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G5 vs. Mac Pro Hard Disks

My two G5 disks (500 GB) come with Native Command Queuing while the 250 GB SATA drive I pulled from my G5 does not. Does this really matter? And how do I check to see if the 250 GB drive is the same speed as the others? I intend to use the 250 GB drive - after I am sure I have pulled all the content from it - as my Windows disk in the Mac Pro.

My Finder will also (currently) not allow me to change the name of my 250 GB disk. I have already named the 500 GB disks "Aramis" and "Athos" and would like to name the Windows one "Porthos." The Finder tells me "The name "Porthos" cannot be used. Try using another name, with fewer characters or no punctuation marks." Riiiiight. I am sure this is some sort of bug, but I haven't had time to google it yet. Also, the 250 GB disk will force the Finder to come to a halt for a minute at a time sometimes (when it spins down and goes to sleep, I believe). Very odd.

P.S. Anyone know if there are any good Musketeers icons available?

4 Responses to "G5 vs. Mac Pro Hard Disks"

  1. A reboot fixed the odd "you cannot rename me" problem. Who knows?

    Now I just have to find some good Musketeers icons. They don't even have to be of the Musketeers.

  2. I'm experiencing the exact same "freezing finder issue" with my old G5 hard disk that was moved to the new PowerMac. I'm very close to removing it from the new machine and chucking it.

    I don't think it's worth saving a few dollars just to put up with the headache.

  3. Jon, reformatting the drive fixes it. I think it has to do with the different partition table on the new Mac Pro (you said PowerMac, but I'm assuming that was a brain fart and that you meant Mac Pro).

  4. Yep, I meant Mac Pro 😉

    I'll have to give the reformat a try, once I'm sure I have everything I need copied off of it. Thanks for the pointer.