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iTunes Showtime

Showtime iTunes

I wish Apple had streams of events like these. People could have even paid $0.99 to tune into the stream via iTunes. 😉

8 Responses to "iTunes Showtime"

  1. I it's called the "iTunes Store" and not the "iTunes Music Store". I wonder if that will be the new name now that it will sell more then just music.

  2. I wish they'd kept the "M" and just called it "Media." But then again, I'm speaking in the past tense and nothing has really happened yet. Maybe they think "Media Store" sounds too much like a place where you store media, not where you buy it.

  3. Public knowledge now, but they *do* have a (free) stream.

  4. Which I'm sure will work fine after the event is over. I'm not certain it'll actually be live (as it says it is).

  5. The part where it says "Live Broadcast" and the title "Special Event" flashes briefly when it opens in QuickTime might indicate otherwise. (It gives a 404 a lot of the time too.)

  6. And of course, naturally, now I can't get through. I know I wasn't imagining that, though.

  7. ugh, iTunes 7 has bit hit with the ugly stick.

    Particularly the source list.. all-caps section headers? Black highlighting? ugh.

    on the other hand, the new TV Show view is pretty nice, and video playback has finally been fixed so it's usable. (And has a nifty new controller when you play video in a window ... although i find it odd that you can drag it around the window.)

    iTunes 7 (and accompanying QuickTime 7.1.3 upgrade) are not in Software Update yet, but you can get them from Apple's website.

    Accessing the iTunes store from iTunes 7 just results in an error message, though. No pretty black "Showtime" screen.