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Keith Olbermann on 9/11 and Ground Zero

Keith is no fan of Georgie W:

Discuss as you wish.

2 Responses to "Keith Olbermann on 9/11 and Ground Zero"

  1. I like Keith - usually. This time? I couldn't get halfway through it.

    Be critical of Bush all you want Mr. Olbermann. Much of that criticism is warranted, and proper.

    But to blame him for the fact that Ground Zero has not been rebuilt? What about the City of New York? What about _those_ politicians, and the reporters _they_ have bought off?

    Mr. Olbermann... it's your right to use your pulpit to state your skewed views on Ground Zero. Just as it's my right to say to you - what a maroon.

  2. Yeah Mr. Olbermann can go a little too far. But compared to GW Bush, he seems far more rational. Remeber "Mission Accomplished", "Brign it on", " am the Decider". Mr. Olbermann has his moments, but he is a monolith of integrety and marturity when measured alogn side GW Bush. KO dwarfs GWB as a man.