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QotD: Sock Order

Question: Which sock do you put on first? What pants leg?

My Answer: The left one, usually. I'm not sure one. I do, like most people, put them on one leg (or foot) at a time.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Sock Order"

  1. socks: 90% of the time right, 10% left

    pants: probably more like 60/40 left/right

  2. Hmm... This is something I really haven't thought much about before for sure 😛 But I _think_ I usually put on the right one first.. I'm left-handed though, are you right-handed? Maybe there's a correlation..

  3. I have a sort of obsession with socks. I put 'em on my left foot first, but before I check the shape of the sock to see which one is the right foot one and the left one. If they don't have a shape from the factory, most of them do, after regular use in one foot they will acquire the shape of that particular foot.

    Yeah, weird.

  4. "I put my pants on one legs at a time.... the only difference is - once they're on, i make gold records."

    Right foot first, for both. 🙂