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My Album Art Quest is Over

Using the script posted yesterday in the comments along with Marc Friedenberg's "Find Songs Without Artwork" script have let me finish my album art quest. Yes, I am done. In fact, I have only a few files left without album art… and they're the cover booklets (PDF or Flash-based .mov files) you sometimes get from iTunes. So, every song file now has the proper art.

I've disabled "download artwork" in iTunes and, so long as I can remember the very simple task of getting artwork whenever I buy a new CD (obviously not from iTunes), I'll be set.

One Response to "My Album Art Quest is Over"

  1. I can't get his script to work. When I compile I get errors, some saying the repeat statement is expected not if and it can't find the variable theData.

    I got down to "i" in my library before I thought about searching for automation for this.

    could you maybe send me your finished script?

    Thanks for any help