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Musicast 1.0 Out

MusicastI've been playing with Musicast for the past few months, and though the 1.0 lacks a few features, it really provides a nifty interface to let you share your music with others.

Is the RIAA watching? I don't know. But at the same time, I've password-protected my Musicast site from time to time so that only I can see my music from someone else's computer.

And, in talking with the developer Andy, version 1.1 will really rock. Grab it now for $18 or so.

2 Responses to "Musicast 1.0 Out"

  1. This is truly slick! I've bought a copy for myself, so thanks for the tip!

    A bit sad though that even a 1.0 doesn't work as nicely in IE as in Safari.. I know, I'm not a fan of the browser either, but quite a few of my friends (the girls, I guess) use it.. So it would be nice to see it work decently at least..

    And, I hope 1.1 will let me choose a group in my Address Book for the access control.. I store both friends and work contacts in my Address Book, and it just clutters up the list with the latter contacts group..

    Regarding the RIAA, maybe it would be better to create a small Flash player for in-browser listening. At least that obscures mp3-downloading a bit (and would make the interface even more slick and complete, imo, for those not using iTunes that is).

  2. Hey Frode,

    You actually can put your 'cast in a Flash player. Check out Streampad, it works great with Musicast. We've linked to it on 🙂