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Get Shorty… Or Not

I tried Khoi's "Shorty" software today and came away unimpressed. Not only did the software fail to work for me (I have Apache 2.x and MySQL 4.x installed at The Sand Trap), but I jumped into the forum and read about a few serious security issues. Also, the software doesn't work with IE, ruling out, what, 60% of web users?

Perhaps by the time it hits 1.0 it will actually work. For now, TinyURL will continue to get my business.

One Response to "Get Shorty… Or Not"

  1. Looks like Sidepath to me, except it's free, and, you know, released.

    Thanks for the link. It sounds to me that Khoi should be the one worried about IE compatibility for the Shorty interface, since I doubt you or I actually use IE. 🙂 Well, unless the .htaccess redirects fail to work on IE, too?

    Security issues are definitely an issue, that thread you mentioned is going to keep me away from this as well, at least for a while.