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QotD: Digg Account

Question: Do you have a Digg account? What features do you use?

My Answer: Only recently, yes. Thus far, I haven't used Digg except to "digg" one of my own articles to see how it works. Is there an RSS feed for each of the categories? Is that how most people use the site?

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5 Responses to "QotD: Digg Account"

  1. I do have a digg account, and the only feature I use is the front page RSS feed. I dismiss most articles out of hand, and click on a select fewer and digg even fewer. As there is no negative digging feature (and there shouldn't be for reasons I don't really wish to go into here), the only way I can vote is by giving my digg to stories I truly believe are worthy.

    I used to look at the recently submitted stories, but most of them are utter crap, so I gave up.

  2. Andrew has it about right; The front page RSS is the way to go. I guess I'm mooching off of the system, but I really don't feel bad about not bothering to digg what I read. Oftentimes at least 80% of what hits the front page is rather lame anyway...

  3. I have a digg account, but I almost never use it. I find more useful since I use it instead of my browser's bookmarks so I can access it on all of my computers without syncing.

  4. Im a digg whore, I have about 6000 dugg stories so far.

  5. If you want to add a "Digg me", "Digg this" link to your blog page, there's a simple Movable Type Plugin, it worked well for me.