes many majors well past 1986, when he won his 18th). 12 majors in 10 years, including three to four years (split over two separate times) when Tiger wasn't very competitive due to swing changes. WOW.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Tiger Woods Dominance"

  1. Lance Armstrong?

  2. I should have said "without using performance-enhancing drugs." If you're of the opinion that Lance did not use PEDs, well, I suppose he may be close, yes.

  3. Michael Schumacher?

  4. Michael Jordan?

  5. Roger Federer.

  6. I don't think Roger Federer has been this dominant for a decade. Andy Roddick came before him, and not that long ago, right?

  7. Valentino Rossie in the MotoGP.. 5 straight 500cc world championships. Plus world championships in the 250cc and 125cc.

    Michael Dooan, 5 straight 500cc world championships.