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DirecTiVo to Mac

I can get video off of my DirecTV-equipped TiVo ("DirecTiVo"), but it's a painful process that includes hooking my DV camera (a little Sony) up and recording. I think take the DV Cam upstairs to my G5, where I import the video. Obviously, for an hour-long program, this process takes over two hours.

I'm not sure whether there are any devices out there that can digitize (to DV files, or any other editable format) quickly from TiVo playback. I'm not interested in recording live TV, but rather simply played-back TV after the fact.

The DirecTiVo is nice, but I can't even use the USB ports to remotely access the TiVo. Any ideas?

2 Responses to "DirecTiVo to Mac"

  1. Not sure about DirecTivo, but my stand alone S2 unit works great with my setup. Download shows from a nifty Tivo widget to my local server. When I have enough to warrant me booting into my XP side (intel imac) I just use Direct Dump utility to convert them from .tivo to .mpg (mpeg2 format). When I want to view them, I use VLC or convert them with Handbrake for ipod use.

    Anything besides the stand alone Tivo, locks you into a world of hell. And yes... I have my Tivo hooked through my Dish sat with supplied IR blaster. No issues. I'm actually looking into a second unit for the bedroom.

  2. I use an EyeTV 200. I connect the DirecTiVo to the composite input, save to VCR on the TiVo and start recording on the EyeTV.