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Bill Gump

Bill GumpI said it last year, and I'll say it again: Bill Cowher is the weak link on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bill Cowher's insistence that rookies can't play (Willie Reid, for one). Bill Cowher's insistence that people like Ricardo Colclough belong in the NFL (when clearly they do not). Bill Cowher's second-quarter turtling. Bill Cowher's lack of insistence not to get the tight end more involved in the games as more than blockers. The list goes on.

The Bengals were absolutely dominated on Sunday, yet the Steelers lost. I blame one fellow: Bill Cowher. Close seconds go out to Ben Roethlisberger for his poor passing and decision making, Ricardo for having hands resembling granite, and LeBeau for the softy second-quarter D.

2 Responses to "Bill Gump"

  1. "The Bengals were absolutely dominated on Sunday...."

    ROFL. Only a Steeler fan could watch their horrendous QB and say such a thing. Oh, and any kind of "dominating" defense simply doesn't play at home the way they did.

    With all due respect Erik - and yes, I am not a Steeler fan, but rather a Buffalo fan - they have more problems than their coach.

    They could well be 0-3 at this point. They are 2 games out of second place after only three games.

    It's a long season - and I think the offweek could not be coming at a better moment for them.


  2. Did you watch the same football game I did? They dominated the line of scrimmage, were constantly harassing Carson Palmer. They ran for 170 yards while giving up half as many. When you give the Bengals two drives that start inside your 20, it's easy to get points.

    The Bengals were dominated. They were given a win by poor coaching decisions (Colcough even wearing a uniform, leading to a muffed punt and a turnover). The Steelers turned the ball over FIVE times. And yet the Bengals barely won the game. Nate Washington dropped a TD that would have made the score 28-26 with a two-point try coming up.

    Our "horrendous" QB is 27-6. That's an 0.820 winning percentage. He played like butt yesterday, I give you that (and said so above), but he's anything but horrendous.