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Lights in the Kitchen

These are the pendant lights Carey and I hung over Labor Day weekend. They replace some lame track lighting (the bulbs always burned out, they were 60 watt max, etc.). Though we didn't plan for it, the lights we chose ($20 for a set of three at Lowe's) really draws your eye up, adding height to the vaulted ceiling, and Carey's painting of the inner "walls" of the skylight really accentuate the window.

Pendant Lights

We're pretty pleased with the work, even if the picture didn't quite work out (took it at about 9:30 last night).

3 Responses to "Lights in the Kitchen"

  1. Beats me. iTunes is getting more and more inefficient and bloated.

    FrontRow worked perfectly last night for me when iTunes wouldn't even play smooth full-screen video.

  2. [...] it a bright green. Next we painted the master suite: bathroom and bedroom. Then we moved on to the kitchen (sagey green), the bathroom downstairs (earthy brown), the living room (beige with one darker [...]

  3. Really, really like your kitchen. The lights are hung in such a perfect place too. I would much rather prefer those to the track lighting.