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iTunes AppleScripts I Use

I don't know where I got them all - some I wrote myself - but most can probably found at

Add to iPod Shuffle - No longer works now that iTunes 7 doesn't keep your Shuffle listed once it's ejected. Did just what the title says it did in iTunes 6.

Erik is Listening To… - Created output like "Erik is listening to "Strong Enough" by Sheryl Crow from the album "iTunes Originals - Sheryl Crow" (2006). Erik has rated this song 4.0 stars and last played this song Tuesday, May 30, 2006 7:45:38 am." I sometimes posted this in my AIM away message, emails, or whatever. Not often.

More below…

Export - Exported appropriate information from songs in a playlist to a text file. Don't run this on Party Shuffle or it will never stop. 🙂

Fast Forward - Fast forwards a song. Good for bumping the play count of a song and not getting the "skip" thing. Good for songs with 20 minutes of silence before a short bonus track, too.

Find Bad Song Files - Finds songs that have been removed from the disk. I never need this any more, but when I was reconstructing my library once, I did.

Find Songs Without Art - Finds songs without art and puts them in a playlist. I think I'm done using this one!

Play Count for PDFs - Sets the play count for PDFs (digital booklets) to 1 so they are removed from my "Unrated and Unplayed" smart playlist.

Rate This Song - Lets me type in a rating. Useful when iTunes is in minimized mode, but completely useless now that I use Synergy.

Set Played Count to… - Lets me choose what to set the play count to. Useful when someone I know listens to the same Doodlebops song 37 times in a row. 🙂

Speed up Podcast - More of a tech demo. Opens the podcast file in QuickTime and plays it at 150% speed. Most people talk too slowly.

Uncheck and Skip - Unchecks the song and skips to the next one. Useful for the country music I happen to have in my library. 😉

One Response to "iTunes AppleScripts I Use"

  1. Two I use a lot, both at Doug's Applescripts:

    1) Open Video in QT - Opens the selected video in QuickTime Player, very useful for video podcasts. Before ver 7 iTune's video playback was horrible, and it's still not up to QT Player.

    2) This is the Last Song - Stops iTunes when the presently playing song finishes. Handy when you're running out the door, etc., but don't want to just stop the music abruptly