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Ha. Don Yacktman cares so little about Freshly Squeezed Software that he hasn't yet noticed that "" - the base href on the FSS site, expired on August 24 (two days ago) and now resolves to Dotster's "" site. Two of the other domains ( and .net) are also "dead" as of August 24.

As such, the other two URLs ("software" spelled out) that display the FSS site are currently very ugly. The CSS and all images are not appearing because the base href is set to Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

On the plus side, at least this may finally make people realize what I've known for over a year now - that Don hasn't ever done jack squat with FSS and won't ever.

At least we'll have Iris.

13 Responses to " Down"

  1. That's really sad. Even though I don't use PulpFiction, I'm still sorry to see that happen to it.

  2. Eric,

    I was a big fan of Pulpfiction Lite! I think it's a fabulous piece of software. Still use it despite it being a non-Universal app. Your website was and still is listed in my bookmarks 'portal'.

    I must say that you'll were very very trendy. It's a shame that you're not working for FSS anymore.

    But in all sincerity, let the product live. People come and people go, but a good product once gone is 'dead'!

  3. Neil, you're missing what's going on. Erik's not at fault on this one. He sold FSS over a year ago to someone he thought was going to carry on the work that we had done. Unfortunately, that's not what happened. The new guys have only released one update to only one of the products and that update was all work that had been completed when they acquired FSS.

    We wanted PF to live on and mature since it's our aggregator of choice. At this point it is dead. It's hard to see any life left in it when the owner doesn't even keep the website running and has neglected the product for over a year.

  4. That's really sad - as you know, I'm still a big fan of PulpFiction. Come Leopard, maybe I'll switch to using RSS in Mail. 🙁

  5. So... does that make PF abandonware? I think it's time someone 'stole' a copy of that source you might still have laying around and then releasing it. Yeah, yeah, I know. Cant do that.

    It's just a shame on Don's part to let such a wonderful app die like that.

  6. Daniel, you seem to be missing the point of the last sentence… And no, Don, we can't - and wouldn't - use the PF code base. We learned from our mistakes.

  7. This is terrible. My RSS reader of choice is certainly going to be defunct. Dammit.

  8. Chip - it's been defunct for over a year. A replacement is coming, though.

  9. So why did Don buy it?

  10. Chip - it's been defunct for over a year.

    Oh, I know, Erik. I guess I've been in denial, is all. Admittedly, PF was the news reader I succumbed to back in the day, and it's still my fave. 🙂

    A replacement is coming, though.

    Well, that good news. I had a feeling something would surface.

  11. When you were hinting about the sale of FSS before it happened, I checked out Don's site, and the only reason I could think of him wanting FSS (That is beyond the quality of the software that is), is that he may have planned to fold PulpFiction and perhaps RockStar into some sort of screensaver, which seemed to be the main product he himself was marketing. Possible synergy there-- I never saw it happen though.

    But he never seemed Web 2.0 to me. (He might actually have a blog, but is anyone subscribing to it?) I imagine most people subscribing to NSLog ARE users of PulpFiction (any other newsreaders in the stats and logs?)

    The only time I heard of -any- peep about his software, was when you yourself mentioned it. If anything has shown up on any of the typical press release Mac news mills, I haven't ever noticed them.

    And if you are paranoid like I am, there is always the chance that someone bought you out just to squelch you for the competitions sake. I don't think so though. I just think he is not typically as active a producer, developer or salesman as you naturally are, and may have been wanting income without effort. Or has, as you say, has merely been having troubles.

  12. Bud, it had nothing to do with how "Web 2.0" someone is or was. Hell, I'm not "Web 2.0" either.

    Don was a very skilled Mac developer. He had been doing a lot of consulting and was looking to get more into the "indie Mac developer" role.

    Being paranoid in this situation makes no sense. Don made no competing products.

    At this point, it simply is what it is, and that's unfortunate.

  13. You seem to be a lot more into RSS than he (I consider RSS somewhat Web 2.0).

    Considering some of the software he bought dealt with reading RSS, I would think he would have a higher profile, as far as syndicating himself, and his new wares.

    It is unfortunate he was not able to tinker with the toys more, or even publicize them as well.