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Recently, I installed MT-Notifier on this blog because MovableType lacks yet another feature - the ability to notify users when someone replies to a post on which they've commented. MT-Notifier, like what seems to be most every MovableType plugin, plugs this hole and helps bring MT+Plugins to the level of most other blogging packages (sans plugins). 😛

It works like this:

  1. You type a comment and click the checkbox to subscribe to comments.
  2. Per request (see comments below), and because each email contains a quick link to unsubscribe, you will not receive a confirmation email. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking one of the URLs in the email.

It's a fully automated system that requires no work on my part, yet provides a nice feature to those who wish to participate in conversations without having to remember to go back to every post on which you've left a comment.

Both the confirmation and follow-up emails will come from my gmail address (erikjb [at] …). Obviously, you must use a real email address in commenting if you wish to use this feature.

If you came here from another page on my site and want to go back to comment, hit your back button or click here to go back.

3 Responses to "Subscribe to Comments"

  1. Had to install one of those plugins myself (am using WordPress)...other blogging packages come with that standard?

    The double opt-in thing, I must admit, is kind of annoying. I might use the Subscribe to Comments box more often, if I didn't have to confirm via email that yes, I really do want to receive email from your blog.

    I can understand your not wanting to spam people, but if you include a link in each notification email that easily allows people to be unsubscribed, that might be enough for most people. You're not a spammer, and if someone comes here and still gets that impression, they're just dense and not worth your time. 😉

  2. Many blogging packages come with a lot of features that MovableType use plug-ins. I know some that come with notification for comments (and some thread comments, too, out of the box).

    The double-opt-in has been removed. Since each URL contains an "unsubscribe" link, it makes some sense, I suppose. You made a good point.

  3. Thanks, Erik! 😀