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Naming the New Hard Drives

Every time I get a new Mac, I think long and hard about what to name the hard drives. Because I studied French in high school and college and really like the whole Musketeer saga, I thought I might name my three disks Aramis, Athos, and Porthos. One main drive, one backup drive, and one Windows drive. The computer itself (in the "Sharing" pref pane) could be called simple "Musketeer" (or Dumas, perhaps).

That won't work. I can't find icons for the Three Musketeers, swords, the hats they wore, or other things like that. So, I'm stuck there.

I'd like to find a theme that plays into the whole scheme - main drive, backup drive, Windows drive. Toy Story would have been perfect - toy.local could be the computer name (the old joke about Macs being "toys" and this Mac Pro being pretty badass would be cool), plus Woody and Buzz could be the two Mac OS X drives (my backup is a fully functional one), and "Zurg" could be the "evil" or "enemy" Windows drive.

Alas, I couldn't find any Toy Story icons. Admittedly, I only ever looked at What ideas do you have? What would you name your hard drives and computer if you were me?

10 Responses to "Naming the New Hard Drives"

  1. Personally, I like TV shows for naming. When re-did our school network, we used Fox animation character names for the servers: Stewie as the DC, Zoidberg the Proxy, Cleveland the NAS, Chalmers the Intranet server, Quagmire the SQL server. You get the picture.

    For you, you could do Futurama, with Bender and Angeline the Mac drives and Flexo the windows drive, with the computer being called the-future.local. Of course, an icon for Angeline may be an issue. However, you could go for Fry & Bender as your Mac drives and Zoidberg as your Windows drive, or Hypnotoad, or any number of other characters. I don't know how accessable these are as icons, but there are enough screencaps of the various characters (including hypnotoad) that you could spend a little time in an image editor and have acceptable results. (I know there is a zoidberg xtra, and perhaps a bender and leela one here you could borrow from.)

  2. I kind of like the idea of the windows machine being called Sid (after all, you're experimenting in evil ways with a good toy after all...)

    However icons make it kind of tough. My laptops of late have had a (semi-)random female name, with the drive being a kind of nickname (previous was stephanie.local and steph). (My servers/devices have space names, desktops when I have them are male. Strangely enough that helps me remember what is what.)

    Doesn't help you at all though, I'm afraid.

    Have you looked around Last I checked they had some futurama icons, maybe they have something you can use.

  3. Yeah, I'm not much of a cartoon kind of guy. I thought Futurama was funny, but I didn't go out of my way to watch it (and I had to check to see who "Zoidberg" was). I'm disappointed by the lack of good (or any) Toy Story icons, because that idea really was perfect. 🙁

    I don't particularly care for Star Wars (and definitely not Trek). I like golf. I watch a good bit of TV, but I don't particularly care to commercialize the names of my hard disks to go along with shows I currently like.

    It's 2:40am, so perhaps I'm being just a bit too picky. But I do like these icons and some of these. I just don't know what the theme(s) might be.

  4. If you go for Toy Story, then you'll have to add a Linux partition, just so you can assign it a "Wheezy the Penguin" icon.

  5. The first hit in Google for "pixar icons" works for me!


    There aren't enough of them though.

  6. I like the farm icons, you could go chicken run or animal farm some funky names there.

  7. Interesting harddisk naming policy.

    Currently I have two hard disk and partitioned into 7. Boring names, "Mac OS X", "Data 1", "Data 2", ...etc. I think I will use some gods' names from Greek Mythology.

  8. Larry, Curly, Moe & Shemp?

    I don't particularly care for Star Wars (and definitely not Trek).

    Boo. Boo I say!

  9. A few days ago I was mulling over names for my new Mac Pro's hard drives. Most Mac users I know take this job freakishly seriously, and I'm no exception. I've finally settled on a name, and it's got a...

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