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BBEdit 8.5 Out

Version 8.5 is now available. $30 (for those upgrading from 8.0) gets you code folding, a better preferences window, a renamed Glossary, and, uhhhhh… we'll see.

I wonder if code folding can fold around matching <div> tags… something in me doubts it. I'm watching football or I'd be playing with BBEdit right about now.

And the new icon? Hardly something worthy of any excitement. I'm tempted to paste TextEdit's icon over it for the heck of it. 😛

4 Responses to "BBEdit 8.5 Out"

  1. Ruby, YAML, and SQL: Built-in syntax coloring and function navigation; SQL support includes generic SQL, MS Transact-SQL, MySQL, Oracle PL/SQL, and PostgreSQL.

    They've only just added native SQL syntax!? I always used to have to get a plugin for that, but they've finally added it? Wow, and in a shade just under 14 years. Well done, guys.

  2. I wonder if code folding can fold around matching tags…

    Yes it does!

  3. Phil, I said the same thing about SQL. As for folding, it's nice, but I already switched to TextMate.

  4. It won't fold PHP control statements!

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