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Billable: Invoicing Made Sexy?

BillableI've spent the past hour playing with my licensed copy of Billable and I've come away impressed. Despite the fact that I'm (currently) out of the "invoice a bunch of smaller clients" mode (long-term contract work is so much smoother), I can see how Billable will pay for itself within minutes. Freelancers charge by the hour, and at $19.95 (or $24.95), it's easy to figure out how little time Billable must save you before it has paid itself off.

My own "billing" system used to be a hodgepodge of lame Word templates and time accounting kept in various text files, emails, and all sorts of things. Now I can consolidate my messy accounting practices and create professional, attractive invoices, all with a few clicks.

Author Mike Zornek's use of an introductory movie is delightful, and the care he's shown in exposing a fair amount of functionality while keeping the interface simple is incredible. Good work.

Billable's slogan is "Simple service and invoice tracking." While "invoicing" isn't very sexy, saving money and time is, and Billable will help you do that in spades. Kudos, Mike, on your first large step into indie Mac development.