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QotD: Intel Inside Your Macs

Question: Expressed as a percentage, how many of the Macs in your home have Intel chips inside?

My Answer: 0%. But that could change soon.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

16 Responses to "QotD: Intel Inside Your Macs"

  1. 50%

  2. now: %33
    tomorrow: %50
    sometime next week: %66

  3. 16%

  4. 0%

    ...i wish that was changing soon. 🙁

  5. When I'm at home it's 50% (thank you work!). It'll rise to 66% when I pick up an intel mac of some description later in the year, and then to 100% when I give my PowerBook G4 to my step-dad at Christmas.

  6. 100% because I only have one Mac now.

    50% of all my computers use Intel CPUs though. The other 50% uses AMD.

  7. 0% -- and i hope to change that sometime over the next few months myself as well.

  8. 50%

  9. 50%

    MacBook Pro & 17" iMac Core Duo

    Non intel systems are an old G4 minitower and a Mac Mini being used as a DVR.

  10. 25%

  11. 33% At Home
    66% At Work

  12. Not counting my sister's half-abandoned Powerbook G3, 50%. Counting processor cores, 66%.

  13. Hum, 25% counting machines, 33% counting processor cores. Without the old and mostly unused 5 years old iBook G3 (I keep it as a test machine for old MacOS X releases), that's 33% and 40%.

  14. 1 for home (MB), and 1 MB pro for work ... 100% at home. I have a G5 at the office still - and will for a while.

  15. 50% - PowerBook G4 17" & iMac 20" Core Duo

  16. 33% I just bought a new mac book pro and I will probably replace the my G5 tower when OS 10.5 is release. It's really starting to feel sluggish for the first time in 3 year.