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QotD: BBColors

Question: What's your BBColors scheme?

My Answer: Mine's in the extended entry.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

"Color:Background"                        =  "rgb(62273,62273,62273)";
"Color:CTagsIdentifier"                   =  "rgb(39321,0,26214)";
"Color:ColorAttributesSeparately"         =   1;
"Color:Comment"                           =  "rgb(65535,0,52956)";
"Color:Foreground"                        =  "rgb(0,0,0)";
"Color:GuideContrast"                     =   3;
"Color:HTMLAnchor"                        =  "rgb(65535,0,0)";
"Color:HTMLAttributeName"                 =  "rgb(20545,28472,33810)";
"Color:HTMLAttributeValue"                =  "rgb(4518,39321,0)";
"Color:HTMLImage"                         =  "rgb(35119,10184,38576)";
"Color:HTMLTag"                           =  "rgb(0,0,52428)";
"Color:HighlightInsertionPoint"           =   1;
"Color:InsertionPointLineHighlightColor"  =  "rgb(65535,65535,52428)";
"Color:Keywords"                          =  "rgb(0,0,52428)";
"Color:PrimaryHighlight"                  =  "rgb(49087,55512,64250)";
"Color:SecondaryHighlight"                =  "rgb(53456,53456,53456)";
"Color:String"                            =  "rgb(65535,42588,0)";
"Color:UseCustomHighlight"                =   0;
"Color:XMLProcessingInstruction"          =  "rgb(0,39321,39321)";

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