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Preview Should Remember Zoom

I use Preview to view and read PDFs. Lately they've been texts like Agile Web Development with Rails and Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby. Though Preview will happily remember the last page I was viewing, it cannot remember the zoom level. I prefer 140-150%, which I can view comfortably on my 23" display, yet Preview insists on either 100% or, for the latter book, 253%, depending on which of the viewing preferences I've set.

Because I concentrate my learning to short gaps several times throughout the day, resetting the zoom level frustrates me to no end.

If Preview is going to remember the last page I was viewing, it should remember the zoom level I had set, too.

One Response to "Preview Should Remember Zoom"

  1. Here, here. I completely agree. Preview is nice, apart from the fact that I have to re-size and zoom every time I open it. Maddening.