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Zune Doom

I typically shy away from bashing unreleased stuff, particularly from Microsoft, because if I've learned one thing, it's that Microsoft has enough money to overcome any problem. If I've learned two things, the second is that people don't always exhibit great taste. The prevalence of Windows in the 90s is proof enough of that.

So, I've stayed away from commenting on the Zune. Heck, part of me hoped it would start off reasonably well and help push iPod prices down and feature lists up - Apple has not had much serious competition yet.

But this article at Roughly Drafted has almost convinced me that unless both of the things I've learned turn out to be true (in massive doses), the Zune will need quite a "2.0" feature set or it may not make it to 3.0.

The Zune is a loss leader, and Apple doesn't make hordes of money on the iTunes Music Store - they make it on the iPod. So, I'm not sure I "get" it.