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My Mac Pro Hard Drive Names

Mac Pro Hard DrivesA few days ago I was mulling over names for my new Mac Pro's hard drives. Most Mac users I know take this job freakishly seriously, and I'm no exception.

I've finally settled on a name, and it's got a "bunny" theme. Why? Well, mainly because I like the bunny icons I originally found at

But the "bunny" theme has other perks, too. It's a bit of a backhanded slap at the famous Apple "flaming bunny" ad. My Mac Pro is powered by Intel chips, after all. Plus, there are enough famous "bunnies" or "rabbits" that I shouldn't run out of possible hard disk names. And it's cute.

Peter is the main hard drive, with Mac OS X. Roger is Peter's nightly complete (and bootable) backup, so its icon shows two bunnies, a "copy" of each other. Thumper is (or will be when it arrives) the third 500 GB drive, and will house my Windows installation for awhile. Playboy is an external 120 GB LaCie drive. They're all - as you no doubt noticed - names of famous rabbits or bunnies - Peter Cottontail, Roger the Rabbit, Thumper from Bambi, and the Playboy Bunny. The computer itself - in the system's Sharing preferences - is simply "Bunny."

My previous computer - Hamlet - had hard disks named "Rosencrantz" and "Guildenstern." My favorite movie is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, an adapation of a play written by Tom Stoppard and about those two characters, both from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Unfortunately, those hard disks both tended to misbehave an awful lot. After the third or fourth fatal issue (which was solved simply by reformatting the drive and booting to the backup drive), I decided that those drives were behaving a bit too much like their namesakes. They were renamed "Rack" and "Roll" to go along with my recent pool obsession. They behaved as Rack and Roll for the past year without incident.

As a final side note, the bunny artist may be doing the icons and artwork for Iris.

One Response to "My Mac Pro Hard Drive Names"

  1. Still on my to do list is to write up why my HD is named "Wicked Little Critta". (When this went on my to do list I was still on my desktop "Doctor Worm".)