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Expression v.X Software Download

Many years ago, I owned two sites: Sound Set Central and AppleScript Central. Both had sound sets and AppleScripts primarily for the Microsoft email clients, though some of the AppleScripts worked with iTunes, AOL Instant Messenger, the Finder, and other applications, and some of the Sound Sets could be used with other applications as well.

One of the things I had on Sound Set Central was a little REALBasic application for creating Sound Sets for Outlook Express and Entourage. Eventually I updated it to work with Mac OS X. The site has since been lost, but some people still email me occasionally requesting Expression v.X. So, since it's nowhere else, I'm posting it here: Download Expression v.X (.dmg, 2.16 MB).

If anyone is interested in the source code for the app, please IM me. There are enough Entourage users out there that someone may want to start something like Sound Set Central again. The two "central" sites made over $30,000 in advertising one year…

P.S. I still like the Dr. Evil soundset that's included on the .dmg file.

5 Responses to "Expression v.X Software Download"

  1. What was the reason for closing Sound Set Central and Expression application?

    I am interested in the source code; however, I am quite busy with other things--it would not be immediate in working on it.

  2. Dude! That takes me waaaay back! I remember spending a large part of my work week experimenting with different soundsets.

    Ahh, the glory days!

  3. I really miss the 'Moog Soundset' I used to have. Discovered this page while searching for it. Well, maybe I'll make myself a set?

    thanks for the software.

  4. where are the sounds gone too?

  5. [quote comment="45281"]where are the sounds gone too?[/quote]

    All the soundsets were transferred to the new owner when the site was sold.