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Final Cut Pro 4 for Sale

I have a copy of Final Cut Pro 4 for sale. I'm looking to get at least $225 for it, which, considering the fact that you have until December 31 December 20, 2006 to trade it in for Final Cut Studio 5.1 Universal for $199, is a pretty good deal - I'm effectively selling you Final Cut Pro Studio 5.1 for just over $400.

I used my copy of Soundtrack Pro to upgrade to FCPS 5.1U, so this is completely on the up and up. I'm looking to buy a copy of Aperture with the proceeds.

For $25 less, I'll mail you just the CDs/DVDs and other necessary items to get the upgrade (which, if memory serves, is just that - the CDs and DVDs only). The extra $25 will get you the bulky manuals, the box, etc. - none of which you need and all of which will be replaced by the 5.1 package.

P.S. Final Cut Studio (Final Cut Pro 5, Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro 4, and Compressor) sells for $1,299. So, yeah, this ends up being a pretty good deal. Highest bidder as of… the end of the week gets it or, if you really want it, just submit a decent offer now and I'll close bidding early.

P.P.S. Sold! Shipping an envelope to Canada is extremely expensive. And it would have cost more to go with two-day delivery because I'd have been charged for a full pound!

2 Responses to "Final Cut Pro 4 for Sale"

  1. Hello!

    I will pay $350.00 for this product. Please let me know ASAP! thanks for your posting!

    PS - Czy pan mowi po polsku? Dzieki!

  2. See the P.P.S. It's been sold.