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MovableType’s Search Disparity

I searched The Sand Trap for a term using both the public interface and the back-end search available at the "Entries" screen.

The former took 63 seconds. The latter took four. It matters not when or in what order I do the searches. The same search results are returned. Why this disparity exists is beyond me. Safari is not spending 59 extra seconds formatting the HTML - it's executing the .cgi, the actual search.

Something needs fixed.

One Response to "MovableType’s Search Disparity"

  1. I've submitted this to MovableType's support:

    I typically search my blogs through one of two places: the end-user site (using mt-search.cgi) or the MT administrator interface (typically from the "Entries" listing screen).

    When I search using mt-search.cgi, searches take 10 to 15 times as long (sometimes MORE!) as they do when I use the integrated entries search (using mt.cgi?__mode=search_replace...).


    This seems like a bug to me. The public mt-search.cgi takes SOOOOO much longer, yet displays what amounts to the same thing. I realize some MT tags are used in displaying search results via mt-search.cgi, but according to MTTimer, building the search page takes only 2.19 seconds (or did in an example search I just did for "iTunes" at The actual search, from the time I hit the "Search" button, took 45 seconds. The same search, done via the admin interface, took less than four seconds.