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Developer Discount, Anyone?

Does anyone happen to have a soon-to-be-expired Apple (hardware) developer discount?

3 Responses to "Developer Discount, Anyone?"

  1. Umm, why are you asking?

    14. How do I transfer assets?
    Any ADC Materials, including seed keys, technical support incidents, hardware discounts, and pre-release software provided to you as an ADC program member may be transferred only to your employees and contractors who have an existing ADC membership.

  2. SJK, since I have an existing ADC membership, I suppose the interpretetation of the word "contractor" is debatable.

    To answer your question, "I was just asking for the heck of it." No reason at all.

  3. Good point re: "contractor".

    I'd have answered "yes" to your question a couple years ago, when an unused hardware asset expired with its ADC membership.