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Windows XP Cheap and Airport Express Holdups

So, a long-lost Microsoft employee emailed me and will be supplying a copy of Windows XP Pro for $35. Yippee.

And Brad, who took time out from working on Iris, informed me that the four-week holdup on my Mac Pro is due to the Airport Express card, of all things. Apparently in the Mac Pro, the wireless cards have been combined (Bluetooth/Airport) into a new single card with a new form factor. They're not yet readily available, and so I have to wait. And wait. And wait.

Which is fine, because the price of RAM right now is way too high.

I really, really hope that Leopard*'s version of Boot Camp lets me run Windows in a window. Or at least even Fast-OS-Switch between Mac OS X and Windows.

* It took me awhile to think about what cat name the next Mac OS X is. Tiger? No. Panther? No, that was awhile ago. Tabby? No, that's 10.6, right? 😛

3 Responses to "Windows XP Cheap and Airport Express Holdups"

  1. In the developer build, Boot Camp still works exactly the same way. I use Parallels to run Windows XP and it works great for me.

  2. What about Lion? Or another rehash of Puma/Pather but using Cougar or Catamount? Unless they start switching to smaller cats like Lynx and Ocelot.

  3. I hope Apple -IS- working on making Windows available via Fast User Switching or similarly. I would find that much more elegant or potentially smoother that Boot Camp, or running a Windows desktop inside a window as Parellels might.

    And the fact that this gets very little discussion in general actually makes me more hopeful that that is the case, once Leopard ships.