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My First Experience with Parallels is a Poor One

Crash! Boom! Bang! Safe to say, it didn't put a happy fun flavor in my mouth. Why? Because after getting a trial key at this page - the default "download" page - and downloading the software listed, I kernel panicked twice.

After noticing the build number was "1848," I went back and got the "update RC2" by first clicking the red, non-underlined text and then clicking the "Download" button at the bottom of that page.

I suppose the distinction is that "RC2" is just a release candidate, but if previous versions are going to kernel panic my computer, I don't quite consider it so much a "candidate" as "don't download anything but this."

I'll try RC2, now. One more kernel panic, though, and I'm done for the day with Parallels.

6 Responses to "My First Experience with Parallels is a Poor One"

  1. Apparently, they needed to put out a new version of Parallels because it couldn't work with the CPU. Considering how Parallels uses special virtualization support in the CPU, and how it's never run on a Xeon/Mac OS X combination before the Mac Pro was released, I think a kernel panic is an understandable issue.

  2. And after reading more closely, I also agree that the link should say "Mac Pro users, don't get anything but this" in very large type.

  3. The non-beta release is NOT compatible with Mac Pro (or Leopard, for that matter), but current betas are. All versions run very nicely on my MacBook Pro with no crashes.

  4. I use Parallels on my MBP and my core duo mini - it works great on those. The Mac Pro support is new and is probably about where the MBP/mini support was a few months ago. Parallels rocks - once it's stable on your system, I'm sure you'll agree.

  5. It seems to be running pretty smoothly now. I even did the VT-x trick (though my Mac froze the first time shortly after waking from sleep). The only remaining hurdle is the cost: $50 for Windows XP and now $80. All to check a few websites in IE and Firefox for Windows. 😛

  6. I just tried it out on my new Core 2 iMac, kernel panics out the wazoo - I think might try Boot Camp.